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YouTube Widget For Website [10+ Tools in 2024]

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Have you ever visited a website and seen an informative YouTube video you can play without leaving the page? Don’t you wonder how it is done? The answer to this question is a YouTube widget for Website. These widgets offer a dynamic way to showcase video content on websites, enhancing user engagement and enriching the browsing experience.

YouTube widgets allow you to embed YouTube channels, playlists, and subscription buttons. They provide website visitors with seamless access to the platform’s video content.

This comprehensive guide explores the best YouTube widgets for websites, highlighting their features, benefits, and practical applications. With a YouTube widget, you can promote your YouTube channel, share educational content, or showcase product demonstrations.

Let’s explore the world of YouTube widgets and discover how to use these powerful tools to elevate your website’s multimedia content.

What is a Youtube Widget? 

A YouTube widget for websites is a versatile tool designed to integrate YouTube content seamlessly into websites. They offer visitors convenient access to videos without leaving the site. These widgets typically come in the form of embedded players, playlists, channels, or subscription buttons. They allow website owners to showcase their video content or curate content from other YouTube channels.

Embedded video players enable the direct playback of YouTube videos within website pages, providing an immersive viewing experience for visitors. Playlists allow users to access a collection of videos curated around a specific theme or topic. Channels provide a gateway to directly explore an entire YouTube channel’s content on the website.

Subscription buttons empower visitors to subscribe to a YouTube channel without navigating away from the site, fostering audience engagement. YouTube widgets serve as powerful tools for enhancing user engagement, enriching website content, and expanding the reach of YouTube channels.

11 Best YouTube Widgets For Your Website

1. Tagbox 

best youtube widget

Tagbox is a versatile YouTube video Widget that allows curation and customization and has user-generated content (UGC) capabilities. With Tagbox widget, you can gather YouTube videos using keywords, channels, playlists, etc., to make your website look even more attractive.

Stand-Out Feature: One of the stand-out features of Tagbox is the personalization and customization it allows for the video feeds. You can choose from different layouts, themes, and branding elements, ensuring seamless integration with your website or marketing campaign. Having such features with Tagbox empowers brands to showcase YouTube content in a manner that aligns with their theme.

2. Flockler 

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Flockler provides an auto-updating WordPress Youtube Widget, empowering users to select channels, playlists, and keywords to create custom branded widgets. Trusted by over 1000 brands and organizations like GoPro, Harvard University, Ikea, and Philips, Flockler provides a seamless solution for embedding YouTube content. Users can start a 14-day free trial with no obligations or credit card required. With Flockler, users can effortlessly collect YouTube videos, create unlimited custom layouts, and display YouTube feeds on any website without coding skills.

Stand-Out Feature: Flockler’s YouTube Widget stands out for its versatility and ease of use. Users can collect YouTube videos automatically by selecting playlists, channels, and keywords, and they can customize layouts with social walls, grids, carousels, etc.

3. Elfsight 

youtube widget for website

Elfsight YouTube Widget enhances website engagement by featuring captivating YouTube content, encouraging more extended visitor stays. It facilitates lead generation by showcasing video tutorials, promotions, and reviews directly from YouTube, converting visitors into leads. 

Additionally, it fosters subscriber growth by enabling visitors to join channels directly from the website. The widget allows versatile content selection, offering options to display channels, single videos, or playlists with customizable titles. Users can create organized video groups with distinct titles for easy navigation without limitations on the number or type of sources.

Stand-Out Feature: Elfsight YouTube Gallery’s extensive customization options and diverse layouts stand out. It offers three distinct preview layouts – Classic, Cinema, and Horizontal – allowing users to display videos according to their preferences. 

4. SociableKit 


Sociable Kit’s free YouTube feed widget offers valuable benefits for website owners. It simplifies showcasing YouTube content on websites, boosting content value and engagement. 

Users can increase website visitor engagement and enhance their brand reputation by integrating YouTube feeds. The widget facilitates increased time spent on the site, a crucial metric for SEO, by providing fresh and appealing content. Moreover, it aids in growing social media followers as visitors engage with the displayed content and decide to follow the brand.

Stand Out Feature: Sociable Kit’s YouTube feed widget operates through three simple steps. Connecting the YouTube feed, customizing its appearance, and embedding it onto the website. Users can choose from various YouTube feed widgets, including channel, playlist, and live stream widgets. 

5. Smash Balloon 

smash balloon

SmashBalloon is an efficient solution for seamlessly integrating YouTube channel content onto websites. Automatically feeding YouTube videos onto websites saves time and increases efficiency in content management. 

Furthermore, the plugin facilitates increased engagement between website owners and their YouTube subscribers, boosting follower counts. Leveraging YouTube content can also enhance business growth by displaying video reviews, fostering authenticity, and increasing conversions. Additionally, the plugin aids in dynamic SEO by continuously updating website content with fresh videos, thereby improving engagement and SEO performance.

Stand Out Feature: SmashBalloon distinguishes itself with its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options. Setting up the plugin is quick and straightforward, requiring no technical knowledge. Users can customize their YouTube feeds to match their brand aesthetics, ensuring a cohesive website appearance. 


wallsio offers a versatile YouTube widget that enables brands to display their YouTube content on websites or live screens seamlessly. The widget automatically updates with every new YouTube post, enhancing audience engagement with authentic and informative content.

Brands can repurpose their video content, keeping visitors on their website and potentially converting them into leads through powerful video testimonials. Customizing the widget’s appearance is effortless with’s Style Editor, ensuring a fully responsive and visually appealing integration.

Stand-Out Feature:’s YouTube widget stands out with its ability to enhance website conversions and SEO scores. Brands utilize the widget to showcase social proof, drive engagement, and retain visitors on their website, ultimately increasing conversion rates. 

7. Onstipe 


OnStipe is a YouTube widget that simplifies collecting, designing, and embedding YouTube channels and playlists onto websites for free. 

With a focus on providing robust and seamless solutions, OnStipe’s YouTube widget enables users to embed YouTube stream widgets effortlessly. This eventually engages website visitors with captivating YouTube videos.

Stand-Out Feature: Onstipe simplifies embedding YouTube channels and playlists onto your website with its user-friendly interfaces and lightweight widget. Enjoy dedicated customer support and budget-friendly plans suitable for businesses of all sizes, including a free option for startups. 

8. Curator 

curator is a YouTube widget for websites that is compatible with other platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Setting up this YouTube widget is quick and straightforward, taking under 5 minutes. 

The platform offers a free plan that is available forever and has limited sources or feeds. This widget’s paid plans offer additional features like faster content updates and advanced moderation rules. stands out for its ease of use, supporting all major social media networks and offering low-cost paid plans with minimal branding on the free plan. Moderation rules and the ability to edit and pin posts are available on all paid plans, enhancing content management capabilities.

Stand-Out Feature: excels in its flexibility and functionality. It allows users to gather and curate videos from YouTube. Users can embed curated YouTube videos on websites or blogs and create branded video channels. 

9. Embedsocial 


Embedsocial offers a comprehensive solution for seamlessly integrating YouTube channel videos onto any website. With Embedsocial YouTube Channel Widget, users can effortlessly sync YouTube videos to their website, saving time and effort in content creation. 

The tool empowers digital marketing strategies by enhancing reach, engagement, and conversions through authentic and interactive content. Embedsocial provides various features, including live YouTube feed creation, shoppable feeds, and customizable widgets tailored for different website themes. 

Users can choose from multiple YouTube feed templates and enjoy mobile-responsive widgets compatible with any device. The platform also supports customization options, localization, and analytics for in-depth insights into website performance.

Stand-Out Feature: One standout feature of Embedsocial is its versatility in creating YouTube feeds tailored to different website needs. Users can generate three types of YouTube feeds – hashtag, channel, and playlist – with a simple code. This leads to effortlessly embedding an entire YouTube feed onto any webpage

10. Juicer 

juicer is a user-friendly platform for embedding YouTube videos directly onto websites. It provides customization and analytics for enhanced engagement. With a free sign-up process, users can quickly access their account URL and embed code within the Juicer dashboard. 

The platform facilitates content aggregation, allowing users to curate and moderate content seamlessly. Additionally, offers analytics features to track user interaction with embedded videos, providing valuable insights into audience engagement.

Stand-Out Feature:’s standout feature is its capability to directly embed YouTube videos on websites with customizable code and URLs. Users can personalize the appearance of the embedded video player, including dimensions, color schemes, and playback controls. 

11. Tagembed 


Tagembed is a versatile YouTube Widget for websites that allow users to gather and organize content from YouTube. It offers customization options such as adding calls to action, creating custom feeds, and tracking video performance. Users can aggregate YouTube content through different methods, including channels, playlists, and shorts. With detailed metrics like demographics and engagement, Tagembed helps analyze video performance. Both free and paid plans are available, offering different levels of customization. Tagembed aims to enhance engagement and conversions by embedding YouTube widgets on websites, showcasing curated content, and increasing visitor dwell time.

Stand Out Feature: Tagembed stands out with its robust customization features, allowing users to tailor YouTube content to their preferences. It offers themes, layouts, banners, and other design elements for a personalized viewing experience. Advanced filtering options ensure only relevant content is displayed.

Why You Should Embed a YouTube Widget On Your Website? 

Embedding a YouTube widget on your website offers numerous benefits, from enhancing user experience to driving engagement. Here’s why you should consider integrating YouTube widgets into your website:

  • Rich Multimedia Experience: YouTube widgets enable you to enrich your website with dynamic video content, captivating visitors and providing them with an immersive multimedia experience.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Videos have a higher engagement rate than text or images alone. By embedding YouTube widgets, you can keep visitors engaged for longer durations, reduce bounce rates, and increase time spent on your website.
  • Expanded Content Reach: Leveraging YouTube’s vast audience and content library, embedding YouTube widgets for websites allows you to tap into a broader audience base and attract viewers who prefer consuming video content.
  • SEO Benefits: Including YouTube videos on your website can improve search engine optimization (SEO) by increasing dwell time, reducing bounce rates, enhancing overall user engagement metrics, and boosting your website’s visibility in search results.
  • Social Sharing: YouTube widgets facilitate easy social sharing, enabling visitors to share your video content across various social media platforms. This amplifies your brand’s reach and drives traffic back to your website.

How do you embed a YouTube Widget into your website using Tagbox? 

Embedding YouTube videos on your website has never been easier than it is with the Tagbox YouTube widget. Just follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Register to Tagbox and sign in.
  2. Select YouTube as the source channel when asked.
tagbox youtube widget
  1. Enter the information as per the content you want. Following are the options you have.
  • Channel Url: Add the URL of the channel from where you want to embed videos
  • Shorts: Enter the channel name from where you want to embed the YouTube shorts.
  • Playlist: Enter the playlist URL from which you want to embed the videos.
  • Keywords: Enter the keywords that match the content of the videos you want to embed.
  • Location: Enter keywords and the location from which you want to embed the content. 
  1. Out of the videos collected by the widget, you can select the ones you want to display.
add feed
  1. Click on “Preview” to see how the videos will be displayed on your website. 
moderate feed
  1. You can also select different themes and customization options from the design section to make your feed look the best.
design youtube widget
  1. Choose from various themes Tagbox offers.
youtube widget themes
  1. Customize the feed to match your brand theme with customization options.
youtube widget banner
  1. Once You are Happy with the way your YouTube feed looks. Click on “Publish.”
publish feed
  1. Choose the “Embed on the webpage” option to embed the videos on your website.
embed feed on website
  1. Copy the generated code and follow the steps for different platforms such as HTML, WordPress, WIX, etc. 
copy code
  1. That’s it. You have successfully embedded a YouTube video on your website.
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Parting Words! 

Embedding YouTube widgets on your website is a strategic decision that can yield numerous benefits for your online presence. By leveraging the power of video content, YouTube widgets enhance user engagement, enrich the website experience, and expand your content reach.

As you incorporate YouTube widgets, remember to focus on providing valuable content that resonates with your audience. To maximize the impact of your YouTube widgets, regularly update your video content, optimize for SEO, and encourage social sharing.

By embracing YouTube widgets as a cornerstone of your website strategy, you can elevate your online presence and foster audience engagement. This will ultimately help you achieve your goals in the digital landscape.