How To Embed Shoppable Instagram Feeds On Your Ecommerce Website

2019 has already reached its half-life and the marketing world has accepted the significance of shoppable Feeds in revolutionizing the eCommerce marketing platform. Recently Instagram announced the rolling out of shoppable Instagram Feeds worldwide anytime soon, since then the relevance of Shoppable Instagram Feeds have heightened to an altogether new height.

It’s like music to every marketer’s ears and a dream come true for almost all the online retail business owners. Right!

But until the rollout of the Shoppable Instagram Posts worldwide happens, till then how do you make Shoppable Instagram Feeds? Well! There’s one way of doing that. You could embed Instagram feed on your eCommerce website and turn them into shoppable Instagram feed using TaggShop, the ultimate eCommerce solution for your visual commerce platform.

But before we hop on to the incredible journey of visual marketing with TaggShop, first let’s take a while to understand what Shoppable social media Feeds are and why are they suddenly assuming so much significance?

What Are Shoppable Feeds And Why Such A Hype?

Shoppable Feeds are changing the way people shop. They allow you to convert your regular eCommerce shop into a visual commerce platform where users love to come and shop from. It enhances the attractive appeal and the engaging factor of your eCommerce website, thereby growing your overall eCommerce sales.

With the recent launch of Shoppable Instagram Feeds and Google Shoppable Ads coming into the main picture, the whole idea of embedding shoppable Instagram Feeds on eCommerce websites is gaining momentum.

Shoppable Instagram Feeds actually are shoppable links that lead your users to the webpages from where they can actually buy a product for real. Incorporating Instagram Shoppable posts on your eCommerce websites helps you streamline the shopping experience of your website visitors, thus making them revisit your online store for their next purchase

Now, having learned the importance of Shoppable Posts for your eCommerce website, now it’s time to learn how to create shoppable Instagram feeds on your website. Taggbox, the ultimate Instagram aggregator and its social commerce feature “Taggshop” is the one-stop solution for this!

Shoppable Instagram Feeds- A Stepwise Guide To Embed It On Your Website

Here is a stepwise guide that will explain to you in detail how you make your embed shoppable Instagram feeds on your eCommerce website. But before anything else, you must know how to create Instagram Wall for your eCommerce website using Taggbox’s ultimate eCommerce feature “TaggShop“.

Shoppable Instagram feeds

TaggShop allows you to convert your social into sales by providing you with the functionality to add and tag products with the embedded Instagram feeds on your eCommerce website.
As a result, you bring the point of inspiration closer to the point of sale. This helps you to drive your customers turned visitors towards making the final purchase decision in your favour.

Instagram Shoppable

This amazing visual commerce solution comes with amazing features like moderation, analytics, customization, and so many more. All these help you enhance your sales marketing and finally grow your eCommerce business website.

Having said that, let’s learn how to make Instagram posts shoppable using TaggShop. So, let’s start with the basic step of creating an Instagram Wall for your eCommerce website.

Create Instagram Feed Wall

Follow these really simple steps in order to create a shoppable Instagram Feed wall-

1. Create an Account on Taggbox and log in.

Shoppable Posts

2. When you land on the dashboard, click on “+Create Wall” to create your very own Instagram Wall.

Shoppable Feed

3. Here, choose Instagram Business as your feed source.

Shoppable Instagram Posts

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4. Choose your connection type- Hashtags(#), Handles(@), Mentions, and Tagged.

create instagram feeds wall

5. Give the required credentials for fetching the Instagram feeds to your Instagram Wall.

Shoppable Feeds

6. You can customize and curate your aggregated Instagram feeds through the Personalize and Moderation feature respectively.

instagram ecommerce marketing

Great! You have successfully created an Instagram Wall for your eCommerce website. You can also use an Instagram widget to display your embedded Instagram feed. It will be soon visible in the Wall Editor. Now it’s time to make it shoppable content.

Make Your Embedded Instagram Posts On Your Website Shoppable

Now, that you have embedded Instagram Posts on your eCommerce website using Taggbox, it’s time to enhance the overall marketing efficiency of your visual marketing platform by making your embedding Shoppable Instagram Feeds.

Follow this simple stepwise guide and flaunt your hard-earned media to build user trust and enhance your overall eCommerce business sales.

Let’s get started.

1. In your Wall Editor, open your Instagram Wall.

Instagram posts shoppable

2. Click on TaggShop.

Embed Shoppable Instagram Posts

3. Three options will be shown- Tag, Products, Customize.

make instagram shoppable

4. First of all, click on Products to add new products. Here, you can manually add all the products to your gallery which you wish to sell.

shoppable instagram feeds
  • Select Click here to Add New Product.
shoppable instagram posts
  • Enter the Product Title, Product Price, Discount Price, and the URL which will lead your users to the webpage where they could buy that product. Don’t forget to add a beautiful image of the product.
instagram shoppable feeds
  • You could also Preview your product. Finally, click on Submit.
instagram shoppable posts

5. You could also Customize your product card style and design it the way you wish.

shoppable instagram feeds

6. Next comes Tagging your added products with the aggregated user-generated Instagram posts.

  • Click on Tag.
shoppable feeds
  • Now in the Wall Editor, you will see all your aggregated user-generated Instagram feeds. Each post will have a Tag Product option at the bottom.
make your instagram shoppable
  • Click on Tag Product. From the gallery of added products, choose the ones you wish to tag with this particular post.
Shoppable Instagram Feeds
  • Do it with all the posts you wish to make shoppable.
embedded Shoppable Instagram posts

7. Now, click on the Display button. Here, choose “Embed In Website”. Choose your website building platform.

embedding instagram feeds

8. Next, set the width & height parameters, and click on Get Code. Copy the generated code on the clipboard.

make instagram shoppable

9. Now, go to the backend of your eCommerce website, and paste the copied embed code in the required position where you want to embed and display the Instagram Wall. Save the changes and you’re done.

Congratulations! You have successfully embedded Shoppable Instagram feeds on your eCommerce website.

Now, you can display user-generated content to inspire your users to buy your products and by embedding shoppable Instagram feed,  you have given them a way to do that on your website itself.

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The marketing world is constantly evolving. Your competitors are constantly working to get ahead of you in the race. If you’re an eCommerce business owner, you just cannot sit back.

Embedding shoppable Instagram feeds on your website is a phenomenal way to engage your website visitors and actually convert them into your loyal customers. TaggShop can help you to do that easily.

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