Ecommerce Sales Funnel: A Step-Wise Journey To Get Hike On Sales

Like every other funnel, the eCommerce sales funnel also is of conical or triangular shape that goes narrow towards an end, and the narrowest part seems the sharpest one, where the execution happens. 

However, the widest part of the funnel seems like an opening or an initial stage, that lets things enter inside the funnel and allows to flow towards the execution. Therefore, an initial stage is so crucial that it leaves us with an idea about the success or failure, and thus it remains important throughout the process that how the process has started?

In the case, it will be quite interesting to study Ecommerce Conversion Funnel so as to make yourself sales friendly along with an idea for consumer behavior.

What is the eCommerce Sales Funnel?

The eCommerce industry is full of technical and consumer behavioral challenges and competitors, thus, the eCommerce sales funnel strategy recommends the entrepreneurs to make the sales process sound and look sensible first and then attractive.

It says, not to depend on compulsive promotions only and paid marketing to the fullest. One must put some life, or some purpose to the product.

Let’s get into the details of the Ecommerce Sales Funnel with the help of the below image.

Sales Funnel Conversion

Ecommerce sales funnel consists of some very sound and lucrative strategies to increase eCommerce sales, and that is as follows-

1. Initial Step Of Spreading Awareness

Prior to bringing a product into the market, it is worth introducing the audience and equally essential to spread awareness regarding the product.

Here, if you are considering the awareness on a marketing basis, it is half the truth. Making something popular is an essential aspect but developing curiosity in viewers has separate importance. And that is worthy of all our efforts and production expense.

Ecommerce Conversion Funnel

Shaving giant, DORCO, GILLETTE are famous for their education spreading behavior before putting the product onto the market.

They just don’t sell their razors but put a lot of effort into an initial stage of sales i.e. educating the public about their product and why would they need it over its competitors.

Post accomplishing their awareness target, they then proceed towards the step of value-adding.

2. Adding The Value To Your Product

Having the value-added doesn’t mean to just add some extra functionalities to the product.  But it is to make some sense of bringing the product against its alternates that the public is already using. What your product can do that the alternative couldn’t. And make the audience understand that fact.

Though, adding value to a product or a service depends on what audience it will be targeted to.

B2B and B2C services can be widely different and can have completely different targets and perspective behind it.

Ecommerce Purchase Funnel

B2C products and services could be highlighted for its existing but better in result functionality. Whereas, the B2B services could be praised through valuable attributes like how it would help in improving leadership and management.

3. How Your Product Will Heal The Wounds Of Public

After passing through the first two stages of the eCommerce conversion funnel, one must showcase the idea and its ability of a product to cure the problem that is present in the market.

When the product is found valuable by the viewers and then the customers, it is considered that the product can cover a long run in the market. Yet, it is just a positive sign or presumption and not the assurance to its success.

Having the awareness already spread helps in getting the customers fast and in a continuous manner.

Conversion Funnel Ecommerce

For once, it sounds wow, when the product gets a green sign after a fresh launch, but that doesn’t ensure the long run of your product unless it is a tangible good.

As far as the eCommerce market is concerned, it needs not only marketing efforts but a stronger push from digital marketing as well.

4. Smarter The Idea, Faster The Conversions

A product must be wisely designed so that it can do what no one can but also what others could.

In the case of the eCommerce industry, online sales are the only outputs we count.

Conversion Funnel Ecommerce

According to the eCommerce funnel, increasing sales is not an easy task unless you are not doing good in the following things-

  1. Excellent Representation
  2. Better Optimization
  3. Better Marketing Strategies
  4. And the most crucial one, an idea.

For optimization and eCommerce marketing strategies, we have to keep ourselves up to date like now the time in e-commerce marketing trends on of the key factor come up is use of social commerce platform on website.

As far as better representation is concerned, one must try some innovative tools like Taggbox, which helps in showcasing the product through user-generated content.

a). How Social Media Aggregating Tools Like TaggBox Work?

Any social aggregator tool like Taggbox could aggregate the content from social media networks and can deploy it on a screen or a website for your promotional purposes.

Displaying the content in a smarter way, with real-time feed and moderated content is smart. And having said ‘moderated’ means to have that user-generated content filtered as a gourmet.

Ecommerce Conversion Funnel

One can fetch the desired content as per his requirement, from whichever social media network one wants.

Once the social media networks are linked and the user-generated content is aggregated, now there is a moment to represent the product or content to the public in your way.

And there are two ways mainly to showcase your product as follows-

  1. Either you can use the display on-screen option to showcase the product on a bigger level i.e. in malls, event or big-screens.
  2. Or you can choose to embed the social media feeds on your business website so as to increase customer engagement and online business.

Also, you can convert your social media posts into a shoppable content through its Visual Commerce feature.

Apart from representation, better optimization with regular updates are the key to a long run in an eCommerce business.

b). Better Optimization According To SERP Algorithms

Search engine optimization is an important aspect, from the end of Google itself. Its population of search results simply asks to lead the SERP, so as to lead the market being on the first page.

Sales Funnel Conversion

Also, People not only search for the product only to purchase it but also to gather some information or awareness about it.

Thus, one must have adequate information regarding one’s service or product with maximum relevancy.

There are some key factors to keep the informational content keep trending as follows-

  • Content must be relevant and should not go off the track. People do not like to spend even a second extra on anything irrelevant to the product.
  • Branding should be as less as possible. As it is obvious to all that no one comes to the internet to observe the branding only.

And the same fact again, even if the user searches for your brand, your result and so the content must be telling about your product only in a smarter way, no matter how long or short your content is.

Once it goes away from your niche intent, the user may bounce back due to irrelevancy that could raise your bounce rate and that would be ultimately decreasing your organic rank for sure.

Over to You

It is now on your business adaptation with the eCommerce market that how effective you find the eCommerce sales funnel effectively.

Social media aggregating tools are one of the most trending and smartest strategic keys to reign the e-businesses, especially when you are concerned about eCommerce only.

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