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Know Why & How Can You Leverage UGC In Your Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign

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Did you know? 92% of the users trust authentic user-generated content more than they trust traditional ads? 

User-Generated Content(UGC) is dominating the digital market. The reason for this is a drastic change in user behavior. They look up to people and not brands to find inspiration of products that they can introduce into their lives. 

Businesses having an online presence are constantly struggling for ways in which they can locate and capitalize on these users simply by increasing their reach, user engagement, and impact. 

Leveraging UGC while displaying ads on social media is acting as a powerful marketing tool, enabling brands to derive all of this and more. 

Make your way to the end of this blog to know how and why you should utilize UGC in your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns (the two most influential social media platforms).

What is UGC & Why Do Brands Use It? 

UGC is proving to be an influential ally for social media marketers. 

It can be any type of content produced online in the form of blogs, visuals, social media posts, reviews, web pages, etc. It is created and published by the people for the people.

UGC is engaging, authentic, trustworthy, and unique, as every user has their way of putting out opinions and experiences with any brand’s products/services.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Brands are aggressively using UGC due to the following reasons:

  • UGC humanizes the brand and evokes an emotion in users’ minds. Potential users get hooked to brands that are able to effortlessly talk about their narrative. Displaying UGC to narrate the brand’s story on social media handles, ads, or displays can effectively engage the audience. 
  • Is a cost-effective way to advertise your brand as it is available in abundance without incurring a penny. Instead of spending a humongous amount of money on billboard & TV advertisements, utilizing UGC in low-budgets can make a point and still be impactful.

Why Use UGC in Facebook & Instagram Ads? 

In ads, text and images work hand in hand to attract users while scrolling through their feeds. This means that they have to be relevant. 

Facebook keeps a tap on the relevancy score of the content that is being displayed to the end-user. It is calculated out of 10 depending upon the engagement (likes, comments, clickthroughs) that the ad is able to fetch. 

Higher the score, lower is the cost of impression. If the engagement goes up, the cost per engagement goes down. But all of these depends upon the kind of visuals and texts that are being used. 

Using stock images cannot make the best ad for you. This is where the power of billion pieces of content created on social media platforms comes to play an important role. Being available in abundance, brands can simply combine appropriate visuals with convincing copies to fetch the users’ attention on both platforms 

UGC in ads helps gather user trust easily as 44% of the consumers claim to trust content generated by the user than any other form of content. 

How To Integrate UGC Into Your Facebook & Instagram Ad Campaign? 

It might look overwhelming to integrate UGC in your ad campaign as it is diverse and unique. Millions of users on Facebook and Instagram create content, moderating and optimising this can be challenging. Follow the simple steps to know the integration process.

#1 Collect UGC

Content generated by the user is the most valuable resource for the brand. To leverage it optimally, these steps should be kept in mind: 

UGC in Facebook Ads

Step 1: Collect all the relevant posts created on Facebook and Instagram.

You can collect posts in many ways. One dominant way is by using #hashtags or hashtag campaigns. Users use the branded hashtag while posting the content created by them. It would be probably about the brand on social media channels, which can then be easily collected. 

Step 2: Users create content through branded hashtags, mentions, handles, tags, etc. Aggregating this dynamic content and filtering out which post can make the right combination for the social media ad is the next most important thing. 

Step 3: You can aggregate and moderate content either manually or with the help of UGC platform like Taggbox. It allows you to collect UGC appropriate to brand effortlessly in no time. 

#2 Get Users’ Content Right

Did you know reposting on Instagram includes legalities? If not, you definitely need to work around many things, as it otherwise might invite unwanted troubles for your legal team. 

Your users are the best advocates for your brand, but you cannot employ them without UGC rights. 

Get users rights

Taggbox can provide you with an easy gateway to help you get the legal rights of the content in just three simple steps:

  • Generate your UGC rights request
  • Get approval from the creator of that content
  • Repurpose it in your UGC ad campaign

Getting the rights makes sure that you can rightfully use the authentic content created by your users, build social proof in your ad campaign, and derive outcomes that profit the brand. 

Taggbox Rights Management honors the users’ security by rightfully reposting content created by them for marketing and advertising purposes. 

#3 Implement UGC In Ads

Once you have taken care of the legalities, simply download the image and use it in your Facebook and Instagram ad campaign. 

The ad’s goal should be to maximize the audiences’ attention by making the right choice of UGC content in the ads. 

Employing UGC in ads will redirect your marketing efforts in a direction that can influence trust, engagement, and revenue for the business. 

ugc in facebook ads

Manage your ads with Facebook and Instagram Ads Manager. This powerful tool helps drive awareness, build a customer base, and share your story amongst a predominantly engaged audience. 

UGC In Social Media Ads

What Are The Advantages Of Integrating UGC Into Ads? 

UGC is boundlessly winning audience attention. People are eager to know and understand the experiences of other users of the brand. 

Moreover, Facebook and Instagram being platforms having maximum number of social media users, building trust and user engagement becomes all the more important. Here’s how it helps:

#1 Authentic & Personalised Way To Advertise

UGC generated on Facebook and Instagram; the most popular social media platforms provide a sense of reliability to the potential users. Existing users talking about their experience with the brand authentically markets them by way of word-of-mouth marketing, and when incorporated into ads, it increases its overall impact massively. 

ugc for ads

Another amazing advantage of leveraging UGC in ads is that you can easily get to your target audience and engage them with what connects to them the most. Studies show that 71% of the users like personalized ads over branded ones. 

#2 Better Audience Trust

Depending upon UGC’s influence, it should not come as a surprise that a whopping 93% of the users look up to user-generated content while making their purchase decision. Users have become rather active, and persuading them with static and plain-sailing ads is no more feasible. 

Here is where UGC comes in to play a substantial role. 

92% of the consumers rely on earned over owned media. UGC as a part of Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns can help the potential users have an in-depth understanding of the brand from an existing user’s point of view, which helps generate trust in the users’ minds. 

When ads on Facebook and Instagram contain content generated by the user, they can automatically fetch more user attention. Furthermore, UGC, unlike branded content, is not scripted, which boosts its credibility too. 

#3 Increased ROI & Conversion Rate

UGC is more than just a passing buzzword. It generates trust and a sense of authenticity in the users’ minds. The state of marketing today is nowhere near to how traditional marketing used to operate. Ads containing UGC tend to get 5 times more clickthrough rates. 

Showcasing UGC in ads placed on Facebook & Instagram provides social proof, as the users who are engaging with your brand are predominantly vouching for you and your product/service.

It is an influential way to market your business online, as UGC can be created in abundance without even costing you a penny.

Increase ROI and Sales

This will lower your marketing costs, efforts, and overhead expenses related to producing branded content and increase conversion and revenue. All of these things coupled together will yield you an ROI like never before. 

#4 Enhanced User Engagement 

Fetching user engagement is the biggest challenge placed against brands. They are actively looking out for ways in which they can increase it and what could be better than leveraging users’ creativity.

Instagram and Facebook being the most substantial social media platforms help marketers connect and engage with the audience better and display the reviews shared by existing users, advocates for the brand.

This helps the potential users trust the brand while also influencing their purchase decision. Potential users better understand the brand and resonate with its value. This helps in fetching more attention and holding onto it.

UGC coupled with professional content in ads can increase brand engagement by 28% on average. By showcasing attractive UGC in your Facebook ads, you can not only improve engagement but also relevance. 

#5 Instills Credibility In Users’ Mind

Would you want to click on stock images when the internet is loaded with authentic and interesting content? 

Gone are the days when people considered word-of-mouth recommendations before buying or availing of any product or service. Now, they look up to social media platforms for the same. 

According to statistics, 81% of the users’ purchase decision was influenced by social media.

The users that you are trying to target through advertisements already find UGC engaging and genuine. So, why not leverage it optimally? As it is already time to embrace the trend. 

For instance, Toyota took up UGC to power Facebook ads for their annual “Feeling The Street” campaign. Over the span of six weeks, the campaign showcased the best of UGC that its followers were sharing on Instagram and got more than 1.2 million likes, comments, and shares together. While operating in the same budget, they could still achieve a 440% increase year over year ad engagement.

Over To You

Constant surge in the competition is ‘assessing’ brands’ would be an understatement as they are compelled to reframe how they market themselves. 

Choosing an empathetic way to market has never been so important. Investing a lot of money in branded ad shoots might or might not reap a good ROI. But leveraging UGC while running ads on Facebook and Instagram can potentially deliver more attraction, engagement, and conversion than you can gather. 

Moreover, every user and the content generated by them is unique in its way. Utilizing this dynamism while running ads on Facebook and Instagram can humanize your brand and make it more relevant.

If the figures are already tempting, why not achieve them by amalgamating UGC in your next ad campaign? To know more about the same, reach out to us!

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