An Awesome Tool to Embed Twitter Feed on Website

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Websites are an ordinary concept today. Every brand runs its website for interacting with its customers & clients along with providing timely updates, sell products and services and serve as a platform for direct interaction.

But how do you increase user engagement & create a buzz about your brand?

Embedding Twitter feed on website is the best option as it is a perfect blend of the necessary elements of user engagement.  As not having such elements on a website might make it boring and non-engaging for the users. 

Embed twitter feed on website
Example of Twitter Feed On Website

Therefore, a solution to this is to integrate social media to bring social buzz to your website. With this, we introduce you to the concept of a Twitter feed that you can easily embed on your website.

Twitter with Website. Why? 

Twitter an immensely popular social media platform and not just among the users but also brands, influencers, and famous personalities. The best part is the content shared on Twitter is unique, fresh, short, and, effective.

As a business, you would need your website to be engaging and interactive and to fulfill that you need such content. Twitter can easily provide you with that content, especially user-generated content. 

But how do you add that amazing Twitter feed on website?

Well! The solution is quite simple, you need to use a Twitter aggregator tool to easily and simply add a Twitter post to website. 

Twitter Feed: Twitter feed is when the Twitter aggregator aggregates all the relevant and required content from Twitter using hashtags, handle, keywords, lists, etc. into a single feed for you to embed on your website.

Why You Should Embed Twitter Feed On Website

The users are always in search of content that can fulfill any of these 3 requirements i.e. engaging, entertainment, or educational purpose. Social media is mainly the hub for such content that is why they have such a huge active user base. 

By adding a Twitter post to website, you provide users with the opportunity of engagement and interaction with your brand. 

Add Twitter feed on website and display all live twitter feed to your customers, website visitors or clients in an attractive way. Twitter feeds add a touch of drama, traffic, and buzz on the website. 

Twitter Feeds on website gives your audience something different and better to engage with. It gives them informative and engaging content in real-time. Also, it helps you save time and effort of content creation as you are mainly harnessing user-generated content. 

User-generated content is the future of content marketing and you need to have a solution to aggregate and integrate such content to your business.

For your ease, We have mentioned the best tool on how to embed Twitter feed to website.

Best Tool to Embed Twitter Feed on Website

Easy to embed and even easier to work with, we bring you a Twitter integration tool that you can use today to add live twitter feed on website. 

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Website Widget is a best user-generated content platform & social media aggregator that provides you with tremendous functionalities and benefits.

live twitter feed on website

Using Taggbox Widget you can create an amazing Twitter widget and embed it on website. Tune your twitter followers to your website and generate excitement and stir up the website traffic.

Twitter hashtag feed is also a part of the Twitter feed and you can also embed Twitter hashtag feed on website similarly. Besides, you can create your own custom feed and can embed that custom Twitter feed on the website as well with Taggbox.

Embed Live Twitter Feed on Websites With Taggbox Widget

Build User Trust By Embedding Twitter Feeds On Your Website

Here are some of the key features that you get with Taggbox:


Taggbox promises you stunning themes, workable and friendly features, brilliant display choices, real-time functionality and support for a flaky internet connection. 

You have the option of changing themes, feed font & styles, change the background, add banner & tickers, full-screen announcements, add your custom posts to the feed, content play, and many more.


Then comes the Moderation panel, you are aggregating content from Twitter but it isn’t necessary that all the content would be relevant or beneficial to you. 

With moderation, you can restrict the irrelevant or profane content to maintain the best quality content for your website.

UGC Rights 

Also, the all-new feature of getting the rights to use User-generated content from the users helps you get protection from any indemnity issues and build strong relations with the customers.

Real-Time Updates

Besides, the real-time functionality ensures your embedded live twitter feed on website stays full of the latest posts and feeds from Twitter. As and when your twitter feed receives a new post, the same post is made visible immediately on your website as well.

Easy, Simple, & Fast

After all these features, it is extremely easy, simple, and quick to show Twitter feed on website. With a few clicks, you will get the code that you need to paste on your website and TADA! The work is done.  You have an engaging, responsive, and interactive Twitter feed on website. 

Try the 14-day free trial to get these benefits for your website. 

Taggbox Embed Live Twitter Feed on Website

Helpful – Embed Twitter Feed On WordPress Website

Awesome Themes to Embed Twitter Feed

1. Modern: A fresh all-inclusive design to display the visual content along with hashtags highlights.

2. Classic: Showcase the source of the posts like Instagram, Twitter, etc. along with an all-inclusive visual and textual content display. 

3. News: Highlight author over captions and similarly showcase the visuals along with every minimal information. 

4. Classic Photo: Make the best use of visuals with this and display minimal necessary information.

5. Square Photos: Just display the best of your visual content and the embedded source logo to make it engaging & attractive. 

6. Horizontal Slider: A hub of visual content & small space? Well! With this theme, you can make a slider & responsive content feed. 

7. Horizontal Columns: Excellent theme to make the best use of minimum space by displaying the full content with maximum posts. 

8. Widget Theme: The latest addition that takes a small space on your website but is highly interactive and responsive. 

Twitter Feed On Website Examples

Explore to understand better and see for yourself how these brands are using Taggbox to display their amazing Twitter feed on website

1. Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling is an American professional wrestling promotion (competition) and is the 2nd most popular and largest in the United States. But how do you relate wrestling to Twitter feed. 

Well! Being so popular among the audience and having a fan following of millions of people globally, the people get attached to their favorite stars & the show. So, to leverage this user interest further they have embedded a Live Twitter feed to provide real-time updates to the users. ‘

twitter feed on website example
Twitter Feeds on Impact Wrestling Website

What this does is that their website visitors stay updated about the news around Impact wrestling along with other relevant information. This Twitter feed helps in increasing average dwell time and user engagement. 

2. Atrium Health

Atrium Health is a Healthcare organization from the United States which operates urgent care centers, on-demand patient care, medical practices, etc. region’s largest primary health network. 

Atrium Health’s subcomponent called Atrium Health Employer Solutions who work with organizations to create specialized health programs to provide healthier returns to both employees & employers. 

twitter feed on website example
Twitter Feeds On Atrium Health Website

They have installed a Twitter feed of their own Twitter profile to share updates about their social activities. This feed helps them link social media to their website and cross-channelize benefits among them. 

Where they can grow their social following by guiding users to their Twitter profile, spread brand awareness, boost social engagement, increase followers, and much more. 

3. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft is a sales engagement platform that helps salespeople with useful tools to engage, qualify, and close sales from a single solution.

It is a tool that helps marketers & salespersons to optimize their inside sales, lead management, sales engagement, virtual fundraising event, telemarketing, inside sales, etc. with a simple cloud-based platform.

twitter feed on website example
Twitter Feed Widget On VanillaSoft Website

VanillaSoft has creatively embedded the Taggbox Twitter feed on its website to make it more engaging and relevant with their website theme. They have used the Taggbox customizations perfectly to display the Twitter feed without changing their website design & user experience

The Twitter feed helps them display updates from Twitter around their activities and engagement that is relevant to their brand industry. 


Now that you have explored what Twitter feed is, how it is beneficial for your website & overall business. It is time that you take action on it to see how it works in real life. 

Add Twitter to website and make your website come alive to gain maximum returns on minimal investments. 

Embed Live Twitter Feed on Websites With Taggbox Widget

Let’s start telling your Twitter stories to your website visitors