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How To Embed Slack On Your Website

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Want to embed Slack on website? Or want to know about its benefits for your business? Worry not as we have got everything covered for you in this blog. 

Do you feel the need for healthy and sorted internal communications in your business? Well, without a doubt, be it external or internal, communication is the base of every organization's success. 

The need to keep communication fluid and flexible; marketers found the need for software or tools that can make internal communications easier. Help you turbocharge the internal communication in your business, in this article we will enlighten you about one of the current favorite tools of businesses- Slack

Let's delve in and know more about it. 

Introduction to Slack

Being a workplace communication tool, "Slack" has really changed the dynamics of internal communication in a business. Introduced to save companies time, Slack eliminates the need to reach every employee personally, back and forth emails, approval of meetings for small tasks, and more. This instant messaging system offers communication in two ways; one is Channels (Group Chat), and the other is Direct Message (Person-to-person)

You can also share the documents, images, and comments in a separate loop to keep the internal conversation going. And to add the fun element, you can always use emojis. Along with this, Slack offers a tagging option that lets you tag the person so that you can reach him or her directly. 

Step By Step Guide To Embed Slack on Website

How to Embed Slack On Website Using Taggbox Widget

One of the leading widget tools- Taggbox Widget helps in aggregating slack in real-time via channels and keywords. The feeds can be customized by applying different themes, background, colors & fonts, post styles, banners, and more. 

While you can also have the freedom to filter out the unwanted with the help of their Moderation Panel, this helps you to keep your feeds clean and also make you showcase the content of the utmost quality. 

Lastly, you have other features like insightful analytics to keep track of the performance of your slack channel.

Taggbox Widget will help you embed the slack on your website easily. For that, you have to follow quite a few easy steps. 

Add Slack Channel On Website

Step 1. If you are a new user, create a free Taggbox Widget account, and if you already have an account, then 'Log In' to that. 

slack embed

Step 2. After the login you will land to Taggbox Widget dashboard.

embed slack into website

Step 3. Now Click On Add Social Feeds to add slack channel on your widget.

how to embed slack in website

Step 4. Select Slack as a source from that popup.

embed slack into website

Step 5. Connect your slack account through the Workspace and complete the required authentication process. 

embedding slack into website

Step 6. Select the Slack connection type i.e., #keywords and #channels, and therefore click on create the feed. 

embedding slack channel into website

Once the connection has been created, you can see the Slack channel feeds appear in the Widget Editor within a few minutes.

Embed Slack Channel On Your Website

Try Taggbox Widget

Embed Slack Into Website

You need to get an embed code from Taggbox Widget Editor before your integrate slack into website. 

Mentioned below are the steps to generate the Embed Code for embedding Slack channel on your website.

Step 1. Start with clicking on the Publish button, which you'll find at the bottom of the screen and choose Embed On Webpage option.

how to embed slack channel in website

Step 2. The next step is selecting the Website Building platform as per your business requirement like HTML, Weebly, Wix, Shopify, WordPress, etc.

how to embed slack in website

Step 3. Set the Width and Height by choosing from Auto and Fixed.

embed slack channel

Step 4. Now copy the generated embed code to embed Slack channel on website.

integrate slack into website

Step 5. The last thing you have to do is to paste the code at the backend of your website.

Embed Slack Channel On Various Website Building Platforms

Not every marketer opts for the same CMS; therefore, Taggbox Widget allows you to integrate with all the major website platforms like Wix, Weebly, Shopify, etc. Mentioned below is a brief guide on how to add slack on various CMS. 

So let's begin with that!

Embed Slack On HTML Website

Here's how you can add Slack channel on one of the most basic CMS yet developer's first choice i.e., HTML.

Step-1: Start with selecting HTML.

Step-2: You will get the Embed Code from Taggbox, which you can copy. 

Step-3: In this step, you need to go to the backend of the webpage and then paste the embed code where you want to integrate slack into website.

Step-4: Save the changes, and your website is ready with a functional Slack Widget.

Embed Slack On WordPress Website

Speaking of the current market scenario, WordPress is probably the most powerful open-source website creation platform and content management system (or CMS). Major brands all across the globe leverage this website platform as it comes with amazing plugins and customization. 

embed slack in WordPress

Here's how you can embed slack on this simple and quite multi-functional WordPress website.

Step-1: Choose Wordpress as your website platform.

Step-2: Generate the Website Embed Code from Taggbox, which you can paste on the backend of your webpage to add Slack channel into website. 

Step-3: Now, click on "(+)Add Block" of the WordPress Editor and select Formatting.

Step-4: Choose Custom HTML and then paste the embed code here.

Step-5: Lastly, you have to click on Publish/Update post, and then you are ready with slack channel on WordPress website. 

Add Slack On WIX Website

Providing a world-class platform to over 180 million users all across the globe, "WIX" is a cloud-based CMS to manage your business. Be it a developer, designer, or entrepreneur, anyone can create a professional website with specialized features using this platform. 

integrate slack into website

Follow these basic steps to integrate slack into WIX website.

Step-1: Select the WIX.

Step-2: Just like the aforementioned steps, you have to generate the Embed Code from Taggbox. Now paste this embed code on the backend of the webpage of your WIX website where you want to embed the slack channel.

Step-3: Click on the "+Add" button and then select More.

Step-4: Now, click on HTML iframes in the embed. 

Step-5: Paste the embed code in the Code Field here.

Step-6: In the end, save the changes.

Slack On Squarespace Website

All-in-one content management system, or CMS, "Squarespace" offers a pool of robust features and functionality. Whether it is creating a website, hosting your content, selling products, tracking your site's analytics, or more, you can do a lot more with the help of Squarespace. Also, it allows you to customize your website's design to fit your professional needs in just a few hours.

embed slack into website

To embed slack channel on the Squarespace website, follow these simple steps!

Step-1: Select Squarespace and create the Embed Code from Taggbox. 

Step-2: Now go to the backend of the webpage on your Squarespace website, where you want to embed the slack.

Step-3: Now click on "+ Add/Edit Block "and choose Embed Code from the menu.

Step-4: Click on the </> icon in the URL field and then paste the copied embed code here.

Step-5: Save the changes in the end.

Integrate Slack On Weebly Website

Weebly is a customizable website platform with a drag and drop interface. Over 40 million entrepreneurs have leveraged this free platform to create responsive and beautiful websites to showcase their online presence. 

embed slack in website weebly

Simple steps to embed the Slack Feeds on your Weebly Website;

Step-1: Select Weebly.

Step-2: Generate the Embed Code from Taggbox and then paste this code in the backend of the webpage of your Weebly website where you want to embed the Slack channel.

Step-3: Press on the HTML box and select the Edit Custom HTML option.

Step-4: Then, paste the embed code in the box.

Step-5: Save the changes you have done.

Integrate Slack Channel On Shopify Website

Another popular website building platform, Shopify is an easy to set up e-Commerce platform which offers a variety of features like app integration, excellent loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and many more. With a mission of making e-Commerce experience better, this platform creates visually appealing websites. 

embed slack on shopify

To embed slack on your Shopify website follows these simple steps.

Step-1: Select Shopify 

Step-2: Create the Embed Code from Taggbox and go to the online store where you wish to embed the Twitter Widget. 

Step-3: Open its backend and then go to Edit HTML/CSS.

Step-4: Select Layout/ Templates/Section where you want to display your slack feeds.

Step-5: Paste the copied code and then save all the changes you have made.


From tech to social media, Slack helps you keep all the notifications under one searchable place so that you can communicate with your team in a more convenient way. After reading this article, you must be clear about how to embed Slack channel on various website building platforms.

It is not too difficult to integrate Slack into website to engage the internal communication in your business. Grab this opportunity to improve how your internal tasks occur, and for this, you can take help from the Taggbox widget

Embed Slack Channel Into Your Website

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