How to Embed Instagram Feed on Elementor Website

Steps to Embed Instagram Feed On Elementor:

To create and embed Instagram feed on Elementor website, you need to follow the following steps:

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Step 1:

First, create your Taggbox Widget Account or Sign in to existing account

how to add instagram feed to elementor

You’ll be redirected to Taggbox Dashboard, click “+ Create Widget” at the top right to create a new widget:

instagram feed elementor

Step 2:

A Dialog Box named “Create Widget” will appear with an input box, 

First: “Widget Name” Enter the name of your wish to name the Widget.

Second: “Your Unique Url” You’ll see that your widget name is your unique URL; if you’re happy with it, then let’s move ahead with “Profanity Filter” or else Taggbox gives you the option to change it according to your wish as well.

Third: To enable the “Profanity Filter,” you can click on the checkbox and click on “Create Widget.”

elementor instagram feed

Congrats, Your First Widget is created.

Tip 1: You can also create multiple widget available according to your selected Plan. Your Plan’s details can be seen in Dashboard>Account section always.

Step 3: 

  • Click Feeds (On the Left-Hand Menu)
instagram feed for elementor
  • To create New Feed, Click Add Feed
elementor pro instagram feed

Step 4: 

On the new Dialog Box “Pick a source” select Instagram Business (Only “Instagram” is for embedding My Profile Account, select it if you want to embed Your Profile).

instagram feed wordpress elementor

Step 5:

You’ll find 4 options to create your Instagram feed for elementor website.

  1. HASHTAG (#) – To fetch Instagram feeds using hashtags(#).
instagram feed in elementor

2. HANDLE (@) – To fetch feeds from a profile account.

add instagram feed to elementor

3. MENTIONS – To fetch feeds for particular accounts mentioned on Instagram Posts.

embed instagram feed elementor

4. TAGGED – To fetch feeds for particular accounts tagged on Instagram Posts.

instagram feed on elementor

Step 6:

Click “Create Feed” to start the processing of embedding Instagram feeds according to your selection.

Now complete the required authentication to fetch the feeds.

(Note: The Email Id you log in with on Facebook should have an Instagram account too because you know Facebook owns Instagram).

Once you’ve Logged In, in a short matter of seconds, your feeds will be displayed.

Tips : You will find a “Personalize” option to customize your feed’s display, with many options to choose between from Taggbox according to your need. 

Now, Let’s move towards embedding on a Elementor website.

Generate Instagram Feed Code For Elementor

Below are the precise steps to follow for generating instagram feeds embedding code for your elementor website

Step 1: 

Click “Embed Widget” button (At the bottom left of the screen)

instagram feed widget for elementor

Step 2:

On the dialog box of “Choose Your Platform,” select the “HTML” to generate code.

how to add instagram feed to elementor

Step 3: 

A new Dialog Box will appear “HTML.” Enter the width and height into the input box according to your requirement and click GET CODE and COPY the code generated while clicking GET CODE.

instagram feed elementor

Embed Instagram Feed On Elementor Website

Step 1:

Login your WordPress Admin account and select the pages on which you want to add the Instagram feed.

Step 2: 

Click on “Edit with Elementor” drag and drop the HTML element to your website page’s desired section where you want to embed your Instagram feed and paste the code and click UPDATE.

elementor instagram feed


View the result, open your website, and enjoy the Embedded Instagram Feeds.

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