What is an Influencer Media Kit?

An influencer media kit (also known as a UGC portfolio) is a professional document, typically a PDF or a dedicated page on a website, created by social media influencers and content creators to showcase their expertise, audience demographics, and value proposition to potential brand partners.


Attract collaborations and partnerships with brands seeking to reach a specific audience through influencer marketing.

Benefits for Influencers:

  • Saves time and effort by providing a readily available summary of information for brands.
  • Showcases professionalism and increases credibility.
  • Highlights strengths by effectively communicating niche, audience demographics, engagement metrics, and past collaborations.
  • Increases chances of securing partnerships by making it easier for brands to understand your audience and see if you’re a good fit for their campaign.

What to Include?

  • Basics: Your name, contact information, website/social media handles.
  • About You: A brief bio highlighting your niche, expertise, and personal brand.
  • Audience Demographics: Describe your followers (age, location, interests) to demonstrate audience relevance to potential brand partners.
  • Metrics: Showcase relevant engagement metrics (e.g., follower count, average likes/comments, website traffic) to demonstrate reach and audience engagement.
  • Content Examples: Include high-quality visuals (e.g., screenshots, video snippets) showcasing your content style and past collaborations.
  • Testimonials: If available, include positive quotes or reviews from past brand partners.
  • Pricing/Rates: (Optional) Briefly outline your pricing structure or collaboration terms.


An influencer media kit is a crucial tool for attracting brand partnerships and establishing yourself as a credible and valuable influencer. By creating a concise, visually appealing, and regularly updated media kit, you can effectively communicate your worth to potential partners and increase your chances of securing successful collaborations.