Taggbox Commerce Shopify App

Introducing Taggbox Commerce Shopify App

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Shopify store owners know the importance of having a Shopify app to easily integrate to their website to achieve their goals seamlessly and efficiently. 

Having a Shopify app for Shopify store owners gives them the ability to easily add more solutions, maximize their sales, boost engagement, and create a holistic store experience. 

Taggbox Commerce has launched the Shopify app for Shopify store owners looking to integrate Shoppable galleries & feeds to their Shopify website. 

Let’s explore more about the Shopify app by Taggbox Commerce. 

Introducing Taggbox Commerce Shopify App

Taggbox Commerce has recently launched the Shopify app for all the Shopify brands to seamlessly integrate shoppable social galleries, shoppable UGC, Instagram shoppable feeds, product reviews, on-site UGC uploads and social commerce solutions

The aim is to make it simple, easy, and quick for Shopify brands to leverage Taggbox Commerce and maximize their brand sales through shoppable social feeds and user-generated content. 

Shopify brands can easily install the app from the app store. The Taggbox Commerce app is free to install and will offer a 14-Days free trial. 

The Possibilities & Benefits of Taggbox Commerce App

Taggbox Commerce is a popular shoppable UGC & social commerce platform that allows brands to turn their social media content and UGC into shoppable galleries, which they can publish on their website. 

The Shopify app from Taggbox Commerce brings in the possibilities of leveraging user-generated content and social commerce as a social shopping experience. 

shoppable Instagram & UGC

These shoppable UGC and social shopping galleries help brands inspire consumers through the content and drive sales with shoppable tags. 

Shopify brands can easily create and publish shoppable UGC and social shopping galleries in minutes. These shoppable galleries and feeds allow brands to attract users, engage them with the galleries, and drive conversions and sales. 

With the Taggbox Commerce app, Shopify brands have possibilities to:

  • Collect content from 10+ social media & review platforms
  • Upload unlimited products to their Taggbox App
  • Tag multiple shoppable products to a post
  • Add shoppable hotspots to highlight tagged products
  • Customize themes, colors, fonts, designs, CTA, and more
  • Moderate and manage content in your Taggbox gallery
  • Get user-generated content right from the users directly
  • Fast and automatic content updates to your galleries
  • Responsive design to seamlessly blend with the website
  • Active customer support and 24/7 interaction option 

These galleries help users get inspiration from user-generated content and build social proof for the brand by showcasing authentic content. The shoppable features lead to turning inspiration into action and drive conversions. 

The instant gratification and shopability make it easier for consumers to shop the products and provides an amazing shopping experience. 

These are some of the possibilities which have led to thousands of leading Shopify brands adding shoppable galleries to their Shopify website. As it provides huge returns on minimum investments for ecommerce and online stores.

How To Install & Use Taggbox Commerce App On Shopify

Here are a few quick and easy steps to install and leverage the Taggbox Commerce app on Shopify. 

Step 1 – Log in to your Shopify store and click on the Apps sections in the sidebar

Step 2 – Now search for “Taggbox Commerce” in the Shopify app store search bar.

Step 3 – Select the Taggbox Commerce app and Install The App to your Shopify store

Taggbox Commerce Shopify App

Now go to the Installed apps in your Shopify apps section ands click on Taggbox Commerce

Step 4 – You will see the Taggbox Commerce Home Dasboard; click on Shoppable Galleries in the sidebar

Taggbox Commerce Dashboard

Step 5 – Now you will see a Shoppable gallery with your name. Click on the edit button on that gallery.

You can also add Your New Shoppable Gallery, enter the gallery name and custom Taggshop URL

Once you enter the details, then click on Create Shoppable Gallery, and the gallery editor will open

Shoppable Gallery

Step 6– The social platforms will appear; choose the platform from which you want to add feeds

 Let’s choose Instagram as an example, 

Shoppable Social Platforms

Step 7– Choose the feed type like Hashtag, Handle, Mentions, Tags, Stories, etc. and enter the details

Social social feeds

Step 8 – Click on the “Create Feed” button and complete the secure authentication process

Once you complete the authentication, you will get all your posts from the feed in the editor.

Step 9 – Now click on the Add Products under the Product Catalog section in the sidebar

You can choose the “Import Product List” or “Add Product” option as per the need.

Product Tagging

Import Product Lists: You can choose the Import Product List option to upload CSV files and add multiple or bulk products at once. Kindly follow the format provided in the sample CSV file there. 

Add Product: To upload one product at a time. Click on Add Product and fill in the necessary details in the pop-up to upload a single product.

Once you have successfully added your products, now move on to tagging the products. 

Product Shoppable Tags

Step 10 – Click on Tag Products under the Product Catalog section in the sidebar, and all your social posts will appear

Step 11 – You will see Tag Products Button under each post, click on the button, and you will see a pop-up

Product Tagging Gallery

Step 12 – Then, Search Your Product name and click on the product to tag it to the posts. You can do the same to add multiple products to a post

NOTE: You can enable hotspots from the top right corner in the Tagging pop-up; a hotspot will appear on the image at the top left corner. Drag and drop it on the intended hotspot

Tag Products Shopify

Step 13 – Once you are done with Tagging products, you can move to Design Your Gallery. Click on Design & Filter in the sidebar to customize your gallery

Design Shoppable Gallery

Step 14 – Once you complete the customizations, then click on Publish button at the bottom left corner in sidebar

Step 15 – You will see the Shopify Installation option; choose the Page, Theme, & Position where you want to publish the Shopify shoppable Instagram gallery.

Step 16 – Now click on the Add Gallery button, and you will successfully publish the Shoppable Instagram gallery on your Shopify website. 

Taggbox Commerce Shopify App Installation

You can also manage your Installations from this section, or you can embed it through custom code as well. 


  1. You can moderate content from the Design & Filter section in the sidebar
  2. You can Add New Shoppable Galleries from Home>Shoppable Galleries.
  3. Manage/Edit/Delete your products from Add Products section in the editor
  4. Enable Hotspots for the complete gallery from Design & Filter> CTA Button>Hotspots


The Taggbox Commerce Shopify app opens many opportunities for Shopify brands of all sizes to leverage it to drive their social sales, build social proof, boost user engagement, attract consumers, and deliver a uniquely amazing shopping experience. 

So, get started with the Taggbox Commerce Shopify app now and experience for yourself how it can build your brand success and revenue exponentially. 


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