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    Activate The Power of User-generated Content

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    Leverage UGC Across All Brand Touchpoints

    Web Pages

    Make web pages more informative, trustworthy and engaging by collecting and embedding user generated content, hashtag feeds, reviews, etc. Improve website engagement, social integration, and web performance with top user-generated content platform

    “Taggbox enabled social interactions powered by UGC to exist on our site, and made it easy to connect people in this time of isolation”

    Isolated Talks
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    embed ugc on website

    Digital Displays

    Social Wall (Display) featuring audience-generated content on offline digital displays user-generated content platform. Maximize audience engagement and participation in live events, signage campaigns, in-store displays, etc.

    "The Social wall worked as an including tool for fans staying at home in these times. We featured some current emotional user-generated content for our event."

    Head of Marketing
    Parookaville Music Event
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    ugc for digital displays


    Visual UGC is the most influential form of content that inspires 81% of consumer purchase decisions. Turn visual UGC into shoppable UGC galleries that drive sales, social proof, and revenue like never before.

    “We want to build social proof, ignite the consumers’ imagination, and inspire them to buy the products with our Shoppable Instagram UGC galleries.”

    Ecommerce Marketing Manager
    ES Furniture
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    ugc for ecommerce

    Hashtag Campaigns

    Hashtags campaigns are the perfect source to discover and aggregate user-generated content. Run hashtag campaigns powered by UGC across digital channels to attract, engage, and inspire users.

    "We ran a successful Hashtag campaign with Taggbox & curated live social UGC featuring selfies by people with their dogs to spread dog dental health awareness."

    Communications Head
    Pedigree Australia
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    Hashtag Campaign

    Email Campaigns

    Integrate the social UGC and reviews into your email marketing campaigns to maximize the click-through rate and engagement. Email campaigns by Taggbox UGC social media platform will help build trust, activate abandoned carts, and drive conversions.

    "We had some amazing UGC on social media. Taggbox helped us leverage that UGC into our email marketing campaigns getting us massive re-engagement."

    Email Marketing Head
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    ugc on email campaign

    Social Ads

    Activate the powers of visual user-generated content and customer reviews in your social ad copies. Run ad campaigns featuring authentic, trustworthy, and appealing content that draws 5x clicks, engagement, & conversions top UGC platforms

    "The user-generated images from Instagram and Facebook have been funneled back to social ads of our clients to garner more clicks & engagement seamlessly."

    Social Campaigns Manager
    WC Media Agency
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    ugc for social media ads

    UGC Campaign - The Process

    A UGC platform with seamless and quick process that turns social UGC into powerful User-generated content campaigns.


    Collect the most authentic, engaging, and influential content from 15+ social media & reviews platforms

    Collect UGC

    Filter and personalize the most valuable UGC with advanced auto-moderation and customization options

    curate user-generated content

    (Optional) Repurpose UGC legally by getting content rights from users and collect UGC rights certificate to avoid GDPR issues

    get ugc rights

    (Commerce Only) Tag products to visual UGC like customer images and videos and turn it into shoppable UGC galleries

    make ugc shoppable using UGC platform

    Publish your UGC campaign on any marketing channel, be it website, ecommerce, live events, signages, emails, ads & more

    user generated content platform

    Analyze and track your UGC campaign performance with detailed analytics and optimize campaigns based on insights

    ugc platform

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