How To Add Social Media Feed on Squarespace Website?

Attracting new visitors to your website, and gaining trust by displaying User Generated Content (UGC), can bring amazing benefits like an increased conversion rate, a boost in engagement, lead generation, and so on.

Embedding social media feed on your website can make all that happen!

Taggbox widget is a reliable platform to embed Social Media Feeds, reviews, videos, etc., with user rights, real-time updates, moderation, and personalization features.

Here is your step-to-step guide:

Steps to Add Social Media Feed On Squarespace Website

Step 1

Login or Sign-Up to Taggbox Widget

Login or Signup to Taggbox Widget

Step 2

You will be redirected to your Taggbox Widget Dashboard.

Taggbox Widget Dashboard

Step 3

On the dashboard, click on the Add Social Feeds option to start adding Social Media Feeds to your widget.

Choose Social media Feeds

Step 4

In the pop-up “Pick a Source”, select a social media platform as your source of aggregating feeds.

Choose Social Media Channel to Embed Feeds

Tip: You can aggregate feeds from multiple sources like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc into one widget.

Social media sources and connection type available to embed from:

  • Twitter – Hashtags (#), Handle (@), Mention (@), List, Favourites, and Advanced (Query)
  • Instagram – Hashtags (#), Handle (@), Stories, Mention (@) and Tagged
  • Facebook – Page, My Profile Posts, Albums, Page Reviews & Page Mentions
  • Youtube – Channel URL, Playlist, Keywords, and Location
  • Vimeo – Hashtag (#) and Handle (@)
  • Tumblr – Hashtag (#) and Handle (@)
  • Pinterest – Handle (@) and User Board 
  • Flickr – Hashtag (#), Handle (@)

Note: Similarly, there are other connection types for different requirements.

Add Social Media Feed on your Squarespace website

To embed Social media feed on Squarespace website you need to follow the below steps –

Step 1

Click the “PUBLISH” button on the bottom-left of the screen, You can also see the “PREVIEW” of how your feeds gonna looks like.

Preview & Publish Social Media Feeds Widget

Step 2

A dialog box “Choose Your Platform” will appear, Select Squarespace Logo to generate the embed code for your Squarespace website.

Choose embed platform as Squarespace

Step 3

Set width and height as per your requirements and click on Get Code

Choose Height for Squarespace

Step 4

COPY the generated code for the website and follow the below steps:

Embed Code For Squarespace

Step 5

On Squarespace Navigate to the page where you want to embed social widget.

Step 6

Click on Edit.

embed social feed on Squarespace website

Step 7

Click on +Add/Edit Block.

social feed on squarespace

Step 8

Select Code.

Select Embed Code

Step 9

Paste the Copied code and Click on Apply.

Embed Social Widget Code

With these steps, you can easily add your social media feed on Squarespace website.

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