How to Raise Funds through Hashtag Campaigns?

Fund Raising events and activations is an extensive occasion for nonprofit organizations. It can involve a great deal of effort to gather resources for achieving a cause. However, in the world of today, when social media marketing influences most of our decisions, actions, and inclinations; leveraging upon a social community to attain fulfillment of your goal appears to be the most appropriate method of raising funds for non-profits.

Nevertheless, to build a community, and create an engaging social media campaign can be an extensive task, itself. Moreover, the knowledge of how to do it right by choosing the most appropriate elements for a campaign defines the success or failure of it. And, as somebody said so right, insight is the greatest vision. An insightful understanding of what your audience seeks online can be extremely helpful to ascertain the appropriate campaign model.

According to recent observations of consumer behaviors over the internet has revealed that about 55% of social media users who are engaging with a cause online are inspired to take progressive actions for it. It is to note that most part of the engaged audience establishes donation as the next call to action for their engagement. Seems like engaging your audience is what needs to be done in order to attain a compelling fundraising campaign on social media platforms. Thus, what can be better than a hashtag campaign, these days, to fetch engagement on social media?

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Hashtag campaigns in this scenario can play a crucial role to spread a word about your cause and, it can make the idea of your purpose viral. So, let’s see how nonprofit organizations should appropriately use a hashtag campaign for the purpose of fundraising.

1. Your campaign shall aim to tell a story & to create one, as well!

Just pitching your ideas has become an outdated way of influencing people’s action to support your cause. It just doesn’t work anymore. Now a day, the things that engage more and more social media users is storytelling. After all, nothing can be more intriguing and engaging than a well-told story. Therefore, your hashtag campaign should talk about the why-how-what of your mission to create an impact. It will allow your audience to connect to your organization and feel like being a part of the cause. Hence, it will lead to their motivation to follow you and create an impact along.

2. Create an insightful campaign with unique hashtag.

An insightful hashtag campaign, well-versed in the communication it needs to drive to its audience, turns out to be a successful campaign. Thus, the creation of a recallable hashtag is the ultimate way to define success and engagement in your social media channels.

While working upon the hashtag you must ensure that it entails the various elements of your purpose, impact, and cause of fundraising in a catchy way. Thus, every time your target audience will across the hashtag, it will create a recollection of your cause and idea in their heads. Hence, adding the effect to a greater fundraising effort.

In order to come up with the hashtag, go through a process of thorough research and brainstorming sessions to ensure that the hashtag uniquely defines your brand.

Here are the examples of some ideal hashtag campaigns which made a stand in the history of social media marketing.

A) Always #LikeAGirl

B) Ice Bucket Challenge

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3. Bring it across people, the right way and make your audience a part.

When the matter is of engaging your audience with your hashtag campaign, the choice of the right medium of communication can make a great difference. Instinctively, Twitter and Instagram appear to be the prominent social media platforms to run a hashtag campaign. However, did you know that there is a greater & more impactful representation tool build on these two platforms which in turn is sure to intrigue your audience?

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We are talking about live hashtag feed curation and display tools also known as Social media aggregators or Hashtag walls in accordance to their integration with the respective social platform.

MakeAWish Hashtag Campaigns

These tools can allow you to aggregate all the posts occurring on a particular social media network with a designated hashtag. The aggregated data is then displayed on a wall located centrally to gather public attention. These digital social media walls can as well be embedded in your organization’s website and derive the attention of viewers.

Thence, you can use a hashtag wall to create an impactful and experiential campaign by displaying the user-generated content from all your supporters over a common – humongous platform. Sounds like a full-proof plan to raise awareness and gain support, right!

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