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How Taggbox YouTube Widget Works

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Collect Videos From YouTube

Channel URL - Create Youtube channel widget by discovering and collecting videos via your channel URL

Shorts - Develop your blogger website by curating and adding YouTube Shorts using your channel URL.

Playlist - Create Youtube Playlist widget by collecting and curating relevant & valuable videos with your Playlist ID

Keywords - Fetch Content with specific keywords

Location - Collect engaging content using the location

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Design & Personalize

Moderate - Restrict abusive & irrelevant content on your YouTube video widget to maintain premium content quality

Customize - Create stunning YouTube widgets with endless themes, colors, fonts, layouts, etc.

Branding - Use highlight options, custom posts, add banner, CTA, etc to personalize the YouTube widget on Blogger website

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Embed On Blogger Website

Embed - A quick & simple process to just copy & paste the given code on your website to embed the responsive YouTube widget for Blogger website without any coding required

Real-Time Updates - Automatic & instant content updates in real-time to your YouTube video widget that lets you showcase fresh & unique content

Personalize Your YouTube Video Widget Now

Powerful YouTube Widget For Blogger Website By Taggbox

Stand-out Features To Empower Your YouTube Widget

Specially curated features to make your YouTube website widget more powerful & captivating

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Creative Themes

Choose your YouTube website widget theme from vast options like Horizontal Slider, Gallery Theme, Square Photo, Modern Card, Classic Photo, and more that perfectly highlight the YouTube videos to make it engaging & attractive for visitors

responsive youtube widget

Fast & Responsive

A simple & lightweight design that creates fast and responsive YouTube Widget without affecting the content quality that leads to a seamless & interactive user experience

custom youtube widget

Custom CSS

The availability of custom CSS is a powerful feature that lets you go beyond the boundaries of designing. So, design & modify the layout, color, style, & more without any restriction of your YouTube video widget

youtube widget analytics

Insightful Analytics

Track the performance of your YouTube video widget through our insightful Analytics feature. Use it to generate reports, measure KPIs and improve overall performance

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add Youtube Videos Gallery To Blogger Website?

Taggbox Widget makes it seamless for users to add YouTube Videos Gallery to the Blogger website with an easy 3-step process. All you need is to connect the YouTube Channel or Playlist to your Taggbox Widget account, and it will bring all the videos to the dashboard. On the dashboard, you get moderation and customization features to curate a YouTube videos gallery that works best for your audience. Finally, you get an easily embedding option unique for your Blogger website.

Does Youtube Widget Provide Real-Time Updates?

Yes, the YouTube widget by Taggbox Widget offers a real-time update option. It is auto-synced each time there is a new update on YouTube, it automatically appears on your website.

Can I check the views of a YouTube widget with Taggbox?

Yes, Taggbox offers performance analytics that helps you to track the performance of the YouTube video Widget on your website. You get detailed insights into the number of views, impressions, clicks, and more.

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