How to Embed Social Wall in Splash Virtual Event

Learn How to Embed Social Wall in Splash Virtual Event 

In today’s world, hosting events have become an important part of promoting brands and business. While people thoroughly enjoyed in-person events, the pandemic completely transformed the event marketing landscape. 

Event marketers and brands have now started to host virtual events on a large scale as it has proven to have more advantages than a regular event. 

For hosting virtual events, virtual event platforms have come into the picture for running the event smoothly and successfully. 

Amongst all the top virtual event platforms, Splash is an amazing virtual event platform that enables users to host a virtual event like never before. The platform offers live streaming during events to take the engagement level of your audience to the next level. 

When we talk about engagement, we cannot miss out on how important it is to incorporate social walls in virtual events. Social walls work well to increase engagement and interaction between the audience. 

You can create a stunning social media wall using a responsive social media aggregation tool like Taggbox Display. 

Display Social Wall in Splash Virtual Events – Start Your 14 Days Free Trial

Taggbox display is a social media aggregation tool that allows users to collect, curate, and display content across various platforms from over 15+ social media platforms. Users can customize the social media wall and make it more attractive using a variety of options. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to display the social wall in Splash virtual event platform.

Step 1:

Register for the ‘Taggbox Display Account’ account & after that, you will reach the dashboard.

Login To Taggbox

Step 2:

Here, click on ‘Start Now’ and a popup with ‘Choose Source Network’ will appear. 

Step 3:

Choose the source from where you want to fetch the feed.

Choose Feed Source

Step 4:

Let’s take ‘Twitter’ as a source to add the feed by Hashtag, Handle, Mention, List, Likes & Advanced Queries.

Step 5:

After Creating the feed, you will see the preview of your ‘Taggbox Display Social Wall’

Step 6:

Now click on the ‘Display’ button & navigate to ‘Virtual Events’.

Step 7:

Here, you will find an ‘iFrame code’ to embed a social wall on a virtual event page. Copy the code.

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Step 8:

Now login to your Splash Virtual Event Platform

Step 9:

Go to your virtual event page and embed the code as follows:

Add a block on the page by choosing the ‘Building Blocks’ category to add the social wall.

Click on the + icon within the block & a box with ‘Add an Element’ will appear.

Here click on ‘Element’ & Choose ‘iFrame’ as your option.

Paste the copied Social Wall embedding code, then click ‘Save.’

Congratulations, you have successfully added the ‘Taggbox Display Social Wall’ in ‘Splash’ virtual event platform.

Display Social Wall in Splash Virtual Events – Start Your 14 Days Free Trial

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