I want to purchase an One Day event plan right now but my event is after a few days?

Yes, you can purchase an One day event plan anytime. It doesn’t matter your event is now or later. We recommend you to buy it at least 48 hours before (You can buy the one day event plan up to one month in advance).

When you subscribe to an one day Event plan, it will get to Event setup plan which has an update time of 4 hours. It means your next new social media posts will take up to 4 hours to update on your social wall.

Event setup plan will give you enough time to set up, customize and check the display on your screen size. On event day, your Event setup plan will be converted into One day event plan which has an Instant update time and you will get real-time updates during your event.

You can also get in touch with us anytime regarding this. To know more about the update time you can follow this link.

If you have any questions please Contact us or write us at [email protected].