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10 Best Smash Balloon Alternatives to Use in 2024

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Smash Balloon is a social media aggregator. It combines six plugins designed for WordPress to create and display social media feeds on your website or other marketing channels. It is still not as effective as it needs to be in several areas, raising the need for Smash balloon alternatives.

We have listed some of the best alternatives for Smash Balloon that you can choose from for additional functionalities in the aggregation process. These alternatives can open up new dimensions of how social media aggregation works with attractive themes, designs, ease of embedding, etc.  

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Why Do You Need Alternatives to Smash Balloon?

For multiple reasons, a brand needs to have alternatives for Smash Balloon. The following are some of the major ones. 

Limitation to WordPress: One of the main reasons is that Smash Balloon is only restricted to WordPress. Hence, it is inaccessible to many brands. Brands using platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc., need other tools for similar functionalities. 

Impact on Website Performance: Although Smash Balloon claims its plugins are speed-optimized, some users say that is not true. People have complained that its plugins, like photo feeds, slow down the WordPress website. This even hampers the performance of other plugins, as they cannot load. 

Considering these primary drawbacks, let’s examine the alternative tools available in the market.

10 Best Alternatives of Smash Balloon 

  1. Tagbox
  2. Elfsight
  3. Curator
  4. Onstipe
  6. Embedsocial
  7. Tagembed
  8. Juicer
  9. Flockler
  10. Miappi

Let’s discuss all the tools in detail.

1. Tagbox 

best smashballoon alternative

Taggbox, the social media aggregator, offers unified curation, simplifying brand content management by gathering diverse platform feeds. Displaying social proof enhances brand reputation, while automation saves time, allowing focus on core tasks. With customizable displays, brands maintain visual appeal and relevance across platforms. 

Embedding feeds on websites boosts customer engagement and trust. Responsive layouts ensure display adaptability, from jumbotrons to mobile screens. Real-time updates keep content fresh, while multiple themes and custom CSS enhance visual appeal. 

Automatic moderation ensures content relevance, while UGC rights management provides legal leverage. SnapUp feature expands UGC collection options. Analyze brand growth through engagement, amplification rates, reach, and impressions metrics.

2. Elfsight 

alternative to smash balloon

Elfsight offers versatile widgets for various website goals, from increasing engagement to providing customer support. Without coding, you can customize widgets effortlessly and embed them swiftly. Then, you can analyze widget efficiency with monitored metrics. 

Elfsight’s widgets tackle website challenges, saving time. With Social Widgets, embed content from diverse platforms, enhancing engagement and brand promotion. Choose from premade layouts and post styles for optimal user interaction. Popup mode enriches user involvement, displaying posts in detail. Ready-made style solutions ensure aesthetic appeal. 

Elfsight provides many options and professional support for seamless integration and performance enhancement. With its user-friendly interface and reliable service, you can experience hassle-free widget management.

3. Curator 

smash balloon alternative

Curator, the free forever social media aggregator, simplifies content collection and display in under 5 minutes. Moderation rules automatically reject duplicates and unwanted content. Edit posts effortlessly and apply advanced filtering to tailor content selection. 

Branding options include themes, feed styles, and custom CSS for easy branding. Gain API access for seamless integration into any app and advanced analytics for insights on top-performing posts. 

Custom posts and notifications enhance user experience, while embedded feeds ensure seamless website integration. With Curator, enjoy customizable, reliable, and user-friendly social media aggregation.

4. Onstipe 

onstipe dashboard

OnStipe offers the ultimate social media aggregator tool for seamless content collection, curation, and display on websites or digital screens. Support for multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, ensures comprehensive coverage. 

Enjoy real-time customer support, easy moderation, and hashtag-friendly features. The responsive design guarantees optimal viewing across all devices. With a simple three-step collection, moderation, and display process, OnStipe makes social media aggregation effortless. 

Whether for events, websites, or hashtag campaigns, OnStipe enhances engagement, builds trust, and boosts conversions. Explore its powerful features, which include beautiful layouts, custom design options, real-time moderation, custom CSS, CTA integration, and insightful analytics for comprehensive social media management.


wallsio offers a versatile hashtag aggregator, facilitating user-generated content collection and display. Whether for events, campaigns, or brands, aggregates social media posts with designated hashtags, enhancing organic reach and brand awareness. 

Users can curate content from various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, fostering community engagement. Real-time updates ensure dynamic interaction, while sponsored posts generate revenue opportunities. 

Advanced moderation features to safeguard against spam and ensure content relevance. With access to multiple social media platforms, responsive design, and customizable options, empowers seamless integration and captivating social walls. Explore its features for secure, engaging, and content-rich social media aggregation.

6. EmbedSocial 

embedsocial dashboard

Embedsocial provides a comprehensive social media aggregator solution that seamlessly integrates social media feeds on websites. By syncing social media posts automatically, Embedsocial streamlines content management, saving time and resources. 

This tool enhances engagement during online and live events by displaying real-time social media feeds, fostering interaction and awareness. By embedding social media feeds on websites, businesses can extend their reach, attract more followers, and increase brand trust through user-generated content. 

With options for customization, including card styles, layouts, and color schemes, Embedsocial allows users to tailor the widget to match their brand aesthetic. Additionally, the platform offers insightful analytics and reporting, enabling users to track performance and optimize their social media strategies. 

7. Tagembed 


Tagembed offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing online presence. As the premier social media aggregator, it empowers websites to gather, moderate, and display engaging content seamlessly. 

Trusted by leading brands globally, Tagembed boosts engagement, traffic, and revenue without requiring coding skills. Its versatile features include integrating all websites, compatibility with 20+ social networks, and customizable themes. With Tagembed, businesses can curate content effortlessly, ensuring brand authenticity and trust. 

From showcasing customer testimonials to displaying social media stories and visual galleries, Tagembed elevates website performance, making it a must-have tool for digital marketers. Experience the power of Tagembed and revolutionize your online engagement strategy.

8. Juicer 

alternative of smash balloon

Juicer revolutionizes social media management with its comprehensive aggregator app. Combining 15+ social networks into a visually stunning feed, Juicer empowers users to curate content effortlessly. Whether for personal or business use, its benefits are manifold. 

Embedding social feeds on websites can boost business conversions and engagement, while a personalized dashboard can streamline individuals’ social media presence. 

With features like customizable themes, analytics, and moderation tools, Juicer offers unparalleled flexibility and control. Elevate your online presence with Juicer – the ultimate social media aggregator for websites and personal use.

9. Flockler 

alternatives of smash balloon

Flockler is the premier social media aggregator for websites and events. With its 14-day free trial, users can experience its benefits firsthand, including increased on-site time, heightened engagement, and boosted sales. 

From showcasing user-generated content to displaying hashtag campaigns, Flockler offers unparalleled versatility and customization. Its unlimited layouts, custom branding options, and world-class support make it the go-to choice for marketers seeking to elevate their online presence. Try Flockler today and witness the transformative power of social media aggregation.

10. Miappi 


Miappi revolutionizes social media integration by offering curated social media walls for websites, events, and big screens. With seamless functionality to embed feeds directly into websites or convert them into iOS or Android apps, Miappi is the leading aggregator in the market. 

Tailored to fit your brand, Miappi allows complete customization of your social hub’s design and branding. Whether displayed as a dedicated page, embedded within existing content, or running as a standalone hub, Miappi ensures your curated social content shines without distractions. Elevate your online presence with Miappi and showcase your UGC and social posts within your branding.

Why Tagbox is the Best Alternative Out of All the Tools Mentioned Above? 

The following are the primary reasons why Tagbox is the best alternative to Smash Balloon.

  • Unified Curation: Tagbox simplifies brand content management by aggregating diverse platform feeds, offering unified curation that enhances brand reputation.
  • Customizable Displays: With customizable displays, Tagbox ensures that brands maintain visual appeal and relevance across platforms, allowing for tailored presentation.
  • Automation: Tagbox saves time, allowing brands to focus on core tasks while maintaining an active social media presence.
  • Real-Time Updates: By providing real-time updates, Tagbox ensures that content remains fresh and relevant, enhancing user engagement and trust.
  • Responsive Layouts: Tagbox offers responsive layouts, ensuring adaptability across various devices and screen sizes, thus maximizing reach and accessibility.
  • Automatic Moderation: Tagbox ensures content relevance through automatic moderation, enhancing user experience and safeguarding brand reputation.
  • UGC Rights Management: With UGC rights management, Tagbox provides legal leverage, ensuring compliance while effectively leveraging user-generated content.
  • Analytical Insights: Tagbox allows brands to analyze their growth through various metrics, providing valuable insights for refining their social media strategies.

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The limitations of Smash Balloon prompted the search for its alternatives. From Tagbox’s unified curation to Elfsight’s versatile widgets, numerous options cater to diverse needs. Curator streamlines content management, while OnStipe offers seamless integration across platforms.