Hospital Digital Signage: How & Where to Use Digital Signage for Hospitals

Like various other industries, the Healthcare Industry also caters to a large audience from patients and visitors to doctors and other staff members. Hence, it is crucial to use a Hospital Digital Signage to bind them together & to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.  The environment of the hospitals gets complicated at times. […]

7 minute read

How Travel Industry Can Foster User-Generated Content For Marketing

Imagine waking up with a wish to go for a holiday to a serene destination and explore the beauty of nature. Believe me, the first thing you’ll do is “GOOGLE”. You read the reviews of travel freaks to decide on a particular destination and then you will ponder upon the ratings of different travel companies […]

12 minute read

User-Generated Content & The Hospitality Industry: An Incredible Marketing Strategy

The hospitality industry is majorly consumer-centric, where the success of the business is dependent on the experiences and satisfaction of the customers with a business. Therefore, it becomes essential that hospitality marketing is also focusing on delivering value and motivational elements to the consumers that will drive consumers to the business.  So, let’s understand what […]

11 minute read