Top Benefits of Social Media Aggregator In 2021

If you are wondering about the need or benefits of social media aggregator, then give this blog 5 minutes and you’ll be convinced. Social media is a prominent platform for networking and interactions. There are almost 4 billion active social media users worldwide and that is half of the world’s population.  This is not it. […]

6 minute read

Best Social Media Aggregator Tools for 2021

Exploring and building up all the felicitous content from various social media platforms into one unified form is what a social media aggregator tool does. It collects and curates all social media feeds through a specific hashtag or handles and displays those social feeds on digital signage or live screen during an event, conference, trade […]

11 minute read

6 Event Engagement Technology Trends to Follow in 2021

In the recent times, event industry has firmly held hands with technology to boom the business. However, some part of the sector is yet unsure of the advantages their event business can experience with employment of these latest event engagement technology trends. The recent updates in event technology widened the scope of event planning and […]

6 minute read

Why should you Consider Social Wall for your Next Event

As we all know, Social Media has evolved very much in the recent years and we are knowingly entangled in the effects of this world. The involvement of people and its usage for other purpose has deepened with time as well. Companies and Events are finding an opportunity with the social media making it an […]

4 minute read

7 Best Social Media Tools Used by Experts in any Event

Social media has entirely changed the arena of event management. Any event marketer would agree on this. Modern day events are all about event engagement and interaction. Today, the entire process of event management is heavily integrated with social media. Your event may be months away, but you need, in advance, a robust marketing strategy […]

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7 Ways How a Social Wall Can Take Your Event to Next Level

When it comes to any event, each and every detail has its own significance. If you truly want to engage more people and get your audience hooked to your event, then you must come up with new and exciting ways to keep them anticipated. Gone are the days when any run of the mill service […]

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