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Top 10 Twitter Feed Examples For Your Website

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Twitter’s content is unique as compared to its peers, and the users love sharing their opinions in the form of quick-witted tweets. 

In this fast-moving social media world where the marketing trends keep changing, you need something more consistent. Something that would boost sales, generate leads and manifest a higher conversion rate.

What could be more consistent than Twitter which has managed to sustain its reputation since 2006? That’s why marketers find embedding Twitter Widget on the website an ultimate marketing strategy.

Want to know how it works? Keep reading and find out.

How Does An Embedded Twitter Feed On Website Work?

It’s unbelievable that a platform based primarily on textual content can be highly engaging and has an ever-growing dwell time. There are 192 million daily active users on Twitter which indicates how much people love this platform.

Now visualize the possibility of bringing the intriguing Twitter content to your website in the most ingenious way that would shoot up your website’s engagement rate and bring in other marketing benefits. The marketing strategy of embedding a Twitter feed on website makes that possibility a reality for you.

Embed Twitter Feed

You can choose a platform like Taggbox Widget that provides a Twitter aggregator to collect all kinds of content from across Twitter as per your preference. You can then use the moderation feature to filter out irrelevant or repeated content.

Once you have some rich tweets for your website, you can use the customization feature to enhance your Twitter feed by choosing themes, fonts, colors, and templates.

Your Twitter feed is ready to embed. Generate the embed code, copy and paste it on the website where you want your visitors to see it.

Here is some Twitter Feed on website examples for you to maximize the benefits it brings in.

Live Hashtag Feed

When you plan to embed a live Twitter hashtag feed on your website, opt for a hashtag aggregator that lets you choose your unique hashtag and collects all the tweets with that hashtag across Twitter. You can then use moderation to filter out irrelevant tweets and embed the perfect hashtag tweets on your live hashtag feed to improve your social presence.

Live Hashtag Feed

Live Hashtag feeds are ideal for brands who organize hashtag campaigns or contests on Twitter and want to showcase the content on their website. The live hashtag feed updates in real-time, so each time there is a new tweet, it appears on your website automatically. Not just that, it creates curiosity among your website visitors and encourages them to visit again to check out all the new updates the live hashtag feed has to give.

Key Benefits

  • Encourage Revisits 
  • Improves Social Presence 
  • Updates Content In Real-Time

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Twitter Timeline Feed

Embedding your Twitter timeline on your website can bring in a plethora of benefits for your brand. Firstly, each time you receive a new website visitor, they will come across your Twitter timeline feed. It will create awareness around your social presence.

Twitter Feed example

When visitor engages with your content and like it, they naturally follow you on Twitter to stay up-to-date about your social activity and share with their friends and followers, creating a social presence for you with increasing followers.

Key Benefits

  • Builds Brand Awareness
  • Improves Social Presence
  • Increase Twitter Followers

Encourage your audience to follow you on Twitter by displaying live Twitter Timeline Feed on website.

Favorites Feed

Each brand has something on Twitter they wish to show off. It could be a testimonial, a celebrity appreciation, a tweet that received high engagement, or achievement or milestone. The best way to flaunt it all is the favorites feed.

Favorites Feed

Twitter already has the favorites feature that lets you put all your favorite tweets in one space. Bring them to your website by embedding the favorites feed to exhibit in front of your visitors. You can also analyze what works best for your target audience and display it all on the favorites feed.

Key Benefits

  • Highlight Important Content
  • Choose The Best Content For Visitors
  • Puts All Your Favorite Tweets In One Place

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Twitter Mentions Feed

If your audience loves you and loves mentioning you in their tweets, the Twitter Mentions feed is the perfect way to reciprocate. When you embed a Twitter Mentions feed on your website, all the tweets tweeted using your business account’s handle get automatically embedded there.

Twitter Mentions Feed

It can be a perfect medium to showcase compelling UGC and flaunt it in front of your website visitors to bring authenticity to your website. It can also create brand awareness with the help of your loyal customers.

Key Benefits

  • Builds Trust
  • Creates Social Presence
  • Improves Brand Awareness

Showcase users’ generated content to your website visitors and build brand trust. Start For Free!

Twitter List Feed

Twitter list feed is a vertical form of embedding the tweets. It has tweets assembled in the form of a list. A study suggested that vertical content can help brands target and engage their consumers. That’s how the Twitter list feed works.

Twitter feed list widget

You can group tweets that are talking about a common topic so that your website visitors can read various views on the particular topic. Not just that, if you are having a strictly textual hashtag contest, then this is the best way to embed the content.

Key Benefits

  • Embed Multiple Tweets At Once
  • Perfect For Hashtag Campaigns
  • Group Common Tweets In One Feed

Wish to display tweets assembled in the form of a list? Try the Taggbox Twitter List Feed now.

Although Twitter focuses upon textual content, photos content is not prohibited from the platform. Many users resort to visual content when they don’t want to stay bound by the 280 character limit. It can be the perfect visual marketing opportunity for you.

Visual Gallery Feed

Many aggregator platforms like Taggbox provide you with moderating filters to extract all the tweets that provide visual content. You can create a highly engaging photo gallery feed with the content and embed it on your website. It will make your website attractive and vibrant.

Key Benefits

  • Visual Marketing
  • Make Your Website Vibrant
  • Go Beyond 250 Character Limit

Create an engaging Visual Gallery Feed on website using Twitters’ content and inspire your audiences.

Twitter Feeds On Sidebar

Different businesses have different requirements when it comes to embedding a Twitter feed on their website. If you want your website visitors to engage with the embedded Twitter feed and explore your website’s content at once, then this is the ideal example for you.

Twitter feed widget on sidebar

This theme works perfectly for businesses that provide products or services. They can embed this sidebar Twitter feed equipped with valuable UGC on the side of each product’s page to create brand trust, embellishing your website.

Key Benefits

  • Runs Alongside Website’s Content
  • Display UGC on Product’s Page
  • Embellish The Website

Make valuable twitters’ content run alongside the website’s sidebar with a single line code using Taggbox.

Tweets’ Grid Feed

Tweets’ Grid is the ideal form of feed embedding if you wish to showcase a larger size of the visual content from Twitter on your website. Tweets’ Grid forms a collage of your photos and videos from Twitter that the visitors can engage.

Tweets' Grid Feed

Visitors can view the photos and play the videos without going to Twitter, which increases your website’s dwell time, keep the visitors hooked, and ensures multiple visits by them.

Key Benefits

  • Showcase Larger Visual Content
  • Perfect To Create Visual Collages
  • Unique Way To Grab Visitors’ Attention

Try Responsive Twitters’ Grid Feed on website and improves your website’s dwell time seemlessly.

Horizontal Columns Feed

Horizontal columns feed is similar to a Twitter list feed; only it assembles tweets horizontally on your website. These columns work beautifully with your visual and textual content. 

Horizontal Columns Feed

If your hashtag contest involves posting pictures and videos, then horizontal columns can take your content to the next level by placing it side-by-side and give it to most alluring look.

Key Benefits

  • A horizontal visual gallery
  • Assemble content horizontally
  • Gives Unique Look To The Website

Place your Twitter photos and videos slider on website using the Horizontal Columns Feed.

Tweets’ Slide Show Feed

Just as the name suggests, Tweets’ slideshow feed allows you to embed your Twitter feed in the form of a slide show that changes from time to time with attractive transitions. It is the best way to engage visitors as the moving content comes as an eye-catching aspect of your website.

Tweets' Slide Show Feed

Besides, the slideshow format also allows you to showcase multiple tweets at once without taking up much of your website’s space and making your website look unique.

Key Benefits

  • Moving Content Is Engaging
  • Brings Uniqueness To Your Website
  • Showcase More Content Within Lesser Space

Change your Twitter feed look from time to time and offer users fresh content with every scroll.

5 Benefit Of Embedding A Twitter Feed On Website

Builds Trust & Improves Conversion Rates

As buyers who shop online, we always look for product reviews or brand reviews before investing in something. That’s because there are so many commerce businesses out there that the chances of fraud have increased. When you embed a Twitter feed on website as testimonials, you give your potential customers an authentic source to rely upon. 

These testimonials work as user-generated content created by your target audience’s peers and, millennials trust UGC 50% more than original content generated by the brands. So, it builds brand trust and contributes positively to your brand’s conversion rate.

Boosts Reach & Enhance Engagement

User engagement is the foremost priority for every business, as high user engagement is the key that paves the way to other marketing benefits as well. Brand’s reach and engagement rely upon the type of content they offer to their audience.

Twitter has some quirky content that you can embed on your website. It will catch your website visitors’ attention, keep them hooked, and if they like it, they will share it with their friends. It will boost your reach and enhance your engagement.

Fresh & Unique Content For Website

Twitter content is known for its uniqueness as Twitteratis love tweeting entertaining tweets to receive maximum retweets. A Twitter feed updates in real-time and ensures that your visitors have something new to explore every time they visit your website. 

Not just that, not every website visitor is familiar with what Twitter offers, so introduce them to a fresh perspective on social media and get ready to receive multiple visits by them.

Increases Social Visibility & Presence

When you embed a Twitter feed on your website, you introduce your website visitors to your social presence. Many Twitter feeds also allow website visitors to explore your Twitter timeline, follow you, or retweet your tweets; all this by staying on your website.

It keeps your website’s dwell time high and increases your social presence, and makes better social visibility possible.

Creates Loyal Customers

When you embed a testimonial feed or any other UGC feed from Twitter on your website, you give your customers a space to voice their opinions and give their reviews on your brand. 

When you do so, you are making them feel important and turning them into your loyal customers. It also ensures multiple purchases by them.


The world of Twitter revolves around hashtags. Twitteratis swear by using a hashtag every time they tweet. It helps them reach more people and bring all the tweets with particular hashtags in one place. 

Twitter is exceptional, and so are the benefits its embedded feed on the website brings in. If you were planning to embed a Twitter feed on your website, we hope this blog came out in handy. So, it’s time to stop waiting and start doing!

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