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Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers to Follow in 2024

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Looking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of professional LinkedIn Influencers and their industry insights? Dive into the realm of influential minds shaping the digital corridors of LinkedIn. Meet trailblazers like Shane Barker, a digital marketing savant empowering businesses, Goldie Chan, a personal branding virtuoso crafting compelling narratives, and Chris Brogan, a beacon illuminating marketing’s cutting edge.

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List of Top LinkedIn Influencers

1. Shane Barker

A digital marketing consultant and strategist, Shane Barker is known for his expertise in influencer marketing, content marketing, and social media. He is the top LinkedIn Influencer and shares valuable insights and tips on how to grow businesses through effective digital strategies.

Shane Barker - Top LinkedIn Influencers

2. Goldie Chan

A LinkedIn Top Influencer and a renowned personal branding expert, Goldie Chan is known for her engaging storytelling and expertise in helping individuals and brands develop their presence on LinkedIn.

Goldie Chan - Famous LinkedIn Influencers

3. Chris Brogan

A bestselling author and marketing consultant, Chris Brogan is recognized for his insights on marketing, technology, and business growth strategies. He shares actionable advice and trends in the industry.

Chris Brogan - Top LinkedIn Influencers

4. Judy Robinett

An entrepreneur, author, and angel investor, Judy Robinett is known for her expertise in strategic networking and building powerful relationships. Her content often focuses on entrepreneurship, leadership, and business development.

Judy Robinett - LinkedIn Influencers

5. Allen Gannett

An entrepreneur and author, Allen Gannett specializes in creativity, innovation, and marketing. He shares insights on how businesses can foster creativity to drive growth and success.

Allen Gannett - LinkedIn Influencers

6. Melonie Dodaro

As a LinkedIn Influencer, Melonie Dodaro focuses on helping businesses and professionals leverage LinkedIn for lead generation, sales, and personal branding.

Melonie Dodaro - LinkedIn Influencers

7. Hala Taha

Host of the Young and Profiting podcast, Hala Taha shares insights on personal development, entrepreneurship, and success. She interviews various experts and influencers, providing valuable content to her audience.

Hala Taha - LinkedIn Influencers

8. Neil Patel

A renowned digital marketer and entrepreneur, Neil Patel is recognized for his expertise in SEO, content marketing, and growth hacking. He shares valuable insights and strategies for businesses looking to improve their online presence.

Neil Patel - Top LinkedIn Influencers

9. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk was recognized as one of the top LinkedIn influencers due to his significant impact on the platform. He is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and social media expert. Gary Vaynerchuk, often known as GaryVee, is known for his dynamic and motivational content, where he shares insights on entrepreneurship, marketing, business strategies, and personal development.

Gary Vaynerchuk - LinkedIn Influencers

10. Koka Sexton

Koka Sexton is a globally recognized as a top LinkedIn Influencer. With a career spanning across various tech companies, including LinkedIn, he’s renowned for his expertise in leveraging social networks for sales and business development.

Koka Sexton - Top LinkedIn Influencers


These influencers have gained recognition for their expertise in various fields and their ability to provide valuable insights and strategies to their audiences on LinkedIn. Their content often revolves around business growth, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, personal branding, and professional development. Please note that the landscape of influencers may have changed since my last update and new voices might have emerged since then.