Instagram API Access, Update and Changes

On 1st of June 2016, the Instagram API update got released.

The update has greatly impacted various developer apps. Most of them have been shut due to non-approval from Instagram. Approval restrictions, Tokens, Rate Limits, Permission to API Endpoints, are a few general implications of the update.


instagram api

Here we bring to you some insights on how it can impact you.

Why Instagram API Update?


There are many reasons for Instagram to do this. Majorly, they wanted to remove all the inappropriate and unwanted activity from Instagram. It was also expected to restrict the fake traffic on Instagram. Thus, they wanted to limit third party developers and to stop the abuse of its API. It only wants to give access to appropriate users and use cases and maintain the quality of the platform.


Specific Implications on your Social Media Marketing Activities

instagram api



Hashtag content search 

As per the update, access to public content is restricted only to approved apps. Moreover, it will require a login to Instagram. This factor has proved out to be the end of live search based applications. Only Instagram approved apps will be able to do it now


Imposed Rate Limits

To avoid abuse and overloads, Instagram has introduced rate limits on these calls per access token. This is 500/hour in sandbox mode and 5000/hour in the Live mode for approved apps. As a consequence you may loose updates to high intensity hashtags in 1 hour window.


Real time updates for Events

This means slower updates for public content from Instagram. Instagram has stopping its real time update feature (called RTU) for hashtags (tags). This requires to ask Instagram API for new updates, instead of waiting for Instagram informing you there are new posts: this means you get the newest photos in the time range of 0-2 minutes (RTU) instead of absolutely real-time updates.

Instagram API

Need access to Instagram API? What is the solution?


  1. Get Approval from Instagram – This can be a complex and tiring process. If you are still up for it, please read this article for more details.

  2. Use Taggbox API – A third party provider like Taggbox is your best bet to get Instagram API access. It delivers you the required data from Instagram in JSON / XML format. Consume the API to fulfill your requirements for Public Content.

Taggbox – An Alternate to your Instagram API


Taggbox is the trusted social media aggregator powering thousands of brands and users across the globe. We help B2B users leverage the power of Instagram API and amplify their marketing efforts.

Taggbox is an approved Instagram API provider and thus you can continue to aggregate your #Hashtag again or for that matter any hashtag, location or profile contents using our API.

instagram api

Not only Instagram rather you can combine Instagram feeds with feeds from other 10+ social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. or replace Instagram API search, by directly accessing the data via JSON and XML format.

We perfectly replace the Instagram API by proving you the requested data in JSON or XML Formats.


 You can do this all in just a few simple steps and without having to bother about permission, restriction, approval and other roadblocks. So what are you waiting for?

Have any Questions?

Use Taggbox for Instagram API Access


Get access to Instagram API data in JSON / XML format using Taggbox.


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