Best Social Media Widgets & Tools For Websites

The social media revolution is all about sharing useful and engaging content in a dynamic and attractive way, along with its promotion across social media channels.

Today, social media integration with the website plays a unique role in the business and brand sphere, be it about increasing reach or engaging users or event conversions. 

So, for perfect social media integration with the website, We are exploring top social media feed widgets & tools today that will help you improve the website and overall business performance.

Best Social Media Widgets & Tools For Website

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a free to use social media feed widget that works excellently well with websites. Taggbox social media widget allows you to curate & embed content from over 15 social media platforms. 

You can showcase the content creatively with customizations like feed themes, design elements, post styles, widget layouts, banners, ticker, colors, fonts, etc. 

social media widget

Also, display the premium quality most valuable content to your website visitors with content moderation features. Enable automatic real-time content updates to your social media feed widget. 

Measure social media feed performance with in-build advanced analytics, add custom posts, add announcements & Pin-to-top posts, etc. along with a responsive design for seamless browsing experience. 

The highlight is that you can also turn your social media visual content into Shoppable content using the visual commerce platform offered by Taggbox. This will help you generate brand conversions & trust through social content or user-generated content.

2. Get Social 

GetSocial is a content analytics platform that gives access to various tools, share buttons, share bars, pop-ups, and follow buttons. 

The social media tool effectively measures, automates, and amplifies your content’s traffic via social media. Additionally, this social media feed widget offers real-time social analytics and dark social tracking.

website widget

GetSocial is an exceptionally powerful tool for both large-scale businesses and small-scale businesses and additionally, for an e-commerce business as well. 

The tool gives an insight into which of your articles, products, and content is popular with the customers and readers, and this makes it a great social media tool for websites.

3. AddThis

This social media feed widget allows users to set their social media icons anywhere on their website.

An easy to deploy social media tool, AddThis has multiple user-friendly functionalities such as their newly designed feature that allows ‘Social Follow’ buttons that can be displayed anywhere on the website. 

social media website widget

The feature of custom-feed for every reader makes this social media widget an agreeable option to use. This feature allows readers to set their tailor-made preferences for content.

A great social media tool for websites, AddThis is capable of displaying pop-ups to website visitors based on their search. Recommendations for related niche topics are also given by this widget to engage the readers.

4. SmashBalloon

 Smashballoon is a plugin on WordPress that lets the users curate social media content feeds and display them on the website as a social media feed plugin. 

The tool is only available for the WordPress website, but it offers different plans and pricing options to choose the best suitable features. It gives you the option to customize your plugins with themes & layouts. 

widget for website

It is easy to create and set up social media feeds on this tool, and it offers content from platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc. It would align well with your website as it has a responsive & simple design.

You can filter hashtags to decide from where you want the social content. Also, you have the option to choose what information about posts you want to show like author, date, etc. 

5. Monarch

Monarch is a social media sharing plugin for WordPress that encourages the visitors to share the best pieces of content from your website to social media & increase your website traffic. 

The tool offers unique & creative designs for social options that make it vibrant & interactive for users. It is extremely fast & responsive with more location options. 

website widget

One of the best parts is that this tool offers integration with over 20 different social media platforms. You can add social sharing bars on locations like images & videos, above or below content, floating sidebar, automatic pop-ups, etc. 

You can time your pop-up delay to strategically place the social sharing buttons. You can choose different orientations & layouts or even check your statistics as well. 

6. is a social media aggregator that lets you create a beautiful social media feed of content and display it on your website. The tool has different plans & pricing options based on premium features. 

You get the option to integrate content from multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. The setup is quite easy and simple, with no technical expertise requirements. 

social feed widget

The tool offers features like creating multiple social media feeds, faster feed update time, access to analytics for performance measurement of your feeds, etc. in premium plans. 

You can customize your social media feed to make it more creative and engaging for the users. Also, the moderation option allows you to display the best possible content on the website and many more features.

7. Social Pug

 Social Pug is also a social sharing tool for WordPress websites only with $24/year plans. In the free version, you get sharing options for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Google+. 

You can also add sharing buttons for StumbleUpon, Whatsapp, Reddit, etc. Also, trigger the pop-up share buttons to grab the user’s attention & improve sharing possibilities. 

Besides, the tool offers to follow buttons for Soundcloud, Vimeo, Instagram, Behance, LinkedIn, etc. along with basic social media options. 

The social sharing buttons are customizable and interactive. Besides, it also offers Google UTM tracking & Bitly link integration to magnify its impact & usability. 


 These were some of the best social media widgets & technologies for a website that can help you improve your website traffic, user engagement, social media integration, and much more. 

These widgets provide both solutions, whether you are just looking to enable social sharing only or if you wish to go beyond that integrate social media content to your website along with sharing. 

So, identify what widget will work best for your website’s social media integration and, accordingly, choose the best social media widget from these options to maximize ROI & website performance. 

The Best Social Media Widget For Website

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