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Link In Bio On Instagram – A 2022 Guide To Grow Sales & Traffic

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The “Link in bio on Instagram” or “Link on IG bio” has been a popular source of traffic, engagement, and sales for brands lately. But what does a link in bio mean?

Instagram only gives the option of adding one link to its users. This link can be added in the bio section only. 

Brands add a link to their Instagram bio to grab the customers’ attention.

They can leverage its other significant benefits such as business growth, enhanced sales, higher engagement on Instagram, and more.

To enlighten you more about ‘Link in Bio,’ we have this comprehensive guide for brands on how to add a link in bio on Instagram in 2022.

So without any further wait, let’s delve into what does link in bio mean!

What Does Link In Bio Mean?

Link In bio meaning: Link in Bio means adding a link in the bio of a social media platform like Instagram. Link in bio meaning is essentially a clickable link or a call to action in your profile description on social media platforms, mainly on Instagram that guide users toward a desired destination URL. 

Although It is quite popular, there’s still a lot of discussion around what does Link in bio mean?

To shed more light, this Link on Instagram has immense possibilities. It ranges from selling your products through shoppable galleries to showcasing UGC or redirecting users to websites and much more essential information. 

How to add a link in Instagram bio

This clears the doubt about what is Link in bio or what does Link in bio mean?

The Link helps brands promote essential information about their products & business. Also, it allows anyone to get in touch with your company through this Link.

In short, the Link is a perfect location where your target customers can explore the products of your brand and learn more about it. Recently brands have started adding shop link in bio too. 

 But you may be wondering what is the meaning of shop link in bio?

What Does Shop Link In Bio Mean?

Shop link in bio means adding a link in bio that allows users to shop the products when they click on it. 

With Taggshop Link in bio, brands have started creating shoppable Instagram feeds and other shoppable galleries. Then they generate a unique link for this shoppable gallery and add it to their Instagram bio as a Shopping link in bio. 

Adding a link in bio to shop products is gaining popularity since Instagram shop link gives a quick and easy way to buy products with one click. 

Brands share shoppable posts on their Instagram feed with “Shop the link in bio” caption to drive traffic and boost conversions through link in bio on Instagram.

Turn Instagram Bio Into A Brand Store

Create Your Shoppable Gallery & Share The Shoppable Link In Bio

How Does Link In Bio on Instagram Work for Brands?

Link In bio meaning more success opportunities for brands through just a link. Its process is quite simple and easy to execute. 

It is simply a link that can be of your webpages, other social profiles, or a link that itself becomes your brand’s storefront, which we will explain later in this blog. Stay tuned!!

Some basic links in Instagram bio can be about:

  • Your brand website or a specific landing page
  • Social media profiles 
  • Videos, blogs, forms, or information center
  • Any specific piece of content or product 
  • Promotional material & marketing offers
How To Put A Link In Instagram Bio

Link in bio meaning might make it sound like any other social media feature, but it has way more potential and scalability than expected. 

The Link in bio on Instagram is popular among brands, especially the Shoppable Instagram feed link that helps the brands to grow sales, boost engagement, and get more customers

Now that we know what does Link in bio mean, it is time to find out how to add a link in Instagram bio. 

How To Add A Link In Instagram Bio

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to add a link in Instagram bio. The process to add a link in an Instagram bio is short & quick. 

  1. Copy the link that you want to add to your Instagram bio
  2. Log In to your Instagram account where you want to add the Link
  3. Click on the “Edit profile” option, and edit the bio section
  4. Now simply paste the Link in Instagram bio and apply the changes

The challenge of how to add a link in Instagram bio isn’t that rigorous; the challenging part is to decide which Link you want to put there. As you can find many products & possibilities to showcase to the audience. 

Here comes the solution we mentioned earlier that magnifies your Link In Bio on Instagram strategy to get the best results & revenue.

Best Link In Bio Solution For Brands – is a product by Taggbox Commerce dedicated solely to the possibilities of Link In Instagram Bio. 

Acting as a game-changer Link In Bio app in the digital marketing sphere, ‘’ has made it extremely convenient for the online brands to sell their products through content with the unique Shoppable galleries featuring Instagram feed, user-generated content, and much more.

The solution allows brands to create a Shoppable Instagram feed or Shoppable UGC gallery, create a unique link for these shoppable galleries, and publish the Link in bio. 

Link In Bio On Instagram

This shoppable link in bio works as a complete brand storefront that attracts the customers to the shoppable page & lets them shop the products directly.

Explore Some Best Possibilities of Link In Bio

  • Make Your Instagram Feed Shoppable Instantly
  • Attract the audience from Instagram to your brand
  • Sell more products through shoppable galleries
  • Generate better conversions and more revenue
  • Increase user engagement with your brand
  • Get higher order value than average
  • Highlight brand offers, discounts, & promotions simultaneously
  • Inspire customers & build trust through Shoppable gallery 
  • Complete multiple objectives with just one link
  • Integrate more CTAs in your linked galleries
  • Deliver an unmatchable social shopping experience

How To Add A Link In Instagram Bio With TaggShop

Here’s a short process on How to add a link in Instagram bio for your TaggShop shoppable gallery. 

  • Log in or create your free Taggbox Commerce account
  • Create your Shoppable Instagram or UGC gallery (or many more)
    • Collect content from social platforms
    • Tag products to the collected feeds
    • Customize your Shoppable gallery 
  • Generate your unique TaggShop Shoppable gallery link
  • Copy the Link & paste it into the Instagram bio
How To Add A Link In Instagram Bio

Tadaa! You have successfully added Shoppable Gallery Link in bio on Instagram. 

Highlight Features From

  • Fetch Amazing UGC from Social Media by Taggbox Commerce helps collect engaging & attractive both the branded and user-generated content from multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. via hashtags, handle, profile, mentions, etc. and make it Shoppable.

Link In bio meaning
  • Product Catalog Management

Brands can upload products through CSV files in their Taggbox commerce account, supervise merchandise & quickly Tag products to Shoppable feeds, galleries, etc.

  • Integrate Marketing Options

Maximize your scalability for Link in Instagram by integrating marketing options like CTAs, banners, add custom posts & links, showcase customer reviews, and much more. 

  • Customization & Design Elements

There is a diverse range of customization & designing elements offered by this tool, including different themes, banners, backgrounds, font size & color, and more. You can change the look & feel of your Shoppable feeds by applying these designing elements. 

How To Put a Link In Instagram Bio
Qeaql Studio Design Resource
  • Advanced Moderation & Filtering

As social media is easily accessible by everyone, it becomes crucial for brands to filter out all the unwanted & irrelevant. So, you can easily moderate the shoppable posts & content with the advanced filtering options.

  • Automatic Content Update

Get content updates automatically from your connected social accounts & feeds, be it your own Instagram posts or the latest user-generated content posts to keep it all fresh, unique, & engaging. 

  • Monitor & Evaluate your Feeds Performance 

Brands can track, monitor & analyze the Shoppable feeds performance in terms of total impressions, click-through rates, etc., to boost their performance in the upcoming times.

Shoppable Link Instagram analytics

Now that you know how to add a link in Instagram bio, we have mentioned some more places where you can use the TaggShop Link to maximize your success possibilities. 

Areas to Add Shoppable Links on Instagram

If you are looking for some easy-breezy ways to drive more website traffic from Instagram, then we have got your back. Knowing how to put a link in Instagram bio, all the following areas become easy. 

So, scroll down and keep reading!

1. Add Swipe-Up Links to Your Instagram Stories

As mentioned above, brands need to have over 10,000 followers or a verified account to add shoppable links to their Instagram stories. You don’t need the “How to add a link in Instagram bio” guide for this.

But it is always suggested to make the call to action (CTA) clear as the Instagram stories fade away every 24 hours. 

instagram stories link

For instance, you can use creative elements like GIFs, stickers, or even highlight the ‘See More Link.’ These are a few best ways to encourage users to swipe up and see what you got for them. 

If simply put, you can leverage these short Instagram stories to share links to content such as product promotions, giveaways, seasonal events, and more.

Also Read – How To Embed Instagram Stories On Website

2. Add Links to Direct Messages

DMs are one of the easiest ways to reach any brand or having two-way communication, so we suggest you monitor your inbox daily and respond to message requests, customer service questions, etc. 

By making your customers feel appreciated, you can build healthy relationships with them.

For several big & small eCommerce brands, DMs act as a tremendous active tool to share active links in customer queries. 

This way, brands convert their Instagram followers into customers and boost sales of their product or service.

3. Share Links in Your IGTV Descriptions

Instagram users are obsessed with IGTV, and taking advantage of this obsession, eCommerce brands can add clickable links in the description of each IGTV post. 

The best part about them is that users with less than 10k followers can easily access this shoppable link feature. 

But you need to ensure that the revenue you derive from these links is more than the cost incurred to create the IGTV. And if the results are opposite, then you are better off this shoppable link strategy.

4. Shoppable Profiles

Since 2018, right from their profiles, brands & businesses on Instagram can sell products along with shoppable posts and checkout features.

In short, you can easily post and update your own “Instagram Shop,” where users can discover your products tagged in videos or pictures posts. Also, check their detailed information & click on the direct Link to buy them from your eCommerce website. 

Benefits Of Link In Bio On Instagram For Brands

#1 Drive More TRAFFIC

No brand wants less traffic on both its website and social media platforms. And what could be better than adding a link on your Instagram profile bio. Through this you share your latest blog post, a new product line, or any other content? 

With tools like, eCommerce brands can also direct their social media audience to their website’s right products without changing the Link in bio on Instagram.

#2 Grow Your Online BUSINESS

Businesses of all sizes can leverage the ‘Link in Bio’ app with the help of Link in bio on Instagram tools. Also they can analyze the total revenue each Instagram post generated through this application in your social media platform bio.

#3 Boost Your SALES Immensely

Social media users, especially Instagram users, have plenty of amazing online shopping options & discovering new products. For instance, the shopping enthusiasts can now either shop through links in Instagram stories, Shoppable posts, social commerce platform, or shop Link in bio on Instagram profile.

#4 Increase ENGAGEMENT On Social & Website

The shoppable Instagram gallery and Instagram shop link in bio help in generating more user engagement and interaction with your brand. Users get attracted towards these shoppable galleries to find the perfect product for themselves.

#5 Unparalleled Social Shopping EXPERIENCE

The ultimate goal for all brands with online stores & e-commerce brands is to get maximum conversions. It is possible with the best shopping experience. allows you to deliver the best social shopping experience with Instagram shop link, which is quick, short, informative, inspiring, and seamless. T

Instagram shop link


Whether you are a start-up or an already established eCommerce brand, you can turn your Instagram followers into loyal & permanent customer & boost the eCommerce conversion rate. You can do so by directing them to your product page via a shop link in bio on Instagram.

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