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Why should you Consider Social Wall for your Next Event

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As we all know, Social Media has evolved very much in the recent years and we are knowingly entangled in the effects of this world. The involvement of people and its usage for other purpose has deepened with time as well. Companies and Events are finding an opportunity with the social media making it an important aspect. Whether it is for a company’s promotion or for the establishment of a brand’s image and story, you really can’t pass on it. This article will help you in choosing the best social media wall. It lists some important features to be focused upon while choosing a social wall for your next event.

Engagement with Social Walls

There are several ways a business, event, and a company can acquire a meaningful social media presence, one of them is implementing social media wall. The events, for example, are not only a way to share information with an audience, rather a way to interact with them.

The more your audience is encouraged for posting, more feedback you will receive and impact would be lasting, and this can be achieved with good social wall provider. As an event planner, you know that a key part of putting together a great event is choosing the right social wall.

As an event planner, you know that a key part of putting together a great event is choosing the right social media wall, but there are so many different providers on the market that it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some features which best social wall will offer you:

1. It will feature a #hashtag

social wall hashtag

There would be a unique hashtag associated with content which would be used to gather the content and displayed as a social wall on any chosen screen. Attendees will get to express themselves and their posts will generate publicity to strengthen your event’s presence.

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2. It will display Real-time content

social wall - real time update

The content posted on the social wall will keep your attendees as well as those keeping eyes from the internet in a loop. The brand has an option to show its own content as well to generate awareness for the upcoming event with Social media curator.

This will provide a good way of promotion and catch the attention of many people. People are more like to get attracted with the content posted over social media network than any other means.

3. Discussions and conversations

social wall feeds

Social walls provide ways to engage your audience with discussions and conversations on topics posted. It can be a contest, some thought-provoking topic or anything related to the event. People will drive interesting conversations with their ideas and views.

Step ahead of others

Taggbox’s Display believe on delivering the same to their clients with improved and exciting solutions over current implementation. Here is a glimpse you get by choosing the best social wall by a social media aggregator like Taggbox over other alternatives.  

1. Full Social Media Integration

social media integration

Social Media Aggregators by Taggbox can fetch content from various social media networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and display them directly on the screen and help in increasing the event engagements. The screens can be as small as a mobile phone or can be as big as Jumbotron.

2. Multiple Hashtags for the Feed

You can select any number of hashtags to create a social media display of your choice. The User-created content that drives your event can be seen fetched with one of the best social media aggregators in the industry.

3. Real-Time Moderation

social wall moderation

The content coming from social media can be streamlined with various filters and moderation. Posts can be reviewed, approved or rejected before getting posted on the main social display wall.

4. Library of Layouts/Themes

There are a variety of themes and layouts to choose from, whichever goes best with the event and provide a unique identity to it. Fonts, backgrounds, colours, all of them are customizable, according to your needs.

5. Sponsorship Opportunities

Your sponsors would have a dedicated space to get their branding and get that extra attention. Featured sponsor’s content increases their outreach during your event. Exposure among the huge audience would be beneficial for the brand image.


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