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Best Social Media Aggregators in 2024 [Updated]

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Are you looking to aggregate users’ content from multiple social media platforms? 

With so many social media platforms in the market. Brands are actively working to gather diverse social media content from all over the internet, from Instagram to Pinterest. 

But to utilize this content best, the brand must leverage it beyond social media. And collecting this content can take time and effort. 

That’s where social media aggregators come into play and take away all the load. These platforms facilitate brands by collecting, customizing, and publishing social content, AKA user-generated content, from a single dashboard. 

You can collect user-generated content, like images, reviews, etc., from over 20 social networks, customize them per your preference, and more. Get a robust analytics feature to track your campaign performance and more.

So without further ado, start exploring the entrepreneurial mindset and all the features and benefits of social media aggregator tools, and let’s find the perfect fit for your brand.

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What is a Social Media Aggregator?

Managing content can become complicated due to the emergence of different social media platforms. This is where social media aggregators come into play. 

Social media aggregator tool enables you to collect all the social media content from your social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Not only do these aggregation platforms help you with your brand-created content, but also with all the user-generated content from the satisfied customer base. 

It lets you fully understand and track all the content you get on your social media platforms. Not only this, but you can bring together that collected feed and leverage it. You can find this content through brand tags, hashtags, or mentions. 

social media platforms

Social media aggregators allow you all this and much more. Keep reading and learn about the best social media aggregators for 2024!

Social Media Aggregation: Unveiling Tips To Discover Your Ideal Fit

Depending on your brand industry, your requirements can differ from others; hence picking the perfect social media aggregator tool can be complex and require much time and research.

Social media aggregator tools can benefit your marketing as it solves all problems. 

While looking for a platform to do it all, from collecting content to the end step of publishing it anywhere and anyhow, there are many features you must look for depending on your needs, such as your requirements, goals, and budget.

social media aggregator tools

Here is a listicle of features you might want to consider while choosing the best social media aggregator for your brand.

Top Features To Consider in a Social Media Aggregator Tool

The list goes on, but here are a few. To learn more, read the following points; we have some features of social media aggregators to look for in the next section.

1. Simple Pricing Structure

One of the essential things to look out for while searching for the right fit social media aggregation tool for your brand is the pricing of the plans they offer, depending on your brand’s budget.

After determining the goals and requirements, check certain things, such as annual subscription charges and cancellation policy, and evaluate their key features. 

Keep in mind to take maximum advantage of functions that increase your productivity.

2. Robust Moderation 

The moderation feature is an essential and ideal social media aggregator platform requirement. This tool helps you sort out all the content according to the need and relevancy. 

You can also display real-time content at live events. With the help of this feature, you can discard the data that does not resonate with your brand value or messaging. Other than that, it also helps you to filter out content based on trolls; irrelevancy is offensive or inappropriate.

So keep an open eye and scan properly through the social media aggregator you are considering. 

3. Multiple Source Support

Social media has grown so much over time, and many new platforms have emerged and have gained so much popularity, such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Tumblr, and many more. 

With time, people worldwide have made their social media presence and indulged in creating content. 

Always check how many social media platforms are sourced by your social media aggregator tool and what features accompany it, as this will determine your reach and growth. 

4. Real-Time Analytics 

The Analytics feature is a must-have on a social media aggregator platform as this helps you track your growth. Not only can you keep a check on that, but it also reflects the performance of your content, marketing campaign, and strategies.

While looking for your social media aggregator tool’s analytics function, check if it extends customer engagement, publishing and Google analytics, network growth analytics, and data reports. 

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10 Best Social Media Aggregator Tools

1. Taggbox

With global brands like IKEA and OnePlus as their clients, Taggbox is one social media aggregator platform that offers several digital marketing solutions. You can do it all on this platform, from collecting, managing, moderating irrelevant content, and displaying the content anywhere with easy-to-use features. 

Taggbox - Best Social Media Aggregator

It is quick and lets you complete your task in simple steps like aggregating reviews together, curating it accordingly, and publishing. Not only this, but it also offers filtering features to match your style and complete your requirements. Some key features include real-time updates, screen compatibility, and analytics.

With Taggbox, you can aggregate content from 15 social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, making getting rights to user-generated content easy.

One unique feature this platform offers is its responsive layouts, which allow you to flaunt your new customized social media feed on digital signage displays. So think about the live events or store screen and take your content to the next level.

This platform gives a free plan and multiple paid options; after you pass the 14-day free trial, plans start at $24 a month, making it very affordable. 

2. Taggshop

Taggshop is a fantastic platform that helps businesses to leverage their user-generated content by enabling brands to take their UGC to another level by turning it into shoppable galleries.

Taggshop is a ugc platform

You can integrate these shoppable galleries into your eCommerce store’s homepage, product pages, and emails. 

Taggshop offers analytics to track performance and growth, customizable themes according to your requirements, and content moderation to remove all irrelevant content.

As a social media aggregation platform, it also helps brands increase their conversion rate through attractive displays of galleries, visually appealing UGC, including reviews, and much more. 

3. Tagembed

Tagembed is one of the most cost-effective platforms offering users social media content aggregation features for their websites. Let its customers generate a responsive widget feed at very reasonable prices.

Tagembed - social media content aggregation tool

Other than that, branding, engagement analytics, and manual and automatic moderation are other functions. 

Tagembed enables social content integration from over 18 platforms. You can generate attention by showcasing testimonials, social media stories, and visually appealing galleries of social media posts. Not only that, but this comes with customization options, layouts, and color schemes, making it all so simple to convert social media content more engaging. 

4. Flocker

Making the task of the marketing team easy, Flocker makes it easy to gather and display user-generated content. You can also create social media feeds for your brand website, digital display, hashtag campaigns, and live events.

Flockler - social media content aggregator for websites

This platform recently helped their global client, Metallica, collect social media updates from each concert and display them in one place.

They offer multiple layout formats, so you can easily create content from Instagram posts to YouTube videos. With its moderation feature on content, you can control and manage what will be displayed. 

This platform’s critical features include multiple languages, spam blocking, and attractive call-to-action buttons, and their pricing starts at $47 per month after the free trial of 14 days. 

5. Juicer

Loved and trusted by over 5,000 brands of different sizes, Juicer offers a vital content integration feature from up to 15 social media platforms, social feed themes, and customizations of all the collected social content. 

Juicer - one of the best social media aggregator tools

With the help of this platform, you can gather content visuals, posts, and even hashtags and generate attractive feeds after customizing them according to your needs. Not only this, but you can moderate and manage the aggregated social media feed and stay rest assured that you are in control. 

Juicer also enables users to access social media analytics and offers three paid plans at $19 per month after the basic free plan. 

In total, it enables you to display the feed anywhere and is a great tool that you can use to leverage your collected social proof. 

6. Hootsuite 

With over 18 million users in more than 170 countries, Hootsuite is one of the best platforms brands use to manage social media content. Its special functions include content curation, campaign management, analytics, and reporting. 

Hootsuite - best platforms brands use to manage social media content

As a user of Hootsuite, you can aggregate social visuals from multiple social media platforms, monitor content, engage with your community, and much more. It also allows you to search by keyword, hashtag, or location. 

Regarding its plan pricing, they have a generous 30-day free trial, and its pricing begins at $49 every month if billed annually. 

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With, you can collect user-generated content, use their API, display content anywhere, and curate and showcase content from multiple social platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. - social media platform

The main features of this platform include various social media feed layouts, moderation, and post looping. To consider the safety of wall content, they offer feed moderation. And it does not end there; you can also benefit from this platform and convert your content into magnetic and attractive sales call-to-action buttons. 

Although they do not offer these solutions cheaply, they have two paid monthly plans starting at $249.

8. EmbedSocial 

A complete UGC platform helps gather user-generated and social media content; EmbedSocial officially shares API with social media networks. 

EmbedSocial homepage

With their social media aggregation feature, they have EmbedFeed products specifically. You get access to customers’ pictures to various content types. And they have also added YouTube and TikTok for integration for users whose video content is crucial. 

Additionally, you can aggregate social media content using hashtags for your marketing campaigns, customize and moderate, and offer analytics and reporting. 

As for their plans, the free plan includes platforms like Instagram accounts and hashtag feeds, and for additional benefits and features, sign up for their two paid plans starting at $29 per month. 

9. Curator

Curator is another social media content aggregator tool that helps you collect and showcase content wherever you like, irrespective of your brand size, as their clientele includes, Yamahan and Netflix.

curator home page

Curator helps you make your collected content into a family-friendly feed through moderation in which you can set rules and keep the irrelevant and unnecessary content out.

Its main functions include editable posts, reporting, and Facebook and Instagram support. Not only this, but it is also a hashtag, mobile, and SEO friendly. 

10. Tint

Tint offers impressive features such as an analytics dashboard, manual and auto-tagging, themes and templates, and an open API for the customized visual experience; their pricing is available when requested. 

Thousands of brands like Nike and LinkedIn trust this social media content aggregator tool. It enables its clients to deliver authentic content from multiple social media platforms like TikTok. 

With its auto-moderation technique, you can remove all the unnecessary content; Tint also helps acquire legal rights by requesting a single click. 

Advantages of Using a Social Media Aggregator

1. It helps You Collect UGC

People trust user-generated content more than influencer-generated content

The reviews, recommendations, feedback, and testimonials of the brand’s existing customers are authentic and based on their experience. 

Through social media aggregator tools, you can easily collect and curate all the user-generated content from various social media sources like Instagram and TikTok. 

It helps you build trustworthy relationships with potential customers and increases brand loyalty. 

2. Time and Cost-Effective 

As a brand, marketing holds a great space in your tasks. It requires both time and money. 

Social media aggregators help you by giving the correct solution without taking resources such as money and time. 

Rather than generating different content from scratch for marketing purposes, you can directly collect all the content already created by your brand and your users.

Not only do these tools save your time and efforts by offering quick solutions by collecting content and giving you access to it so that you can manage and publish it, but also you can save on the budget.

3. Audience Engagement

Using a social media aggregator helps you increase your engagement with your customers as it offers advanced demographic knowledge, with which you can learn information about your audience, like their preferences; hence you can create and upload content on that basis. 

You can also efficiently take advantage of these platforms and their social walls by regulating content on-site during live events.

This helps create excitement among your audience and encourages them to participate. 

4. Curate Creative Content

With the help of social media aggregator platforms, you can collect content created by brand loyalists, customers of the brand, and content generated in events or hashtag campaigns. 

Social media has grown immensely, with millions of users worldwide, and offers people to upload unique and diverse content. As a brand, you can maximize your benefits through social media aggregators and their various features, such as moderation, customization, and more. 

These tools are hashtag and SEO-friendly as well as mobile-friendly. You can benefit from this and leverage recent posts on walls in live events and increase engagement. 

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What is a social media aggregator?

A social media aggregator is a tool that collects content from different social media platforms and combines it to be displayed at live events or websites.

How do I know which aggregator tool is best for me?

Before choosing a social media aggregator, you should consider factors like your budget, goals, and features offered by different tools like analytics and support from multiple social networks. Try free trials before making a decision.

Why use social media aggregator tools?

To collect all the content generated on social media in one place for monitoring and display at events, conferences, or brand websites.