Ever wondered how someone can identify your location on Google Maps if there is a location with a similar name to your brand? Well, Google Place ID is the thing you need. It is a unique ID given to every location that is listed on Google Maps. Every Google Business Profile has its unique Place ID, which can be crucial for a brand to know they can find it. We have explained the very simple process of finding a Google ID with the tool provided by Google itself.

What is Google Place ID?

Place IDs are unique identifiers used for storing different places in Google Places Database and Google Maps. Here are some of the different reasons why a brand needs to know how to find their Google Place ID.

Why it is Important for Your Businesses?

  • You can add a place ID to the Google Maps API to find a particular location and find out its exact address. 
  • Google Place IDs are often used on Maps Embedded API. You can use it to display a specific location on an embedded map.
  • Using Google Place ID allows you to create URLs that perform searches or showcase locations on Google Maps.
  • Place IDs can also be used to find information such as speed limit on a specific road.
  • Google Place IDs are used for referencing particular areas or boundaries for styling purposes. The boundary styling is data-driven and is generally done for cities or country borders.

How to Find Your Google Place ID?

It is very simple to find out Google Place ID for any Google Business Profile. All you have to do is follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the Google Place ID Finder. It is a tool provided by Google itself for users to find Google Place ID. 
  2. Enter the place name you want to get the Place ID of. It is always better to add the city/area where it is located to make it easier for the Maps to find it.
  3. Once Google gets the location you are talking about, you’ll be able to see the place ID.

Now that you understand how to find Google Place ID, you can use it for all the purposes mentioned above. There are other methods that you can use to find the Place ID but using the finder is the most efficient one. So go on and showcase your expertise in Google Map API using the information we gave!