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Spread Awareness Around Coronavirus With Live Data & Social Updates

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Coronavirus – A pandemic that has disrupted the lives of millions of people globally and is continuing to do so.

Hospitals & healthcare centres are overcrowded, whereas shopping centres, tourist destinations, etc. aren’t probably even seeing any customers in their stores.

But among this global outbreak, there is much positive news coming out every day, especially from the business & commerce industry.

As the pressure on healthcare and govt. Rises, businesses are stepping up to help the people & the world.

We at Taggbox as our contribution to society against the Covid 19 have decided to offer a Free Covid 19 updates wall that you can embed on a website or display it across screens to help the audience globally stay updated, get recent news, spread prevention awareness, and much more helpful data.

In these hard times, it is important to understand your social responsibility as a brand and contribute as much as possible to help the people rather than exploiting it.

Here’s How You Can Use Taggbox To Spread Awareness

1. Embed Live COVID-19  Feed For Website 

We are giving you the free access to embed the COVID-19 updates feed mentioned below on your website or landing pages for the benefits of your website visitors i.e. the people.

live update related to corona

The feed has been created around the 2 key hashtags #Covid19 and #coronaprevention. 

Who Can Use It: Mostly everyone with a website can use it and it will be quite highly helpful as people are in isolation or working from home so they are spending a lot of time on the internet.

So, the chances are high for website traffic and thus it will help in guiding the audience about necessary updates & what prevention measures they can take during this outbreak

The embed code is responsive and provides a live stream of great information that you can display anywhere on your website.

Just copy the below mentioned code and paste it in the backend (body) section of your website

<div class="taggbox-container" style=" width:100%;height:100%;overflow: auto;"><script defer src="//" type="text/javascript"></script><div class="taggbox-socialwall" data-wall-id="coronawall" view-url=""> </div></div>

Here’s the link to live COVID-19 Wall

2. Live Coronavirus Updates, Stats  & Social Sentiments

Similarly, we are also offering free social wall to allow you to display live coronavirus updates on digital screens, in-store displays, digital signages, outdoor displays, etc.

You can use this Live wall to showcase social sentiments around the coronavirus outbreak and share crucial information around the prevention and precaution measures to your audiences. 

Who Can Use It: The COVID-19 Updates & Information wall is best suitable for healthcare centers, hospitals, displays at public places, retail stores, digital hoardings, etc or even on TV’s, laptops, mobiles as well. 

As these are the places where there will be the maximum crowd at the moment and reach a maximum audience will ensure that the awareness for updates & precautions will be shared with a huge network of people. 

The display process is quite easy as you just have to play the provided link on your digital displays and rest will be done automatically.

Here’s the URL that you can use to display the Live wall in digital screens and devices.

Important Information

If you have any queries regarding the Taggbox wall then please Contact us or write us at [email protected].