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Top 16 Beauty Influencers in 2024

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Beauty influencers hold immense significance for brands. Their authentic connections with followers and expertise in beauty trends amplify brand visibility and credibility. Collaborations with these influencers drive product awareness, resulting in increased sales and customer engagement.

Impact of Beauty Influencers on Brand

Beauty influencers have a big impact on brands. They’re like trendsetters, especially those who focus on fashion or lifestyle. These influencers don’t just talk about products; they show how to use them in everyday life.

Fashion influencers, a type of influencer, are all about style. They make products look cool by wearing them in their outfits. Lifestyle influencers are different; they mix brands into their daily routines, showing how beauty stuff fits into their lives.

In Influencer marketing campaigns, beauty influencers tell stories about products. They’re good at making ads feel like interesting stories, so people pay attention. This helps brands sell more because these influencers make products seem exciting and useful.

List of Top Beauty Influencers:

1. Huda Kattan:

  • Huda Kattan started as a beauty blogger, sharing makeup tips and tutorials.
  • She founded Huda Beauty, which became a global beauty brand known for its high-quality products.
  • Huda’s brand gained immense popularity due to innovative product launches like the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette and Liquid Matte Lipsticks.
Huda Kattan - Beauty Influencer

2. Jessica Ilanbey:

  • Jessie excels in making brands come alive and establishing strong connections between products and consumers.
  • She possesses deep knowledge about why people buy certain products and what influences their preferences.
  • Jessie crafts compelling content such as stories and videos that ignite a strong desire, necessity, and aspiration for products among audiences.
Jessica Ilanbey: Beauty Influencers
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3. James Charles:

  • James Charles gained widespread attention as the first male CoverGirl spokesmodel in 2016.
  • His makeup tutorials, creative looks, and collaborations with major brands attracted a massive following.
  • He faced controversies but maintained a significant influence through his artistry and collaborations with Morphe and other brands.
James Charles - Beauty Influencer

4. NikkieTutorials:

  • Nikkie de Jager, known as NikkieTutorials, gained fame for her transformative makeup tutorials on YouTube.
  • She champions self-acceptance and uses makeup as a means of empowerment.
  • Her “The Power of Makeup” video went viral, highlighting the transformative effects of makeup.
NikkieTutorials - Beauty Influencer

5. Jeffree Star:

  • Jeffree Star gained initial popularity on MySpace as a musician and later transitioned into the beauty industry.
  • Founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which gained attention for its high-quality and bold makeup products.
  • Known for his controversial yet influential persona, collaborations, and successful makeup launches.
Jeffree Star - Top Beauty Influencer

6. Tati Westbrook:

  • Known for honest product reviews, makeup tutorials, and beauty advice.
  • Had a significant impact through her “Halo Beauty” supplement line.
  • Tati gained recognition for her detailed and honest product reviews on YouTube.
  • Launched her brand, Halo Beauty, which focuses on beauty supplements.
Tati Westbrook - Beauty Influencer

7. Jaclyn Hill:

  • Collaborated with Becca Cosmetics for a successful highlighter palette.
  • Known for makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and product recommendations.
  • Despite controversies related to her brand launches, she retained a large following due to her makeup expertise.
Jaclyn Hill - Beauty Influencer
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8. Manny Gutierrez:

  • A male beauty influencer breaking stereotypes in the industry.
  • Known for makeup tutorials, reviews, and collaborations with major brands.
  • Known for breaking barriers as a male makeup artist in the industry.
  • His makeup tutorials, reviews, and collaborations with major brands like Maybelline and Morphe solidified his position as an influential beauty figure.
Manny Gutierrer - Beauty Influencer

9. Desi Perkins:

  • Known for makeup tutorials, beauty hacks, and lifestyle content.
  • Collaborated with major brands like Quay Australia for sunglass collections.
  • Desi Perkins gained popularity for her versatile makeup tutorials and fashion sense.
  • Known for her approachable personality and engaging content.
Desi Perkins - Beauty Influencer

10. Patrick Star:

  • Known for makeup tutorials, celebrity transformations, and empowering messages about self-expression.
  • Collaborated with major brands in the beauty industry.
  • Patrick Starrr promotes inclusivity and self-expression through makeup.
  • Collaborated with MAC Cosmetics and launched his makeup brand, ONE/SIZE, focusing on diversity and self-confidence.
Patrick Star - Beauty Influencer

11. Kandee Johnson:

  • Known for makeup transformations and tutorials, with a focus on positivity and self-acceptance.
  • Collaborated with major brands and appeared on TV shows.
Kandee Johnson - Top Beauty Influencer

12. Bretman Rock:

  • Gained fame through humorous and creative makeup tutorials on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
  • Known for his authenticity, humor, and unfiltered content, making him highly relatable to his audience.
  • Collaborated with brands like Morphe and ColourPop.
Bretman Rock - Beauty Influencer

13. Laura Lee:

  • Known for makeup tutorials, beauty hauls, and collaborations with beauty brands.
  • Had a strong presence on YouTube and other social media platforms.
  • Rose to prominence with makeup tutorials, hauls, and engaging content on YouTube.
  • Collaborated with beauty brands and maintained a strong social media presence.
  • Despite controversies, she continued to produce content and engage with her followers.

14. Chrisspy:

  • Known for her special effects makeup and Halloween transformations.
  • Gained popularity for her detailed tutorials, especially focusing on dramatic and creative makeup looks.
  • Collaborated with various beauty brands and showcased her skills through engaging content.

15. Carli Bybel:

  • Popular for makeup tutorials, beauty tips, and lifestyle content.
  • Collaborated with major beauty brands and launched her product lines.
  • Known for her beauty tutorials, fashion tips, and lifestyle content on YouTube.
  • Collaborated with brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and launched her makeup line.
  • Has a significant following due to her relatable and informative beauty content.
Carli Bybel - Beauty Influencer

16. Shayla:

  • Known for makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews, and collaborations with major beauty brands.
  • Focuses on empowering women through beauty.
  • Collaborated with major brands like Maybelline and ColourPop.
  • Advocates for inclusivity and empowerment through her content and brand collaborations.
Shayla - Beauty Influencer

These influencers have built their careers through dedication, creativity, and their ability to connect with their audiences, playing a significant role in shaping beauty trends and influencing consumer choices.