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Taggbox Google Reviews Widget For WordPress

Google reviews on wordpress

A specially deisgned widget for WordPress keeping in mind the WordPress elements & functionalities. The Google reviews for WordPress website will let you collect influential customer reviews & embed it on website to build social proof, showcase authentic information, & increase engagement to help grow conversions.

1. No Coding Required

2. Hassle-Free Integration

3. Platform-Specific Design

4. API Access

Spotlight Features

The best features & functionalities of Google customer reviews wordpress widget to make your website user experience seamless and engaging along with diverse possibilities.

embed google reviews on wordpress

Responsive Design

The lightweight Google review widget wordpress design that is highly responsive and easily compatible with different devices and screen size.

google review widget

Creative Customizations

Display Google reviews on WordPress website using more creative and interactive theme options, layouts, styles, design elements, colors, fonts, and much more.

google review widget wordpress

Content Moderation

Restrict or remove irrelevant content from your feed to maintain premium & valuable content quality with automation option.

embed google reviews on wordpress

Real-Time Updatesd

Get the automatic instant updates from Google reviews to your WordPress widget without manually having to update the feed.

embed google reviews on website

Custom Content

Add your custom post be it branded content, direct reviews, promotional posts or sponsored posts to drive effective promotions & communications with wordpress Google review plugin.

embed google reviews on wordpress website

Widget Analytics

Restrict or remove irrelevant content from your widget to maintain premium & valuable content quality with moderation option.

How To Integrate Google Reviews On WordPress

Google Review Widget Wordpress Plugin

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Best Google Review Widget Plugin For Wordpress Website To Display Google Reviews On Website.

With Taggbox Google review widget WordPress plugin, you can collect and curate Google reviews and embed it on WordPress website to enhance the credibility of the website. This free Google Review wp plugin is easy to use and the responsive design with fast integration helps you with the hassle-free embed process.

This WordPress Plugin for Google Reviews offers a wide range of features such as advanced analytics, creative customization, content auto-update, and powerful moderations to make your Google review widget even more reliable and trustworthy.

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