5 Best Examples of Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Planning a successful Instagram marketing campaign can take a lot of work and striving to create a perfect Instagram marketing strategy can really be hustling at times. A clear idea of objectives & deliverables must be known to marketers. A creative strategy is then required for achieving results. With Instagram becoming every brand’s go-to choice for Instagram marketing campaigns, considering it is the mecca of media with growing active users every month, it’s becoming tough to attract & absorb audience attention.

Brands & marketers are constantly on a creative content exploration, which brings us to talk about 5 examples of successful Instagram marketing campaigns from brands across the world-

1. MAC Cosmetics Halloween

MAC knew how to nail their Instagram marketing campaign & they did it right! The high-end beauty & cosmetic brand had a stellar Instagram campaign idea where their senior artists – John Stapleton & Regan Rabanal created the #SeniorArtistsSlayHalloween Instagram hashtag campaign to encourage artists from around the world to showcase their makeup skills.

MAC Cosmetics

The marketing campaign was run around Halloween & no guesses that the makeup looks featured creepy characters, spooky looks & mythical expressions. This initiative to use user generated content encouraged the organic use of MAC’s products & inspired artists & people to rock their Halloween costume & their scary makeup looks.

People genuinely like celebrating Halloween by sharing their spooky Halloween costumes & overall look. As a result of this stunning campaign, MAC Cosmetics received a great response for the campaign. This proved to be an exciting user-generated content campaign for the label wherein global artists created their looks & shared them on Instagram with the campaign hashtag.

Takeaway – Organic promotion of brands beauty & cosmetic products. Rich traffic & engagement received by global artists & makeup enthusiasts.

2. Wayfair Decor

Wayfair is an American online furniture & home decor store. It is an e-commerce store for home goods. The Instagram marketing campaign example that Wayfair designed is highly user-friendly.

The company runs a user-generated content campaign that allows Wayfair customers to share pictures of their online shopping. The brand runs its marketing campaign with the hashtag #WayfairAtHome. Customers can post their home setups featuring their Wayfair purchase.


What’s user-friendly here is that Wayfair reposts this user-generated content & provides a link to the product to enable interested buyers to shop for the showcased products easily. A feature of the product being used in a real customer’s home also gives a realistic insight into decor, usage & function-ability of the item. It serves a design inspiration for interested buyers.

UGC sharing customers also provide in-depth product pros & cons often which is an added advantage.

Takeaway – This serves as an all-in-one Instagram campaign idea for potential users to find & shop for ideal products. The benefit of UGC serves as authentic customer testimonial & this relieves marketers to curate fresh creative content. You can also use tools like Instagram aggregators to display this UGC on a display screen or website! You can also stream Instagram feed on TV using a UGC tool like Taggbox!

3. ASOS Influencer Marketing

ASOS did not believe in only partnering with influencers to create creative sponsored content, but, the brand stepped up in the influencer marketing game & created “sponsored Instagram accounts” for its influencers. Examples: like @asos_lotte & @asos_olive.

These sponsored accounts are run by the influencers themselves (who also have their own celebrated accounts). ASOS influencers via their ASOS accounts primarily feature ASOS clothing.

This is an interesting Instagram campaign strategy as it pulls the existing followers of the established influencer to their new accounts. The Bonus here- content shared on sponsored Instagram accounts by the influencer is only brand-specific.

Takeaway – ASOS capitalized on influencer marketing excellently & build a follower base rapidly with their creative marketing tactic.

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4. Ryu’s What’s In Your Bag

Running an Instagram advertising campaign is an effective way to engage with your audience & promote your brand.

Vancouver-based athletic clothing retailer Ryu ran an Instagram marketing campaign through their #WhatsInYourBag hashtag. The campaign had twin goals as it promoted their products along with a giveaway.


Users had to do post photos of what they carry in their gym bag & tag along with the campaign hashtag. Users who shared posts with the hashtag were then eligible to win prizes.

Ryu promoted the campaign heavily on Instagram stories & pushed campaign marketing further this way because the stories feature on Instagram stays above all the other Instagram feeds. Campaign promoting on stories is a great way to keep your campaigns top-of-mind with your followers & ensure wide reach.

Takeaway – Building a successful Instagram campaign strategy around a giveaway is a great way to drive engagement. RYU with their #WhatsInYourBag Instagram marketing campaign had active user participation in anticipations of being a giveaway winner.

5. Airbnb Accepts

The Instagram marketing campaign example of Airbnb stands unparalleled absolutely. Airbnb took to Instagram with their #WeAccept campaign that highlighted the need to accept people, regardless of their race, social class, gender or ethnicity. Focussed on acceptance, Airbnb successfully capitalized on this important subject & took a highly appreciable global stance.


The hashtag campaign commenced with an inspirational video & then continued with a series of photos of people from different ethnicities & backgrounds. Each photo included a story & a message of acceptance.

#WeAccept was an Instagram success & an inspirational social media movement. The success is explained by the incredible response the campaign received from the global audience. Each of the posts received great positive engagement. The campaign video garnered nearly 112,000 likes & 600 comments.

Away from the norm where Airbnb’s regular Instagram feed is filled with photos & videos of beautiful homes & locations from around the world (a constant in the brand’s live Instagram hashtag feed), the campaign photos were in stark contrast instead.

Taking political stances on social media is not easy for brands & businesses. Airbnb, on the contrary, shows that it’s possible to take a stand on an important subject without getting controversial.

Takeaway – Airbnb transpired the need to ‘Accept’. Airbnb homes welcome guests from every background, gender & culture & thus their brand philosophy matched their campaign philosophy #WeAccept justly.

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