Instagram Widget: What Is It & Why Your Website Needs It ?

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Did you know that Instagram is one of the 2 most popular social media platforms along with YouTube among the brands & their marketers globally. 

Brands want a platform that provides best possible content and maximum user exposure & engagement. And Instagram delivers that perfectly to brands. 

In recent times, Instagram has been a genie’s lamp for many brands to drive growth & success. Even Instagram itself has made great efforts in making their platform more engaging and purposeful for brands.

What Is Instagram Widget?

Similar to the above, many third-party platforms have introduced tools & solutions for leveraging Instagram for business growth and success. 

Instagram widget is one such tool that provides complete solutions to leverage Instagram’s content beyond the platform across other channels of marketing. 

Eg: Instagram Widget On Cyclebar Website

By definition, it is a third-party application provided by social media aggregators like Taggbox. The tool helps you in:

  • Collecting and curating content from Instagram using a brand profile, hashtags, or mention into a feed
  • Customizing & branding of the Instagram feed
  • You can also get the customers’ content rights to use it in your marketing campaign.
  • Finally, embedding the Instagram feed on website as an Instagram widget

There are many more possibilities & functionalities with the Instagram feed widget that you can explore like performance analytics, automation, integrations, and much more. 

Simply put, the widget helps you to maximize your website’s performance & returns through powerful content from Instagram.

The Influence of Instagram On Businesses & Marketing

We discussed possibilities with the Instagram widget, but why would you even consider choosing Instagram as a source for your business growth & marketing through a website? 

Starting with facts 

  • Over 1 billion active monthly users globally
  • Almost 650 million people access Instagram content every day
  • 65% of the people visit the brand’s website or app they follow
  • 80% of the users make a purchase decision based on content
  • The engagement rate for Instagram is 15 times higher than Facebook & 20 times higher than Twitter
  • Visual content helps 93% of the people to make a buying decision

These facts reflect how big Instagram is in terms of the marketplace for brands and businesses. 

As there are millions of users accessing the Instagram content daily to browse, explore, review, and evaluate brands & their offerings. Its content is the nervous system for its success. 

Therefore, there are uncountable opportunities to leverage the Instagram content for the brand’s growth and success. Till now, brands have leveraged it on Instagram only. 

But it provides a new unique solution to take this content to your website and divert all these benefits to your online storefront. 

What Makes Instagram Content Perfect For Websites?

Here are a few reasons to explain the benefits of the Instagram widget on your brand’s website. 

1. Improve Website Engagement

Improving your website engagement is always the most important task for marketers and brands. What you need most for engagement is powerful and engaging content.

Instagram, as we mentioned earlier, is a highly engaging platform compared to other platforms. The reason for such massive engagement has been its visually appealing content. 

So, the Instagram widget will help you gather the most engaging content, be it images and videos from Instagram and display it creatively on your website to improve engagement. 

2. Highlight Your Brand Campaigns

Instagram feed widget is a great way to run website campaigns along with your social media campaigns, and you don’t need to make extra efforts to do so. 

Using the widget, you can curate your campaign content on the website and display it on the website to expand the exposure and engagement. 


You can create announcement posts, promotional banners, interactive campaign posts, and much more in your widget. This will help you reach a greater audience than usual. 

Curate your brand feed or custom posts to the feed and create beautiful and inspiring product galleries, product launches, or hashtag campaigns.

Try Taggbox Widget

Grow User Engagement With Visual Content

3. Showcase Customer Experiences With UGC

User-generated content is trending nowadays, and many brands are incorporating it into their content marketing strategies across channels. 

The reasons? These are simple. User-generated content about a brand helps in building trust among potential customers as UGC shows authentic & reliable information about a brand & its products. 

UGC is shared by those who are already the customers of the brand or are closely familiar with the brand. Instagram is a hub of user-generated content, and you can leverage it to drive your website growth. 

You can curate and display UGC on website to highlight existing customer experiences, showcase customer reviews, share product recommendations posts by users, and much more. 

4. The Road To More Conversions

The benefits that we discussed are the milestones to a journey that leads to the supreme destination, i.e. more conversions. But how does that happen?

A conversion mostly is when a consumer makes a favorable purchase decision with your brand. And to take that decision of investing the earned money, they invest time in researching and exploring the products & brand. 

UGC on Madwatch Website

So, Instagram content helps in delivering valuable information about the products and its aesthetics. UGC galleries show authenticity, reliability, and credibility; etc.that increases engagement. 

These factors such as engagement, trust, reliability, information, awareness, etc. help in making a purchase decision, leading to more conversions. 

Ideas To Supercharge Instagram Widget’s Benefits

1. Build Hashtag Campaigns

We mentioned the importance of having user-generated content for your widget on a website but what if you don’t have existing UGC to do so. 

Hashtag Campaign

You can create your brand’s Instagram hashtag campaign and motivate users to share their ideas, opinions, images, videos, experiences, etc. using those hashtags. 

Accumulate this UGC into a widget and display it on your website to leverage the relevant benefits. 

2. Shoppable Instagram Galleries

Instagram widget tools like Taggbox Widget offer you the great commerce possibilities so not just creating Instagram feed galleries, but you can even make them shoppable as well. 

Shoppable product galleries from Instagram will help you turn the point of inspiration into point of sale. This will shorten the consumers buying journey and will help them shop the look rather than a single product. 

shoppable Instagram widget

So, your Instagram widget will turn into a source of revenue generation along with trust and engagement. 


Instagram offers a plethora of opportunities for brands & businesses of all sizes to drive their customer acquisition strategies, user engagement, brand growth, and revenue generation. 

We created this blog to highlight the opportunities that are available at your disposal. The best part is that you don’t need to make huge investments like other options. 

Instagram widget is a perfect solution that requires minimum monetary and human resources and provides massive financial & non-financial rewards for the website and brand.

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