How to use Hashtag Highlighter in your Taggbox Widget?

Hashtag Highlighter

Hashtag highlighter is a feature of Taggbox Widget, where you can highlight your hashtags within the post in various colors on social widgets. Through this feature, you can grab more attention of your website visitors and audience attendees to your Hashtag.

Steps to use Hashtag Highlighter

Follow the below steps to use Hashtag Highlighter

Step 1. First, Login to your Taggbox Widget Account and navigate to your widget editor.

Step 2. Click on Apps & More (You will find it on the left-hand side of the menu panel) –

Apps & More

Step 3. After clicking the Apps & More, you will find add-on functionalities for your widgets.

Scroll down and select Hashtag Highlighter option –

Addons Hashtag highlighter

Step 4. You will see a Modal Popup, from here you can enable your Hashtag Highlighter feature.

Hashtag highlighter popup

Step 5. Color: Click on the color option and choose the suitable color for your hashtag.

Step 6. Feed Hashtag: To highlight your feed hashtags (The hashtag you used to fetch the feeds), you need to enable this option.

Step 7. All Hashtag: Additionally, you can also highlight all the hashtags of the post by enabling this feature.

Step 8. Status: Turn on this option to highlight your hashtag. You can’t highlight your hashtag until you enable the toggle.

Step 9. Apply Style: Save your all settings for hashtag highlights by clicking on the “Apply” button.

How the Hashtag Highlighter looks

Feed Hashtags

When you enable only Feed Hashtags option

Card Preview-

card preview

Widget Preview-

feed post hashtags highlight

All Hashtags

When you enable All Hashtags option

Card Preview-

All hashtag preview

Wall Preview-

All post hashtags highlight

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