How To Embed Twitter Feeds On WordPress Website

If you are still wondering how to embed Twitter feed on WordPress website, then this blog is definitely for you. 

Embed Twitter feed on a website is a great way to initiate user engagement on the website and grow the brand’s online presence. It might seem a little technical, but actually, it is not.

Simple Steps To Embed Twitter Feed On WordPress Website

Here we have mentioned a 4 step guide to help you with the easy and simple embed process.

1. Add A Twitter Feed With Taggbox Widget

2. Edit The Curated Twitter Feed

3. Generate The Embed Code

4. Embed Twitter Feed On WordPress Website

Let’s traverse through the blog, to know about the steps in detail and accomplish the task with ease. 

Add A Twitter Feed With Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a phenomenal Twitter feed aggregator that allows you to create beautiful and stunning Twitter post widget. These Twitter post can be embedded into your WordPress website. But for that, you first need to create a Twitter Widget with Taggbox.

The steps given below will help you to create a Twitter feed widget with Taggbox.

Step 1. Create an Account with Taggbox Widget or log in to your existing account.

embed Twitter feed on WordPress

Step 2. Click on “Add Social Feeds” to add social media feeds to your widget.

wordpress embed twitter feed

Step 3. In the popup that appears, click on Twitter as your feed source.

embed twitter feed on wordpress

Step 4. Choose your Twitter Connection Type – Hashtag(#), Handle(@), List, Favorites, or Advanced.

embed twitter feed on wordpress

Step 5. Now, provide your login credentials for the concerned Twitter account to fetch the live Twitter tweets.

Well done! The connection has been set. Within a few minutes, you will be able to see the Twitter Feed widget running in your Widget Editor.

display twitter feed on wordpress

Edit The Curated Twitter Feed Widget 

Once you have created your Twitter widget, the next step is to design the widget as per the requirements and targeted audience. 

Note- In case, you don’t see Twitter feeds in the Widget Editor, please check the moderation panel. They must have been automatically moderated to private. You could make it public to display it in the Widget Editor.

There are various features provided by Taggbox Widget to help you edit the Twitter post widget and make it even more magnetizing and appealing.

You can Customize and Personalize your content with the Personalize feature according to your choice to present it more engagingly and interestingly. With this, you can change the theme, layout, design, background, font, colour, etc. of your Feed.

You could also use the Moderation Panel with Profanity Filter to filter out the irrelevant feeds and display the premium quality content to the audience. It will help you maintain the distinguished image of the brand. 

The Auto-update feature will help you display the post in real-time to maintain the uniqueness of the widget. 

The most important one, to help you maintain your performance record, the Analytics feature helps you gain valuable insights into user’s engagement, impressions, clicks, and much more.

Not only this, the Taggbox widget even allows you to add custom posts to your feed. The fast, responsive, and smooth integration process makes it easy for you to add Twitter feeds on WordPress site without any technical efforts. 

Now that you have successfully created a Twitter feed widget with Taggbox Widget and customized it as per the needs, now it’s time to embed it on your WordPress website. But before we do that, we need to generate the embed code from Taggbox.

Generate The Embed Code From Taggbox Widget

In order to generate the embed code from Taggbox, follow the steps given below-

Step 1. Once you have created the Twitter Feed Widget in the widget editor, click on the “Publish” Button available at the bottom-left of the screen.

adding twitter feed to wordpress

Step 2. In the new Dialogue box that appears click on WordPress to choose it as your website building platform.

wordpress twitter embed

Step 3. Set the Width and Height parameters as per your requirement. Click on Get Code to generate your embed code.

how to embed twitter feed on wordpress

Step 4. Copy the embed code to your clipboard. 

embed twitter feed in wordpress

Great! You have successfully generated the embed code from Taggbox. Now, it’s time to embed your Twitter Widget on your WordPress website.

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twitter embed wordpress

Embed Twitter Feeds On WordPress Website

WordPress is an amazing website building platform. Since its advent in 2003, it has evolved from being simple and omnipresent to a preferred and important open source web development platform.

It is one of the most widely used content management systems accounting for almost 27% of websites around the globe.

Note- Recently, WordPress updated itself to an upgraded version- WordPress 5.0. But a majority of users still use the WordPress Classic Editor( the earlier version). Here, we will guide you on how to add Twitter Feed on WordPress.

Embed Twitter Feed On WordPress Gutenberg Editor

1. Open the webpage or post in the WordPress backend where you want to display the Twitter post.

2. Select “(+)Add Block” in the top left corner of the WordPress Editor.

embed twitter hashtag feed wordpress

3. Here, click on Formatting and then choose Custom HTML.

how to put twitter feed on wordpress

4. Now, paste the copied embed code in the Editor.

twitter feed wordpress

5. Click on Publish/Update post, and that’s it.

Add Twitter Feed On WordPress Classic Editor

1. Open the webpage or post in the WordPress backend where you want to display the Twitter post.

2. In the right section, you will see a Visual and Text option. Choose Text Mode.

twitter feed to wordpress

3. Paste the embed code in the position where you want to display the Twitter widget. Click on Publish/Update to save the changes. That’s it.

twitter feed plugin for wordpress

Well done! You have successfully embedded Twitter Feeds on your WordPress website.

Free WordPress Plugin To Embed Twitter Feed

To display Twitter posts easily & instantly on WordPress website, you can also use the Taggbox Widget wordpress plugin.

Taggbox widget plugin for WordPress offers ample features to the users to enhance the look of their Twitter widget on the WordPress website. Starting from customization, moderation, analytics, personalization, fast integration, robust customer support, etc., this tool makes your embed process smooth, easy, and hassle-free.

This easy-to-use plugin does not require any technical knowledge to embed Twitter feed on WordPress Website. You can easily find this plugin in the library attached to WordPress. 

Add Twitter Feed on WordPress sidebar 

To show Twitter Feed on the WordPress sidebar, you can use the dynamic Widget Theme by Taggbox. It is a responsive website embed theme that allows you to display the Twitter widget anywhere on the website in the form of a scroll bar. 

This infinite scrollable feed can be embedded on the sidebar of your WordPress site. To choose the theme, click on the Personalize option on the widget editor page and choose “Widget Theme” from all the themes available. 

Benefits of Displaying Tweets on Your WordPress Website

1. Cost-effective Content Marketing

Tweets related directly or indirectly to the products or services by your brand have the power to market for your brand. Displaying these Tweets on your WordPress website is a form of content marketing that you probably curated from your Twitter profile, and that too for free.

2. Builds Trust With User-Generated Content

The tweets by the genuine users of your brand act as the trustworthy user-generated content for your brand. You can display these user-generated tweets on your WordPress website to display the social proof and social acceptability of your brand’s products and services. This enhances your brands’ authenticity and reliability and adds to the credibility of their products and services.

3. Increase Customer Engagement With Influencer Marketing

By embedding Twitter feed on WordPress website, you can associate your website with all the influencers related to the same niche that have talked about your brand and its products on Twitter. This is commonly termed influencer marketing which plays a huge role in enhancing customer engagement and interaction with your brand. 

4. Boost Conversions And Revenue

Twitter post on the website enhances the looks of your website and gives it an authentic look. This helps the brands to build trusted relationships with the customers and thus influence them to make a purchase with the brand. As a result, the conversion rate and sales are accelerated to a great extent. 

Over To You

We hope that this article guided you well on how to embed Twitter Feed on WordPress website. Using Taggbox Widget, you can also create an amazing Twitter widget and embed it on the website. In case you still have doubts, feel free to contact us.

If you are a brand/ business having a WordPress website, then embedding Twitter posts on your website might be one of the smartest choices to enhance your brand image and grow your business online.

So, what are you still waiting for?

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