HPE Boosts Audience Engagement With Social Wall At Las Vegas

Case Study
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Event– HPE Discover 2019
Venue– Las Vegas
Date– June 23-25

About HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprises is a California based American multinational IT Company, created in 2015 with annual revenue of $30.9 billion (2018). Its diverse portfolio of business includes servers, data storage products, hybrid infrastructure, cloud marketing, edge computing services, and networking equipment.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2019, Las Vegas, USA

HPE has been organizing the HPE Discover Events ever since across various parts of the globe to establish a more personal and integral relationship with its customers, leaders, and sponsors by informing them more and better about the Company’s products and services.

The Challenge

HPE Discover Events generally entertain a crowd numbering in thousands. The event offers multiple sessions, seminars, exhibitions, and much more spread in an area of almost 1000 sqm.  With such vast expanses of the event, keeping the audience constantly engaged becomes a daunting task.

Encouraging audience participation and constant excitement is very critical for an event to be a successful one. Spreading a word about the event on social media, that too through your audience, is another critical challenge to encounter.

Our Solution

To make sure that the audience at the event is constantly engaged and enthusiastic about the event happenings, Taggbox provided its services of Social Wall at the event. The Social Media Wall was like a cool tech at the display which attracted everyone’s attention and kept them engaged by encouraging the attendees to make social media posts about the event on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

The Impact

The Social Wall was a great addition to the event as it helped the HPE Discover event organizers on multiple fronts. Let’s have a look at how the Taggbox powered Social Wall helped the event organizers to improve their overall event ROI.

#1 Audience Engagement hiked by 40%

This great idea of installing a customized social wall in the event premises actually overwhelmed the event organizers with the immense hike in the audience engagement by almost 40%. The attendees after interacting with the social wall actually posted over social media sharing their experiences at the event using the event hashtag #HPEPartnerSummit in order to see their social media posts on the social wall and win exciting prizes.

#2 Boosted Visitor’s Excitement

The names of the Most Active Users on the Social Wall were displayed in the leaderboard banner. Most Active Users were those who posted the most on social media sharing their event experiences using the event hashtag #HPEPartnerSummit. The winners of the leaderboard were also awarded giveaway gifts which increased their excitement to an altogether another level.

The Social Wall was like this cool tech at the display which attracted the attention of every passing by visitor. The visitors clicked selfies with the social wall and posted them on the Social Wall thereby helped the event ROI to hike extraordinarily.

#3 Creativity Level Surpassed

The Social Wall was creatively designed in the form of Venturi Formula E-Car running to cross the finish line. The E-Car was fueled with the social media posts that were uploaded by the event attendees sharing their experiences at the Summit over social media using the #HPEPartnerSummit. The concept was completely new and fresh prompting the audience to help the E-Car cross the finish line by posting on social media.


HPE met their overall event goal of better and improved audience engagement and participation during the event. It also achieved major success in spreading the word of mouth marketing over social media as the Social Wall constantly encouraged the event attendees to keep sharing their event experiences over social media.

If HPE can then so can you! Employ social wall at your next event and drive audience engagement and event ROI to great heights.

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