How To Embed RSS Widget On A Website

Users are always exploring and browsing the latest information on a diverse range of topics and continuously engage with platforms that provide this information. 

As a business, if you can provide this informational content on your website and keep your audience updated on relevant topics than you can also grow your website & overall business. 

RSS widget can help you achieve these goals effectively and efficiently if you add them to your website. 

What is RSS feeds?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and the RSS feed widget is a tool that automatically updates information in an XML file format that can be easily decoded by the computer. 

The information is then converted by the RSS reader into a readable format so that the users can access and engage with the information without any hassle. 

rss feed widget for website

RSS content is updated in real-time that displays the latest fresh content on top. It contains summaries, snippets, headlines, updates, articles, and backlinks to the webpages of content. 

You can use Taggbox Widget to aggregate and display RSS feeds on your website.

Why Use Taggbox to Embed RSS Feeds Widget on a Website?

RSS feeds bring together the feeds from different websites into a feed for better readability and easy content discovery. Having a social media aggregator can make the feed more attractive and engaging with its vast functionalities. 

Taggbox Widget , as a social media feed aggregator, comes with the option of adding the RSS widget to your website and has features to make the feed interactive, engaging, and attractive. 

You get a diverse range of themes for the feed, font colors, content highlights, feed style, background, banners, tickers, layout, and more customizations for better readability and attractive visual display. 

Moderation allows you to maintain the finest quality content and restrict profane & irrelevant content. You get real-time updates for the content instantly with tremendous user interaction & engagement possibilities.

Step By Step Guide To Embed RSS Widget On Website

How To Embed RSS Widget?

Embed RSS feed Widget to your Website with Taggbox

We have listed how you can add the RSS widget to your website using Taggbox and the whole process has been divided into 2 subheadings.

  • Create RSS widget with Taggbox
  • Embed RSS widget on Website

Create RSS Feed Widget With Taggbox

Initially, create an account for Free on Taggbox Widget and then Log in and follow these steps:

Step – 1: After login you will land to your account dashboard and Click “Add Social Feeds” to get RSS feed on your widget.

rss feed widget

Step – 2: Select the Source of feed as “RSS” from the given options and fill the required information

display rss feed on website

Step – 3: Fill up the details and Click “Create Feed” from the Create RSS feed widget pop-up.

embed rss feed widget

NOTE: You can enable Moderation for every post on the feed by enabling the feature from the Create RSS feed pop-up. 

Now that you have created the RSS widget successfully. You can customize the widget accordingly from the Personalize and More section.

Once you customize your feed you can then move onto the embedding part of the feed.

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Create An Amazing RSS Widget

Embed RSS Widget On Website

Follow the below mentioned simple steps and you will be able to easily display RSS feed on website.

Step – 1: Click the Publish button from the bottom left of the Dashboard screen. 

free rss feed widget

Step – 2: Choose your website platform from the given options. For example HTML or WordPress or any other.

rss news widget

Embed RSS Feed Widget On HTML website

Step – 1: Select HTML as your website platform from the options.

Step – 2: Set the width and height (or auto) of your feed and click on “Get Code”.

rss widget html code

Step – 3: Copy the given Code and paste it in the webpage where you want to display RSS feed widget.

Tada! You have an active RSS feed Widget on your website.


Although social media platforms nowadays have been the major source of information of the users. But RSS feeds has its own crucial utility for the users. 

There are many websites that have engaging and interactive content that the users explore and access. The issue though is that they have to access each site individually and invest a lot of time exploring content. 

With Taggbox, you can easily contain the power of RSS feed in a single feed and make it easier for the users by providing everything in one place. 

This will help in providing a superior user experience to the readers and it will help in increasing the dwell time of your website, increasing the chances of further engagement and possibly conversion. 

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Embed RSS Feed On Your Website

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