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What Is User Generated Content?

User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) refers to any content that is created and contributed by users or consumers of a product, service, or platform, rather than by the official creators or owners of the product.

It includes reviews, social media posts, testimonials, and more. UGC is authentic, reflecting real experiences, and plays a pivotal role in shaping brand perception and engaging audiences authentically.

Types of UGC

Video Format
Video Format

Engaging visual stories—user-created videos showcasing brand experiences, tutorials, reviews, or inventive content integrating the brand creatively.


Vivid snapshots—users share visual tales capturing product use, personal encounters, or artistic presentations featuring the brand.

Ratings and Reviews
Ratings and Reviews

Personal insights—users express opinions and experiences through written feedback, testimonials, or reviews across e-commerce platforms and social media.

Some UGC Facts They Don’t Want You To Know

ugc icon-1
73% of CTR is increased on the brand’s email and brings more conversions.
ugc icon-2
73% of CTR is increased on the brand’s email and brings more conversions.
ugc icon-3
73% of CTR is increased on the brand’s email and brings more conversions.

You Can UGCfy Your Brand in 3 Steps!


Aggregate top-tier content from social media and digital platforms—embracing UGC, branded, or influencer material. From engaging Instagram visuals to impactful customer reviews on Google, collect a wealth of diverse content effortlessly.

Collect user generated content
02Customize & Moderate

Utilize advanced moderation, ensuring the display of premium and valuable content. Unleash creativity by tailoring social walls with themes, layouts, colors, and styles, reflecting your brand's essence seamlessly.

Customize & Moderate

Share user-generated content across various platforms—be it websites, digital displays, or social ads. Reach your audience wherever they are, cultivating connections and adding substantial value.

Ready to Leverage the Power of User Generated Content?

Understand the value of UGC and how your brand can create advance UGC strategies with Tagbox.


Collect via Link or QR Code
Collect via Link or QR Code

With SnapUp, sharing is a breeze! Just drop a link or scan a QR code, and users can share their experiences effortlessly.


SnapUp keeps it real. It sifts through content, making sure only the good stuff gets through.

Publish Anywhere
Publish Anywhere

Spread the word! SnapUp lets you flaunt curated content everywhere – website, social media, or even that neighborhood billboard. Your brand gets its moment in the sun!”

Get UGC Rights in Four Easy Steps

01Simple & Lawful UGC Management

Leverage Taggbox UGC Rights Chrome Extension that enables you to send bulk UGC rights requests to users and lawfully use their content in brand marketing.

Simple & Lawful UGC Management
02Send Tailored Requests

Create & send trustful content right requests to the users with tailored message & genuine branding to maximize your request approvals.

Send Tailored Requests
03Get The Request Approved

Remove legal team's hassle and complexities of maintaining rights status for all your UGC posts. Taggbox provides a seamless flow to make your work easier.

Get The Request Approved
04Repurpose The Content

Feel free to utilize the valuable UGC by repurposing it on your preferred touchpoint. Embed them on websites, flaunt them on digital screens, or anywhere you like.

Repurpose The Content

Use UGC Wherever Your Brand is Present

ugc on website

Web Page

UGC improves website conversions by 41%. Showcase real-life experiences, reviews, and more to make your site more impactful, and witness a significant increase in your dwell time, engagement, and more in no time.

  • Get SERPs with SEO-friendly content
  • Increase website's on-page time by 90 Seconds
  • Display high-quality users' content
Hashtag campaign

Hashtag Campaign

When done the right way, hashtag campaigns are a hit. Level up your users’ content game and run compelling hashtag campaigns to inspire, engage, and attract users like never before.

  • Collect more visual content
  • Improve brand reach
  • Boost engagement and excite your audience
ugc on emails

Email Campaign

Let the brand audience conquer your next email campaign. Venture real-life user stories, reviews, and ratings to improve open rates, clickthroughs, decreased cart abandonment, and more. Let your loyal customers do the talking this time!

  • Improve CTR, open rates, etc.
  • Create a memorable brand image
  • Improve email conversions by 10% with UGC
ugc on digital screen

Digital Screens

By running a UGC-powered social wall, bring your event screens and displays to life! Improve event engagement with this #1 integrated all-in-one solution, perfect for live events, signage campaigns, in-store displays, and beyond.

  • Deliver an immersive band experience
  • Give a personalized touch to your digital screens
  • UGC on digital screens influences 71% users
share ugc on social

Social Share

Let your fans create posts and start publishing this content on your own social handles to give your audience the required attention. Build better connections with them, improve interactions, & influence prospects with relatable content.

  • Take real-life experiences to social media
  • Influence followers and turn them into buyers
  • UGC gives 6.9x engagement on social content
ugc on print media

Print Media

Make your users’ voices reach a wider audience by taking them offline. Publish their content on your billboards, newspaper ads, & more such offline marketing to expand your reach & deliver valuable content to your offline marketing.

  • Maximize content reach by showcasing reliable visual content
  • Build emotional connections with users
  • Boost responses by 50%
ugc social ads

Social Ads

Increasing ad conversions by 8.5%, consumer content is a must-have element in your social ads. It is flexible and can fit into your advertisements perfectly, making them more stunning and impactful, drawing 3X clicks, and much more.

  • Make your brand more relatable
  • UGC in social ads drives customer loyalty
  • Get 4 times higher clickthrough rates

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    Not only has it boosted engagement levels, but it's also allowed me to showcase real customer experiences in an engaging and authentic way.

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    We've adopted the Taggbox UGC suite to display user-generated content related to our brand on digital signage. I'm impressed by its user-friendly dashboard.

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    Taggbox UGC Suite has revolutionized our marketing efforts, and the feature that stands out the most is its advanced UGC analytics.

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Save Your Marketing Budget with User Generated Content

Boosting Your Strategy: Our Exclusive Features

Advance AI-Recommendation

You’ll get a smart helper! Our advanced AI digs through tons of content to suggest the perfect user-generated posts just for you. It’s like having your personal content curator

Advance AI-Recommendation
Smart UGC Moderation

Say goodbye to content headaches! Our smart tools ensure only the best UGC gets through. No worries about inappropriate or low-quality content—only the cream of the crop for your audience!

Smart UGC Moderation

Tired of manual content updates? Try Autopilot, your content cruise control! Set your criteria, and Autopilot does the rest. Define your rules, and Autopilot serves only the best. Enjoy curated content without the hassle, maintaining brand integrity effortlessly.

Advanced Analytics

Insights made simple! You’ll have a treasure trove of analytics at your disposal—understand UGC performance, audience reactions, and top influencers. Making smart decisions just got easier!

Advanced Analytics

Integration Is Now Easier Than Ever!

Taggbox is compatible with divese platforms like Hootsuite, Buffer, Meta, Zapier, Woo, Shopify, etc. Get unlimited opportunities to share your UGC collections across many channels and reach a broader audiene. Take your users' voices to the next level with integrations.

taggbox partners
taggbox partners

Our Client Success Story

  • ISOLATED Talks Got 46% More Engagement on #Sunday7Social

    ISOLATED Talks Got 46% More Engagement on #Sunday7Social

    ISOLATED Talks- a charity radio talk show to support mental health and well-being used Taggbox Widget for their hashtag campaign #Sunday7Social, an online music listening event, to drive audience engagement

    They aggregated and embedded real-time UGC on their website to gain support. When they featured content generated by #Sunday7Social on their website, it boosted their engagement by 46% and evoked the audience’s emotions.

    View Full Case Study
  • Warner Bros' Hashtag Campaign For Website Warner Bros' Hashtag Campaign For Website

    Warner Bros's Website Featured #MMKOLLECTIVE Live Hashtag Feed

    Mortal Kombat launched Mortal Kombat 11, the latest version of the award-winning fighter series, providing a more personalized and deeper experience with all new 'Custom Character Variation' system.

    Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment announced the relaunch of MK Kollective, a digital hub for it’s fans, creators and community members to showcase real and innovative content related to Mortal Kombat franchise.

    View Full Case Study

All Your Questions Answered

What platforms do you pull UGC from?

Our platform pulls UGC from various platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Google, and more.

Is it easy to get UGC rights?

Yes, our platform simplifies the process of acquiring UGC rights, making it easier to request and manage permissions from creators.

What does “AI-Recommendation” mean?

AI-Recommendation refers to our AI-powered feature that suggests relevant and engaging UGC for your brand.

Is it easy to migrate from my current UGC platform?

Yes, we facilitate a smooth transition, making it easy to migrate and adapt to our UGC platform.

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