Customer Engagement Strategies to Build A Successful Brand

Believe it or not - Customer Engagement drives success for every business objective - be...

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best social media aggregator

Best Social Media Aggregator for Embeds and Display

Social Media Aggregator, like Taggbox, is a tool that allows you to collect and curate all posts and feeds of various social media platforms at one place. It collects social media feed through a specific hashtag or handle and displays those social feeds on digital signage or live screen during an event, conference, trade shows, fests, etc. You can also … Read More

3 Best Social Media Widget and Tools for Websites

The social media revolution is all about sharing useful and engaging content in a dynamic and attractive way along with its promotion across social media channels. Today, social media integration plays a unique role in the business and brand sphere. Increasing website engagement and wide reach is necessary. We are exploring top 3 social media feed widgets today that rewarding … Read More

3 Effective Ways to Use Social Media Content Aggregator

The Morning Drill For Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube – You’re perhaps present on each of these social media platforms. Additionally, you may also have a profile on other social platforms as well. What’s the first thing you do in the morning?  – Jump straight to your phone and swipe endlessly on each of these former … Read More

What is a Social Media Aggregator Tool?

Let’s simply go word by word and understand the meaning of the massively used term on the web “Social Media Aggregator Tool“. What is Social Media Aggregation? Any media that’s present on the social channels can be referred to as a social media feed. When a multiplicity of social media feeds takes place and such feeds are aggregated or compiled … Read More

Live Twitter Feed on Screen at Events

How to Display Live Twitter Feed Using Twitter Walls Let’s do a quick brush up. A Twitter wall is a social media wall that displays on a digital screen about what the event attendees are tweeting via the exclusive hashtag of the event. Live Twitter feed display by Twitterati-s are the opinions and experiences of the guests about the event. … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of using a Social Media Aggregator

Social media is a prominent platform for networking and interactions. The network managed to grow in one year with an engagement of about 1.96 billion users. Startled? Well, it is not enough. The expected future growth in the number of users of social media networks is a figure of 0.54 billion users. It means that by 2018 there will be … Read More

virtual reality in events

6 technologies to increase audience engagement in events

In the recent times, event industry has firmly held hands with technology to boom the business. However, some part of the sector is yet unsure of the advantages their event business can experience with employment of these latest event technologies. The recent updates in event technology widened the scope of event planning and execution in order to increase audience engagement … Read More

social wall

Why should you Consider Social Wall for your Next Event

As we all know, Social Media has evolved very much in the recent years and we are knowingly entangled in the effects of this world. The involvement of people and its usage for other purpose has deepened with time as well. Companies and Events are finding an opportunity with the social media making it an important aspect. Whether it is … Read More

Social media tools

7 Best Social Media Tools Used by Experts in any Event

Social media has entirely changed the arena of event management. Any event marketer would agree on this. Modern day events are all about engagement and interaction. Today, the entire process of event management is heavily integrated with social media. Your event may be months away, but you need, in advance, a robust marketing strategy to promote your event.Online engagement plays … Read More

7 Ways How a Social Wall Can Take Your Event to Next Level

When it comes to any event, each and every detail has its own significance. If you truly want to engage more people and get your audience hooked to your event, then you must come up with new and exciting ways to keep them anticipated. Gone are the days when any run of the mill service will make you stand out … Read More