What are UGC Ads?

User Generated Content (UGC), also known as audience-contributed content, is any content that the customers of a brand have contributed; it can be in the form of a text review, video testimonial, social media post, etc. Leveraging UGC ads can be a great strategy to boost the ROI of the ad and even attract new customers to try out your brand for the first time.

There are various benefits that UGC ads can deliver to your brands. Let’s have a look at them.

What are the Types of UGC Ads?

1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials:

Such user-generated reviews can be used in advertisements for the purpose of earning trust and educating prospective consumers. The reviews provide credible customer voices that reveal the real picture of product/ brand quality and satisfaction.

2. User-Generated Images and Videos:

People can develop visual content that will be used in social advertising campaigns, such as pictures and films. Such pictures may be those of users employing the product, unboxing videos, or any other promotional content created by the users themselves. It is more interesting to view such content than professionally constructed visuals because they seem more relatable.

3. Social Media Mentions and Shares:

Social media mentions and shares happen when users talk about, quote from, or pass on a brand’s content or messages on their social profiles. These mentions and shares can be incorporated into social advertising, enabling brands to penetrate the circles and followers of the users, expanding their credibility and reach.

4. Influencer-Generated Content:

Influencer-generated content can also be employed in UGC ads targeting other audiences. Influencers provide brands with an opportunity to access a vast and highly responsive market by leveraging their authenticity for promotion.

5. Polls, Surveys, and User Feedback:

Getting data and insight directly from the audience through polls, surveys, and user feedback is a good idea. In social advertising, they can be used by a brand to emphasize their customer satisfaction and to create confidence for potential customers, and they can say that their opinions matter.

Using such various forms of UGC within social advertising makes brands able to relate to their audience on a personal level, develop trust, and use the strength of real user experiences and testimonials.