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Taggbox Instagram Widget For Weebly Website

Taggbox instagram widget on weebly

Instagram Widget helps to collect and curate Instagram feeds using Hashtag, Handle, Mention, Stories, IGTV, etc. and embed feeds on your Weebly website. It will boost website performance and engage visitors with user-generated content from Instagram. It is designed to simplify, curate, and display use of Instagram feeds on Weebly website.

1. No Coding Required

2. Hassle-Free Integration

3. Platform-Specific Design

4. API Access

Spotlight Features

Designed to provide unmatchable and seamless user experience by improving visitors interaction and engagement on your website

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Add Instagram Widget On Weebly that are highly compatible and responsive to all types of screens and devices.

Creative Customizations

Creative Customizations

Make your feeds personalized using themes, backgorung, styles, designs, fonts, colors, size, etc. as per your Weebly website theme.

Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Use profanity filters to make content more relevant and remove all that degrade the value of your website and lay a bad impression.

Real-Time Updates

Real-Time Updates

Automatically all Instagram feeds get updates after frequent intervals without manually performing any action in the widget.

Custom Posts

Custom Posts

Design custom posts using widget whether it is for branding, promotion, or sponsoring purposes using Instagram feeds on your website

Widget Analytics

Widget Analytics

Measure performance of feeds using valuable insights like behavior and sentiments and embed feeds to Weebly websites using Instagram widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Instagram Widget?

The Instagram widget allows you to add interactive Instagram feeds on your Weebly website. With Instagram Widget you can collect and curate Instagram feed using hashtags, handles, mentions, and tags to fetch relevant Instagram content in a unified form. You can also customize and filter out the collected feeds using personalization and moderation features and select from diverse themes, background styles, fonts, colors, and many more as per your website needs.

How To Collect Instagram Feeds on Widget?

With Taggbox Widget you can collect Instagram feeds in a hassle-free process. First, login to your Taggbox Widget account. Create your widget in one-click and select Instagram as a source. Use relevant hashtags, mentions, handles, and tags to curate Instagram content effectively. Last, click on the Create Feed button and all the related feeds fetch in the Instagram Widget.

How Do I Customize My Instagram Widget?

With the personalization feature of Taggbox Instagram Widget, you can add various engaging and attractive themes to your Instagram Widget. Select any themes from modern card, classic card, news card, and many more, that go best with the website layout. You can also customize the background of Instagram Widget by adding color or uploading an image. Furthermore, you can make it more attractive with banners, change fonts, and set the size of the Instagram widget as per branding needs.

How To Embed Instagram Widget On Weebly Website?

After fetching, customizing, and moderating Instagram feeds, you will get an option to embed Instagram Widget to your Weebly website with a code-free single click. In the left bottom corner of the editor screen, click on the Embed Widget button, then select CMS type as Weebly to generate Weebly specific Instagram Widget code. Copy the code and paste it in the backend of your website, and your amazing Instagram Widget is live on your website.

Is Instagram Widget Responsive?

Yes, Taggbox Instagram Widget is highly responsive and works on every device smoothly. Taggbox Instagram Widget is designed to perfectly work on all types of screen, whether it is a computer, laptop, smartphones, tab, or any other screen size. Instagram Widget will not hamper the look and feel of your website on any device; instead, it will increase the attractiveness of your website and engage customers on your website.

Is It Costly To Use Instagram Widget?

No, not at all, using Instagram Widget to add user-generated content on a website is the cost-effective way to add creative content on a website. You have spent tons of money in creating unique, branded, and engaging content for your brand. However, with Taggbox Instagram Widget you can curate trustworthy content and embed it on your website that generates more traffic and conversions on your website.

Is Instagram Widget Compatible With My Weebly Website?

Yes, Taggbox Instagram Widget is compatible with all types of CMS platforms including Weebly. Moreover, you can also get API access (with Pro Plan) to design Instagram Widget in the best possible manner compatible with your Weebly website.

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