In June 2016, Instagram API update is released. Now this is a big change as this update now requires that all apps and users to be approved by the Instagram API team before they can have access to Instagram API. This means your Instagram app doesn’t work anymore: your hashtags, tags, and profile contents are no longer updated, for events real-time Instagram update is a distant dream.

instagram api approval

So is this the end?

NO! Certainly Not! Because there are luckily few Social Media Providers who have successfully passed through Instagram API permission approval process and thus have been granted access to Instagram data by Instagram API team (From data floating in the market Instagram API is no longer accessible to 99% of B2B users).

Thus, you can use this 3rd party Instagram API providers to get your hashtag campaigns and events running with real-time updates.

We are happy to help!

Taggbox is one such provider which is already approved by Instagram. Thus you can continue to aggregate your # again or for that matter any hashtag, tag or profile contents using our own Instagram API. Not only Instagram rather you can combine Instagram feeds with feeds from other 10+ social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. or replace Instagram API search, by directly accessing the data via JSON and XML format.


You can do this all in just a few simple steps and in a matter of 2 minutes without having to bother about permission, restriction, approval and other roadblocks. So what are you waiting for?