What is Preloader?

Simply put, a preloader is what you see when the feeds of your social widget on website loads. The basic function of a preloader is to tell that the “loading” is in process. It is basically an animation – simple or complex. It tends to keep a user’s attention while the posts of the social hub on your website are loading. These are custom built indicators to indicate the processing on the page.

Types of Preloaders


Here, you can find 4 options of Preloaders to choose from – Classic, Flat Spin, Dual Ring and Vivid Cube. You can personalize and customize these preloaders as per your requirements.

Here is a brief description of each preloader.

1. Classic


The Classic preloader has a minimalistic design. This Classic spinner seems to chase itself which keeps visitors busy while your content loads. It is suited for all kind of businesses because of it’s universal look.

2. Flat Spin

Flat Spin

Flat Spin with rotating flower petals that spin like a geometric flower. Here also, the flower petals seem to chase itself. It is also a universally accepted preloader.

3. Dual Ring

Dual Ring

This is a custom geometric shape. Two rings are constantly rotating in concentric circles enchanting the users. Business Owners who want to maintain seriousness can exploit the seriousness of this preloader.

4. Vivid Cube


This vivid cube preloader seems to fill itself and then spin to empty itself again. And the process continues. It is eye catchy and grabs viewers attention very effectively giving you apt time to load your social widget feeds.

How to Use Preloader

Here is a stepwise guide explaining to you where to find Preloaders and how to customize and use them on your social widget.

Step 1: Login to your Taggbox Account. You will land on the Dashboard.

Step 2: Here click on the Widget Name to open the Widget Editor.

Step 3: In the Widget Editor, in the left side column, click on More.


Step 4: Here, in the Addons, scroll down to find Preloader.

Addons Preloader

Step 5: Click on Choose. Four choices of preloaders will appear.


Step 6: Select the one that suits the look and feel of your social widget.

use preloader

Customize Preloader

You can also customize the preloader according to your choice.

Customize preloader

Here, you have the option to customize your Preloader according to your choice. You can personalize your preloader according to your own preferences resonating with the look and feel of your social widget and website theme.

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