6 Event Engagement Technology Trends to Follow in 2022

In the recent times, event industry has firmly held hands with technology to boom the business. However, some part of the sector is yet unsure of the advantages their event business can experience with employment of these latest event engagement technology trends. The recent updates in event technology widened the scope of event planning and […]

6 minute read

Embed Instagram Slider Widget On Your Website

Instagram has become a favorite social platform, be it for marketers or people. Even Instagram is making consistent changes in its platform to make it more user-friendly along with beneficial functionalities for marketers & brands as well.  But how can you, as a brand, take this user interest & engagement of Instagram to your owned digital […]

5 minute read

What Is A Social Media Wall And How To Use Social Walls For Events?

Planning a social media event! Wanna create a swirl about your event that people just can’t stop talking about! Or are you concerned how to display digital signage for your brand in an absolutely fantastic way to your audience that they are compelled to stop and have a look! Well, the one-stop answer to all […]

8 minute read

How To Embed Social Media Feed On Any Website

Be it the beach, business, or brunch, the 3.78B users of social media are actively involved in the process of content creation and consumption. Conducting business alone is not enough to optimize the mammoth reach that the platforms have to offer. The number being 58.11% of the world’s population is indicative of how influential social […]

12 minute read

How To Turn Your Customers Into Best Influencers

Influencers are around us every day- an industry leader on LinkedIn, a talented content creator on Instagram, your peer telling you about a product, or an associate vouching for a tool they absolutely love. Before the internet broke, marketers didn’t have a lot of ways through which they could reach out to the masses, except […]

9 minute read

Why should you Consider Social Wall for your Next Event

As we all know, Social Media has evolved very much in the recent years and we are knowingly entangled in the effects of this world. The involvement of people and its usage for other purpose has deepened with time as well. Companies and Events are finding an opportunity with the social media making it an […]

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Taggbox Display partners Raydiant – A Collaboration For Endless Possibilities

Budding brands and marketers are continuously digging to find means and ways to grow their business and maximize their profits. The hunt came to a pause when they came across an impeccable solution that served the purpose just right!  We are talking about the integration between social media walls and digital signages. A social media […]

7 minute read

Live Twitter Feed on Screen at Events

How to Display Live Twitter Feed Using Twitter Walls Twitter- “the little blue bird”, is amongst the most famous social media networking platforms with millions of active users. It is one of the most captivating and interactive social media platforms and is best known for generating leads. This engaging social platform comes with no surprise […]

11 minute read

5 Ways to Use Social Media Displays at Events to Engage Attendees

It’s quite a common sight to catch guests and event attendees take a quick yawn & appear disinterested during the event. Is that something you intend to see in your audience in your next brand event? What are Social Media Displays Social media displays, commonly known as social displays are used in events to keep […]

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