What is Update time and how it works?

Update Time

Update time refers to the time taken by your feeds to get refreshed on the wall. It is the time interval after which your new social media posts will be displayed on the wall. You can see the update time on the top right side after logging in to your account.

Update time on Taggbox

How does it work?

The update time of your social wall starts from the moment your plan is activated. All the feeds being displayed on the social wall are automatically refreshed with new social media content after the next update time interval.

The update time depends upon the pricing plans that you have selected. Let’s assume you have selected a Website-Basic Plan. The update time of a Website Basic plan is  30 mins. It means that your next refreshed feeds will take up to 30 min to update on your social widget and this process will automatically repeat after every 30 mins.

To understand in detail let’s look at some examples. Consider you have a Website Basic Plan.

Example 1

Assuming your wall has just updated and instantly within a few minutes a new post has been uploaded on social media. Then this new content will have to wait for another 30 mins (your update time) to be displayed on your social wall.

Example 2

Assuming that 15 minutes of the update time interval is already over and a new social media feed just got posted on one of your selected feed source platforms. Then, this new feed will only take 15 minutes to be displayed on your social wall (once the cycle of update time interval of 30 mins is completed).

Update time and plans

Taggbox offers various flexible plans suited to everyone’s needs. You can choose accordingly which plan suits your set of requirements. Each plan offers different Update Time according to the various sets of requirements a user may have. Let’s have a look at different plans and the Update Time they offer.

Free Trial Plan

If you have a free trial account then you need to wait for 12 hours to get new updated posts.

Widget Plan

It is best suited to those who wish to embed a social media feed widget on their website. This plan further comes with three options.

  • Startup plan – Update Time – 6 hours
  • Lite Plan (for small businesses) – Update Time – 1 hours
  • Basic Plan (for medium-sized businesses) – Update Time – 30 minutes
  • Professional (for agencies and big corporations) – Update Time – 10 minutes

Digital Signage Plan

It is best suited to those who wish to showcase social media earned user-generated content. This plan further comes with two options.

  • Launch Plan (for Small offices, Restaurants, In-Store Displays) – Update Time – 30 minutes
  • Engage Plan (Best for Brand Activations, Malls, Hashtag Campaigns etc) – Update Time – 10 minutes

Event Plan

It is best suited to those who wish to increase audience engagement by employing a social wall at their next event. This plan further comes with three options.

  • Small Event  Plan (for small scale events) – Update Time – Instant
  • Big Event Plan (for big events) – Update Time – Instant
  • Exclusive Event Plan (for exclusive events) – Update Time – Instant

API Plan

It is best suited to those who wish to create beautiful social hubs for their websites, events and office displays with a click of a button.

  • Starter Plan (for small projects with basic requirements) – Update Time – 30 minutes
  • Advanced Plan (For large projects with requirements of faster updates and more walls) – Update Time – 10 minutes

E-Commerce Plan

It is best suited to those who wish to increase user engagement and increase sales by employing a social wall on their e-commerce website.

  • Startup Plan (for budding startup projects with basic requirements) – Update Time – 2 hours
  • Advanced Plan (for well-established E-commerce websites with more traffic flow and advanced requirements) – Update Time – 30 minutes

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