5 Powerful Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Should Use

What Is Content Curation?

Content curation is the task of brainstorming to find relevant and engaging content for social media feeds. I believe that creative and fresh content that’s also value-adding in nature is loved, liked and shared by people the most.

Social media managers spend hours to find such engagingly ‘appropriate content’ for their audiences. One wrong move and it crumbles the social media game.

Content curation is all about trending and engaging content that’s devised in a brand new way altogether.

Benefits of Curation

Coming up with innovative marketing ideas and unique tactics for content creation across various social channels strategically is a dire demand for content curation.

Source Pre-Existing Content & Twist as Per Audience Taste

Content here is obtained from reliable sources and then curated in a distinctive way for the audience. Such content is often (may not be, however) already created by other marketers in the past. Social media managers here modify this content to suit the preferences of their own audience base by still keeping it ‘new/unique’.

Many businesses, in the long run, get drained of creative energies and are unable to generate rich content for their blogs and social media. Here, this problem can be eased with the help of content curation tools.

With the flood of content available online, it’s difficult to curate valuable and quality content.

Without being all disorganized, experience the benefits of content curation tools that help you examine various content sources and then sift informative and interesting content to your audience.

Explore five content curation tools that I’ve analyzed and for enhanced social media strategizing-

#1. Scoop.it


Scoop.it is a content curation tool that filters content based on your liking. Content suggestions are streamed via big data and relevant articles and topics are made available to read and share along with suggestions for other Scoop.it users to follow.

Its daily update feature sends you trending content topics to follow. Scoop.it further allows easy and quick content curation and makes for an attractive visual interface. Finding relevant content is easy here by choosing specific keywords using the Boolean search.

With plans beginning from free per month and ranging to $67 per month, the paid options allow for a robust search, customization, and content filtering. Scoop.it organizes content into relevant topics and makes it simple to filter, edit, and share content.

#2. Taggbox

Taggbox Content Curation

Taggbox is stellar content curation tool in the league that offers fully customizable solutions for your brand. The tool offers one of the select best features that are highly desired by brands for social media planning. A wide variety of themes, creative fonts and vivid variety of colors, customized designs and content filtration and moderation functionalities are some select highlights of the tool, to begin with.

Taggbox powers its users with social media content curation and add-on features such as CTA, custom posts, auto-update feature and with performance and growth analytics. Derive search results using multiple hashtags with Taggbox. Taggbox’s content curation functionalities allow you to sift through content from multiple social media channels and aggregate them in the desired way to display to your audience on any screen size.

Tap the best of the informative and trending content with Taggbox where you also benefit from website embeddable social media walls and hubs.

Taggbox plans are segregated into 4 unique categories – basic plan ($49 per month), premium plan ($149 per month), platinum plan ($299 per month) and event plan ($199 per day) where the pricing is exceptionally competitive for each one of them.

Explore the features and functionalities that Taggbox offers for social media content curation for multiple social channels on their website.

#3. Pocket


This content curation tool is a must use. Why? Its top feature allows you to save content and read and share later. Instead of innumerable bookmarks of interesting articles, images, and videos – simply use Pocket!

Group articles with tags and store all your content from various social channels at one place with this. When you find the time, simply view your saved data. Bookmarking or making several notes of relevant sources of content is not required anymore for content curation. Pocket serves as the perfect tool for being an organized store.

Another excellent feature of Pocket is that it can be added as an extension to the browser and also as an application. Hence, it is both desktop and mobile friendly. The powerful search functionality easily locates all your saved content in your Pocket account.

Save for later and view when ready, Pocket offers you a free plan and a Pocket premium plan priced at $4.99 per month and $44.99 per year that offers an ad-free experience.

#4. Feedly


Feedly is a content curation tool that empowers users to easily view trending content from their favorite platforms online. It is an RSS powered feed similar to Google Reader (Google Reader has been discontinued by Google).and supports vast robust integrations with OneNote 365, Trello, Slack, Hootsuite and Evernote Business for content curation.

With a friendly design, Feedly allows you to add your favorites and browse the mall from one place–both desktop and smartphone. Curate content using specific keywords, topics, and domains with this tool. You can also organize content in the form of boards and read them later with this tool and also browse the latest content from various websites.

Feedly offers support for 100 feeds with its free plan. For more robust features, users can use their Pro plan or their Team plan which is priced at $5.41 per month and $18 per month respectively. The Pro and the Team plans provide unlimited feeds, higher support, and better integrations.

#5. Curata


Curata’s superpowers lie in it dynamic ability to present relevant content feed preferences to the user automatically. It helps users to find out preferred content by using keywords, domains, and phrases. You can customize, categorize and then distribute the content from one location with Curata. The tool is known for its dynamic and sophisticated curation requirements as it fully customizes content to suit your needs and liking. Use content from Curata for multipurpose use on your blog, social media feeds and other marketing platforms.

Get the best of online content delivered to yourself to distribute on your social networks with this content curation solution. Filter your content by relevancy and timing with this tool and further curate your content by using its browser extension.

Curata offers plans which are pricey to the pocket. With no free or trial plans being offered, Curata’s basic plan kicks-off with a price of $499 per month. To explain its high-priced plans, Curata offers excellent content curation solutions and also the features to create content directly in their platform itself, content management, reporting etc.

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