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How To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed on BigCommerce

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Planning to add a Instagram shop or shoppable Instagram feed on BigCommerce website and wondering how to do so?

Well! Instagram is a popular social shopping platform that has helped many brands to drive their sales, traffic, engagement, and revenue with its shoppable features.

However, the shoppable features were restricted to Instagram only, but now you can bring the shoppable Instagram on BigCommerce or another website CMS with platforms like Taggbox Commerce. 

Here’s how you can embed a Shoppable Instagram feed on a BigCommerce store using Taggbox Commerce in minutes. 

The Influence of Instagram Shop On Ecommerce Brands

Instagram has over 1 billion active users with most of the users being young adults. These young adults are the key ecommerce audience. 

Also, Instagram has a great influence over consumers’ online shopping activities. From discovering new products to exploring new brands or engaging with shoppable Instagram posts – Instagram has become a social shopping hub. 

Shoppable Instagram

Therefore, ecommerce brands are looking to leverage the influence of Instagram on their online store or ecommerce website. This has led to brands looking for ways to embed shoppable Instagram feed on their website. 

Find out how you can add shoppable Instagram to your bigcommerce store. 

How To Add Shoppable Instagram Feed On BigCommerce?

Here are some simple steps to add a BigCommerce Instagram shopping feed with Taggbox Commerce. 

1. Sign up and create your free Taggbox Commerce account 

2. You will see the dashboard, click on Shoppable galleries from the sidebar

3. You will see your shoppable gallery; click on edit, and the gallery editor will open

Social Platforms BigCommerce

4. Choose Instagram from the social media platform options

5. Choose your feed type like Hashtag, Handle, etc. and click on “Create Feed” or “Connect to Instagram”

6. Complete authorization to collect content from Instagram successfully

Now you will get the posts from Instagram to your Taggbox account. It is time to make Instagram feeds shoppable.

7. Click on Add Products under Product Catalog from the sidebar

Instagram Product Tagging

8. Choose the method using which you want to upload products:

  • Import Product List: For uploading products using Shopify
  • Add Product: For adding products one-by-one individually
Add Products To Taggbox Commerce

Choose an option from these to upload your products successfully. Once added, you can manage/edit/delete/view products from this section. 

9. Now click on Tag Products from the sidebar, all your posts with the “Tag Products” option will appear

Product Tags On BigCommerce

10. Click on the “Tag Products” button under any post, a pop-up will appear

11. Search the product you want to tag and click to tag it to the post. 

BigCommerce Instagram Shoppable Feed

Similarly, you can do the same for all the posts in your shoppable Instagram feed for BigCommerce to make them shoppable. 

Once done now, you can customize your shoppable Instagram gallery using the Design and Filter section in the sidebar. 

12. To publish your Instagram shop feed on BigCommerce, click on the Publish button at the bottom left

13. Choose BigCommerce from the given CMS options and you will see the steps to do it in your store. 

Instagram shop feed on BigCommerce

14. Now copy the given “Publish Code” and then Login to your BigCommerce account.

15. Navigate to the “Storefront” section, and click on “Webpages”. All your webpages will appear.

16. Click on Edit menu of the page to which you want to add Shoppable Instagram feed.

17. Now click on HTML button in the Page Content section and paste your “Publish Code”.

18. Click on update and then click on “Save & Exit“.

That’s it. You have successfully add shoppable Instagram feeds on your BigCommerce Store.

What Is Taggbox Commerce?

Taggbox Commerce is a platform that allows brands to turn their social media content into shoppable galleries and publish it on their ecommerce website or online store. 

With this platform, you can create shoppable galleries like Shoppable UGC, social shops, shoppable Instagram feed, visual shops, Product page galleries, Lookbooks, etc. 

Instagram shop feed for BigCommerce

This helps you attract consumers’ attention, inspire them, engage them in your store, build social proof, and most importantly, inspires them to make purchases – leading to more sales, conversions, and revenue. 

So, this makes it a perfect platform for brands to embed Instagram shop feed on their BigCommerce website within minutes easily and seamlessly. 

Benefits of Adding Shoppable Instagram Feed on BigCommerce Using Taggbox Commerce

Explore a few benefits that you can leverage from embedding Instagram shop gallery on BigCommerce website. 

1. Build Trust & Social Proof

As an ecommerce brand, it is essential to build trust, authenticity and drive social proof among consumers. Social proof and trust help consumers to make favorable purchase decisions. 

You can showcase real and inspiring user-generated content from your Instagram as a part of your BigCommerce shoppable Instagram gallery on your website. This will help build trust, showcase reliability, and inspire users to buy products.

2. Engage More, Inspire More

Visual marketing strategy holds great importance in any ecommerce store. For example, Instagram has one of the highest engagement rates among different social platforms – and the visual content is a major reason for it.

Bringing these visual posts to BigCommerce website as a shoppable gallery will help attract users’ attention and engage them to the shoppable gallery. Also, images and videos will help in inspiring users to shop the look, view product aesthetics, etc. 

3. Turn Content Into Conversions

Having a good eCommerce conversion rate is always a challenge. Even eCommerce marketing strategies require huge investments and efforts. But the shoppable Instagram feed on BigCommerce can turn content into conversions with minimum investments. 

You are anyway sharing content on Instagram, and so are your #users. So, by making Instagram content shoppable, you can drive inspiration and conversions from the content without investing huge monetary resources. 

Shoppable galleries complete the buyer journey successfully with inspiration, awareness, engagement, to conversions. 


Shoppable Instagram feed has been a growing strategy among ecommerce brands across different CMS. Instagram shop shopify is a great example of its popularity.

With this guide, brands from BigCommerce can leverage the Instagram shop feed on their website to drive trust, sales, and engagement. So, get started now and add shoppable instagram feed on BigCommerce.  


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