How To Embed Social Media Feed On Sharepoint Pages?

Microsoft SharePoint is used by businesses to make websites. It serves as a location for information storage, organization, sharing, and access from any device. To access Sharepoint, you simply need to have a browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge and you will be good to go! 

Adding social media content to websites has become a trending marketing move over the past few years due to the incredible benefits that come along with it. If you too wish to integrate dynamic social media feeds into your Sharepoint website pages, then read on to find out how to complete the process using a responsive social media aggregation tool – Taggbox Widget.

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How to Add Social Media Feed to Microsoft Sharepoint?

Step 1. Create a Free Taggbox Widget Account

embed social media feed on sharepoint
  • You will be redirected to the dashboard section of the tool. Then, click on the “Add Social Feeds” option.
add social media feed to sharepoint

Step 2. Select Preferred Social Media Platforms

  • Taggbox Widget allows you to collect feeds from a large number of social media platforms. You can choose your preferred connection type based on the platform selected.
sharepoint social media feed

Types of Social Feeds you can add to Sharepoint:

Instagram Feed – Seamlessly curate Instagram feeds from hashtags, mentions, videos, reels, usernames, etc.

Facebook Feed – Aggregate and embed content from Facebook using connection types like mentions, profiles, albums, and Facebook pages.

Twitter Feed – Collect Twitter feeds from favorites, lists, hashtags, mentions, etc., all at once in a matter of seconds. 

LinkedIn Feed – Embed LinkedIn feeds on your website by choosing your company’s specific URL or selecting one post at a time from a specific profile. 

Pinterest Feed – Collect and curate Pinterest feeds by choosing a Pinterest user handle or Pinterest boards. 

RSS Feed – Improve your website’s content quality by embedding dynamic RSS feeds on your website using the specific RSS feed URL.

  • Once you are done choosing your preferred social media platform, fill in the required credentials and click on the “Create Feed” button.
social feeds

Bonus – You will have the option to customize your social media widget by choosing from a wide range of options. Additionally, you may even moderate the content using the content moderation panel of the tool. The other features offered by the tool are analytics, real-time content updates, and a back support team for assistance.

Step 3. Copy the Iframe Embed Code for Sharepoint

  • Click on the Publish button present in the bottom left corner of the widget editor.
social media feeds for microsoft sharepoint
  • Click on the “Embed On WebPage” option.
sharepoint embed on website
  • Choose HTML as your website-building platform. Adjust the height and width of the social media widget based on your preference and click on the Get Code button. Copy the generated iframe embed code for Sharepoint.
iframe embed code for sharepoint

Step 4. Embed Social Media Feeds On Sharepoint Page

  • Start by logging into your Microsoft Sharepoint account.
  • Go to the admin center, then click on Sites and choose the Active Sites option.
  • After you have reached the site, go to settings, and then on Site Information.
sharepoint widgets
  • Next, click on View all site settings. Navigate down and click on the HTML field security.
embed social media feed html
  • Allow the third option and add “”.
html field security
Now go back to your Sharepoint page and click on the ‘Edit’ button.
  • Click on the (+) icon, and then click on the </>Embed option.
add iframe to sharepoint
  • Paste the Taggbox’s Iframe embed code in the Sharepoint page section.
social media widget on sharepoint
  • Save the changes and voila! You would have successfully embedded the social media feeds on your Sharepoint website/page.

Now that you are well aware of the steps you need to follow to easily embed social media feeds on your Sharepoint website, go ahead and begin the process right away to increase the overall impact and effectiveness of your website.

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