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#Quarantine & Chill: Coolest Things You Can Do During Lockdown

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“How can I avoid Coronavirus?” was probably the most searched question until a few days back. Today, most nations to keep their people safe have asked them to remain in #quarantine and practice social distancing. 

With a quick turn of events, the question above has been slowly replaced with a one that is hard to answer- How to stay sane and positive in times of self-isolation?

Pause, Reflect & Be Happy

Humans are social animals, so it is easier to lose one’s mind while sitting at home and away from the entire world. 

The fear of an outbreak coupled with a #quarantine could get under the skin and make you feel lonely and depressed. 

As the world is struggling with a deadly pandemic, it might not seem like the best time to talk about being positive. 

However, not many know that staying happy, hopeful, and positive during these hours of global crisis, is how we would eventually overcome this unfortunate scenario.

Here’s how you could make the best of self-quarantine phase and stay happily safe at your home- 

1. Don’t Forget To Stay Active At Home ?

Let’s not make “staying indoors,” one more excuse to skip exercise. If you are cooped up and stressing out, we would say to stretch it out


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As most of us will be working from home glued to our devices, it is important to spend some time on workout whenever possible. And yes, you don’t need gym machines to stay fit. A few yoga poses, some stretches here and there and lunges, and you are good to go! 

Now that you have stretched, it’s time to get back to work from home-desk! 

2. Appreciate Those Who Are Working To Keep Us Safe ?

Many videos are surfacing on Social media channels where people are encouraging and showing gratitude towards health care personnel and administrative forces. 


Invest some time daily to put a word of appreciation on social media accounts for those who are risking their lives to protect ours. The positivity that comes from being grateful can take the anxiety blues away. 

3. Spend Time With Your Furry Friends ?

Do you know what the best medicine is for busting stress and depression? It’s playtime with your pets. Pets could pick up on your feelings, so avoid getting all sad and lonely around them. On the other hand, you could use this #quarantine break to do some activities together. 


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Many people around the globe are making videos with their pets that are incredibly mushy! If you do not have a pet, we would say to find such videos on social media and view them. All the cheerful vibes from these videos will fill your hearts with awe and joy!

4Bake, Bake, and Bake Some More! ?

When was the last time you used your kitchen oven to bake muffins or the rolling pin to roll out a pie? 

If you can’t recall, maybe it’s time to put on your pastry chef hat and start whipping some cream. 

self Quarantine

Baking is believed to bring calm in life as every step is precise and needs to be done with finesse. Not to mention all the oxytocin that one gets from savoring a dessert.?

So if you do not know how to kill time, master the art of baking! Cocoa, cookies, and cake, try to make everything you cannot bake!

 5. Time To Redecorate Home ? With DIY Stuff 

Pinterest has no dearth of ideas when it comes to creating cost-effective items for home decoration. But, some of them do take time. As now you have all the time in the world, why not to use these quirky DIY tips and revamp your home spaces. 


Just don’t go overboard, or else you would end up not recognizing your home by the end of the #quarantine period.

6. Learn An Eccentric Skill #Qurantine

Most of us hate this question: “What are your hobbies?”

As our brain scans for something that would make us look more impressive than we probably are, we usually end up with answers that are not unusual. Why not move past ahead – singing, dancing, reading as our only hobbies, and learn something new? ?

See this guy –

self Quarantine

As kids, probably all of us have tried and miserably failed at tricking an adult with our half-practiced magic stunt. 

While it can take years of practice to pull a bunny out of the hat, there are still some illusions and sleight of hands that you try while sitting at home. Trust us, magic impresses everyone, and who knows that trick might get your date! Just saying ?

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7. Jazz it Up! ? #Quarantine

From normal people to celebs, everyone is pushing to make self-isolation a success. This is the reason why social media channels are filled with the podcast and live-stories of people jamming to the tunes. 


Singing is known to release endorphins, also known as feel-good hormones. And we know how much we need it right now. 


Bonus – if you are a bad singer, you don’t have to wait for shower time to sing your heart out! You are alone. Yay! 

8. Get Groovy ?

If you have not heard of #quarantine dance off-trend, you are probably living in isolation since prehistoric times. People are shaking off the corona vibes by dancing their way through self-quarantine. 


Everyone knows how to dance, and if you are shy, don’t worry, there is no one to see you. Make the best of this alone time, hit up that play button, and start shaking a leg. 


9. Raid Your Bookshelf! ?

While many of us get time to finish an episode or two during our usual routine, we hardly get much from our hectic schedules to read that one book we have meant to finish since eternity!


But, you can go through not one but many books while in #quarantine. So keep flicking those pages and read on! 

10. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones ?

In the ever going struggle between work and personal life, the former always wins! It is quite normal that you are working from home while in lockdown, but there is still so much time that you will be spending with your family at the end of the day. 

self Quarantine

It is also the right time to get in touch with your friends. 


So, instead of stressing over the fact that you are cut off from the world, you could take it as a break and spend it with your closed ones. 

Closing Words

We understand that these are hard times for every one of us. But, it is for our good and safety that we stay indoors. But, one cannot stay in isolation for long by sitting idle and going on a movie spree. We hope some of these self-quarantine activities would help you dodge off stress and anxiety. On that note,

#KeepCalm & #Quarantine On ?

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