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Six Ways to Embed LinkedIn to Your Business Website

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Potential impressions, endless engagement, and ultimately the Sales!

If you are a business that has a very attractive and functional website but thinks a lot about whether or not should it integrate LinkedIn on website, sadly you are losing all of the above-mentioned things. True, that MNCs get affected but these second thoughts impact the small & medium sized businesses even worse.

Before hitting the bull’s eye, let’s take a few steps back and configure the facts that why exactly embedding LinkedIn on website is vital to the existence of a business like yours.

Hubspot, a popular sales & inbound marketing platform, has clearly stated it in a study that LinkedIn guarantees 277% more results than Twitter or Facebook when it comes to generating leads. It has almost 347 million users and the fact that it is the most professional social media platform of all, only supports this conviction further.

Add linkedin on Website

If intending to embed LinkedIn feed, profile, company page on website in the interest of your business, let’s dive into six easy methods to Integrate LinkedIn on your business website.

Embed LinkedIn Feed on your Website for Free (Auto-update)

1. Feature LinkedIn posts on website using Tagembed

You must have heard about Tagembed. It is an impressive all-rounder tool that helps users collect, curate, customize, and display social feeds on the website. In addition, the tool provides you the facility where you can collect all of the Linkedin posts from a company page url automatically and embed them on your website with ease.

It just involves a few simple steps. Firstly, sign up for Tagembed. Then, collect the LinkedIn feed using the tool. Finally, copy the embedding code and paste it on the backend of your website. 

Tagembed provides ease in embedding and provides some amazing features that generate some great results. Like you can personalize the free website widget to add grace, moderate the content to maintain the quality of your website, and more. Want to explore all the fantastic features? Sign up to Tagembed now and enjoy all the benefits.

2. Recommend Button

Another great way to add LinkedIn on website is a ‘Recommend’ button. As the name suggests, if a visitor actually likes your product or service, he/she can freely recommend it. It is primarily used in the service/product section of a LinkedIn company page.

Just a note, this plugin shouldn’t be used on every product page but only on services or products relevant to that platform’s audience. That is, it should have B2B usage.

3. Sign in with LinkedIn

You have already encountered and used these functionalities many-a-times on other’s website. Now, it is time to use them to add LinkedIn on your website.

Signin with LinkedIn

This Sign-in plugin enables the visitor to register or sign in using their respective LinkedIn credentials on your business website. As much beneficial this plugin is for your business, it profits the visitors equally. That is, they get to identify themselves whenever they leave a comment on your blog/forum. Vice-verse, you get access to useful insights. It also allows website visitors to sign in on your website smoothly through LinkedIn.

4. Embed LinkedIn Feeds

What happens when a potential customer lands on your website but goes back just because he found the content to be too monotonous. Simple, your bounce rates increase and you lose several such opportunities of potential business. One simple way to avoid it is to embed LinkedIn feed on your business website. By embedding LinkedIn feed, you can give an attractive look to your website and can make it more refreshed with LinkedIn posts.

Embed Live LinkedIn Feed On website

You can easily embed LinkedIn feed on website through Taggbox. Taggbox allows you to post your short & crisp LinkedIn feed updates on your website directly. This way, every visitor gets to browse them for relevant product & service updates, without being redirected anywhere else.

5. Display Company Profile

It would not be wrong to say that this LinkedIn plugin is equivalent to a business card. Needlessly, one needs to have it definitely to embed linkedin company profile on website.


It showcased your company’s logo, a short company description, plus the exact number of people working in the company. But instead of giving out contact number, it has a ‘Follow’ button.

6. Company Insider

Another important question, how can your employees help you to integrate LinkedIn on website? Or can they actually give your business the much-needed boost virtually? Well, it turns out they actually can.


Member Profile

‘Member Profile’ and ‘Company Insider’ LinkedIn plugin gives a human touch to both your business & company by letting you highlight your employees’ profile on the website. The best place to embed LinkedIn profile on website through this plugin is your own website career page. It brings a collage of your present employees owning LinkedIn profiles.


7. Add LinkedIn Share and Follow Button


A functional ‘Share’ button on your website enables the visitors to click on it and share the website’s content on their profile, giving you a wider reach to the contacts of that particular visitor. This effective button meant to embed LinkedIn on the website should be placed either next to product guides, white papers, or blog articles. It can also be placed on some other page containing business-related content. It is always advised to businesses to keep this button business-centric and use it sparingly.

linkedin follow button

Another similar way to add LinkedIn on the website is via ‘follow’ button.

Not only it give a way to integrate LinkedIn on website to companies, it even expands chances to grow their LinkedIn company page directly from the website. Currently, it is the most used button to indirectly integrate LinkedIn in the website. A most effective place for it is either the header or footer of the main page.

Company Insider

It keeps the content updated by showing promotions, new joiners, and any prominent alterations in the employee structure. This LinkedIn plugin conveys the individual growth story of your employees to the visitors, giving them a clear idea of the career paths of each of them.