3 Best Social Media Widget and Tools for Websites

The social media revolution is all about sharing useful and engaging content in a dynamic and attractive way along with its promotion across social media channels. Today, social media integration plays a unique role in the business and brand sphere. Increasing website engagement and wide reach is necessary. We are exploring top 3 social media feed widgets today that rewarding results. Explore more-

1. GetSocial

getsocial social media widget

GetSocial is a content analytics platform that gives access to various tools, share buttons, share bars, pop-ups and follow buttons. The social media tool effectively measures, automates and amplifies your content’s traffic via social media. Additionally, this social media feed widget offers real-time social analytics and dark social tracking.

GetSocial is an exceptionally powerful tool for both large-scale businesses and small-scale businesses and additionally for e-commerce business as well. The tool gives an insight into which of your articles, products and content is popular with the customers and readers and this makes it a great social media tool for websites.

The tool provides ‘Share’ and ‘Follow’ buttons for the website for major social media channels and also offers ‘Share’ and ‘Follow Bars’ for smartphones. ‘Subscriber Bar’ and ‘Subscriber Pop-Ups’ features are built to boost followers of the brand. With MailChimp integration for effective targeted marketing and Google Analytics integration for essential web page analysis, GetSocial becomes an easy plugin for websites like WordPress and Shopify.

GetSocial social media feed widget is built with Advanced Customization Options to enable tweaking of content and personalization specifically for your website. It also allows Viral Alerts that tell you about the content that website visitors find the most engaging. GetSocial comes at its easy Starter Pack priced at $39 per month or $390 per year and it includes all the tools and analytics and its Grow Plan is priced at $69 per month or $690 per year that includes the services of the Starter Plan plus the Automation widget and URL builder.

2. Taggbox

Taggbox social media widget

Taggbox is a social media feed widget that works excellently well with websites. A social media aggregator and a hub in its design and development, Taggbox is a real-time widget tool that allows you to add hashtags to create your social wall by linking different social media channels. Add social media feeds from different channels and showcase your content on a website with this tool.

This social media tool for websites allows you to manage a dedicated space for sponsors to highlight particular content. Other than this, the tool offers content moderation functionality – auto-moderation and manual moderation for social media feeds. Customize the look and appearance of your social wall with Taggbox with its unique colors, fonts, backgrounds, themes, custom logos etc.

Taggbox supports CTA buttons that drive instant clicks by website visitors to a post or a link of your choice. This social media widget also provides ‘Direct Purchase Post’ that invites your visitors to buy your products with buttons placed directly on postings. With Taggbox, you can also highlight bids or messages and add individual custom posts to your feed.

With stellar built-in analytics functionality, Taggbox offers reports on how well your content is performing and what are the reach and engagement statistics.

Taggbox offers 5 unique plans on its portal. Plans vary in their update time and number of hashtags provided. The social media widget is free for 2 hashtags with updates available every 12 hours, $49 per month plan that allows 4 hashtags and updates every 2 hours, $149 per month for 12 hashtags and updates every 30 minutes, $299 per month for 25 hashtags and updates every 10 minutes. Check detail Price.

3. AddThis


This social media feed widget allows users to set their social media icons anywhere on their website. An easy to deploy social media tool, AddThis has multiple user-friendly functionalities such as their newly designed feature that allows ‘Social Follow’ buttons that can be displayed anywhere on the website. The feature of custom-feed for every reader makes this social media widget an agreeable option to use. This feature allows readers to set their tailor-made preferences for content.

A great social media tool for websites, AddThis is capable of displaying pop-ups to website visitors based on their search. Recommendations for related niche topics are also given by this widget to engage the readers. Furthermore, AddThis is available as a plugin for WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Wix, Tumblr, Blogger, and Joomla. Integrate your social media accounts, access custom fields with API and have the privileged access to Analytics and Reporting for every social media channel with this social media tool. The feature ‘Link Promotional Tools’ helps brands to promote a particular page whenever desired.

A great feature to keep website visitors engrossed in your articles is the ‘Automatic Content Recommendations’ feature. This suggests related posts that your website readers might find relevant and may read. This increases the number of pages people visit on your website and the amount of time they spend on your website. ‘AddThis’ is available for free for its basic services and features. For additional features and functionalities, a price of $10 per month is levied.

We’ve analyzed and covered our top 3 social media tools for effective results. Which one suits your business model? Share with us.

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