Social Commerce: What Is It & Why You Must Leverage It?

Social commerce (or social eCommerce) has been a trending marketing strategy among global brands? But what exactly is it?

In recent times, the gap between social media and ecommerce has diminished extensively, with more and more users resorting to social media for shopping & exploring products/brands/services.

Social Commerce is the integration of social media with eCommerce to deliver a more targeted, simplistic, flexible, and delightful digital shopping experience.

This blog will be a comprehensive guide to your strategy building for growing brand/business with social ecommerce & social commerce platform such as Shoppable Instagram, Facebook shops, and more.

Let’s get started with the blog.

What Is Social Commerce?

“Social commerce means the use of social media platforms and content to drive sales, traffic, and revenue by adding shoppable features to it like tagging products, CTA, linking, etc. using a social commerce platform.”

It is also known as social eCommerce or social ecommerce in different industries & categories.

Social platforms are a popular destination for millions of users globally. They look for new products, follow brands, interact with them, and even buy products.

These social shopping features & functionalities gave rise to the social ecommerce platform, which is now expanding its footprint to other channels like websites, signages, emails, etc.

The 2 Categories Of Social Commerce

The catch with it is that it has two dimensions of social commerce platform, both of which we have explained below.

1. Social Commerce On Social Media

When you use social media to sell your products to the consumers by using social shopping features like shoppable Instagram, Facebook shops, Pinterest buyable pins, etc.

You allow users to see products through social media posts and add checkout links to these posts where users can buy the displayed products. The channel of execution is social platforms.

1.1 Instagram Social Commerce

Instagram as a social ecommerce platform has emerged rapidly since they introduced the shoppable posts feature on Instagram. 

These shoppable posts have allowed brands to turn their Instagram feed into a shoppable Instagram feed where users can see the tagged products in the posts along with their price & title. 

Social Commerce

Instagram provides shoppable features in more than 70 countries and even gives in-app checkout functionality to key brands like Kylie Cosmetics, Nike, etc.

1.2 Facebook Social Commerce

Facebook social ecommerce or Facebook Shop, is a solution to create your shoppable store on Facebook. 

With Facebook social ecommerce, brands can create their product catalog, customize and filter the shoppable catalog, take & manage shop orders, interact and sell through messenger, and more eCommerce possibilities. 

The shoppable Instagram solution is also linked with Facebook, where you upload your product catalog initially. Facebook marketplace is becoming popular day-by-day. If you strategically proceed with a Facebook shop, you can generate exciting sales & revenue from it. 

1.3. Pinterest Social eCommerce

Pinterest social ecommerce is another popular social shopping entity, a.k.a Pinterest buyable pins. These buyable pins allow brands to tag products to their Pinterest boards & pins (posts). 

Social eCommerce

Pinterest has almost 450 million users globally, with 1/4th of them stating they have bought a product after discovering it on Pinterest. 

Over 50% of the users (or sound 240 million users) have used Pinterest to buy products showcased by brands as buyable pins. It is a visually appealing platform that makes it more engaging & influential for shoppers. 

2. Social eCommerce On Website (Online Store/eCommerce)

The 2nd category of social ecommerce is making the social content shoppable and publishing shoppable social galleries on the brand’s online store/eCommerce store. 

A social commerce platform can help you collect your online content into a gallery, tag products to make the gallery shoppable and publish this shoppable gallery on your website. 

It is a top-rated and trending solution that brands & businesses globally are using to improve their conversion rate and build brand trust & engagement.

Social commerce platform like Taggbox commerce are used to create shoppable social posts or shoppable UGC posts and embed them on your brand website.

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Social Commerce Benefits For Your Brand

Grow Your Audience Reach

Social Media has billions of active users globally, so it offers enormous opportunities for the brands to reach a wide and extensive audience that uplifts brand awareness.

It also magnifies the touchpoints for you to engage and connect with your consumers. Having a wide audience reach will surely ensure maximum traffic & growth prospects.

Unparalleled User Engagement

The engagement that social media shopping brings in for your Ecommerce leads to more than one transaction. Incorporating social media ecommerce into your marketing strategy helps you enhance user engagement with your brand through different channels.

As the user engagement increases on the brand’s digital channels, it helps your social presence and digital interactions. Most importantly, it helps SEO performance by empowering your website with higher dwell time and reduced bounce rate. 

It helps to increase your SERP ranking, and you get more impressions in search results. More search results mean more clicks and thereby more traffic to your website.

Increase Conversion Rate & Sales

As we discussed, social ecommerce brings more traffic, engagement, and social reach for your business; it increases your chances of conversions & sales. 

Integrating social content with shoppable products and displaying them on social media or your website combines inspiration and point of sale. 

It creates more purchases & instant buying decisions by the consumers. Also, it allows them to make more informed & reliable shopping decisions.

Build Trust With Social User-Generated Content

The best part about social platforms is the user-generated content that it has about brands & businesses. User-generated content is any form of content created & shared by users (or customers) about a brand & its products.

Social media ecommerce

It is the most authentic, trustworthy, and reliable form of content for brands as it is driven by real experiences & reviews of real customers.

Integrating ecommerce with social media user-generated content about your brand can help you build trust among the new users and even showcase authenticity & reliability.

Instant & Simple Checkout Experience

Having a simple, short, easy, and hassle-free checkout or buying process is essential. It ensures maximum conversions and minimum bounce rate as users won’t drop out due to complexity.

Social media ecommerce provides an instant, seamless, and quick checkout option for consumers. 

A simplified checkout process and shorter buying journey plays an important role in hiking conversion rates and lowering the cart abandonment rate.

Maximize Sales & Revenue With Social Commerce Platform

Social eCommerce is not just about leveraging social media platforms only. You can grow your conversions & revenue opportunities by taking social media ecommerce to your website or email campaigns

Using a social commerce platform, brands turn digital media content into Shoppable content that they publish on other channels, especially websites. 

It is helping in expanding social media shopping to new demographics & opportunities. This leads to maximum sales & customer acquisition along with retention.

Shoppable Social media eCommerce

Social Media Commerce Trends

Here are some of the most popular and useful trends that you can leverage for your brand.

1. Invest In Social CommerceStories

Social stories have seen immense popularity since their inception. Now, you can even make your stories shoppable, and as they have more engagement than social posts so it could lead to more leads & conversions.

2. Shoppable Visual Galleries

Using a social commerce platform, you can create shoppable galleries of visual media content and embed these galleries on your website, be it on the homepage, category pages, product pages, or more, to increase engagement & sales.

Shoppable Visual Galleries

3. Mobile-first Optimization

Now the maximum online shopping is taking place through mobiles. Even mobile-optimized websites & platforms have better opportunities, so you should focus your strategy on a mobile-first approach.

4. Affiliation With Influencers

Although it might be an old trend yet influencers are still popular and relevant in this spectrum. So, find & leverage the industry influencers to empower your social media shopping strategy.

5. Social Commerce Gamification Campaigns

It is one of the most crucial social media ecommerce trends. You should create gamification strategies where you can encourage user participation in exchange for rewards and recognitions. 

It is an excellent way to generate buzz about the brand & leverage user-generated content. It ignites engagement and boosts sales for your social media ecommerce campaign.

Social eCommerce Examples

Cult Furniture Shoppable UGC & Instagram

Cult Furniture, famous furniture and home decor brand in the British & European market is one of the perfect social commerce examples

They have created a gallery of shoppable UGC posts and shoppable Instagram feed on their online store.

Cult asked their customers to share the photos featuring their products and upload them to social media with their brand hashtag. They carefully select & create a shoppable gallery on the website that results in attracting new customers to shop the look.

Kate Spade’s Shoppable Videos

Kate Spade, a luxury fashion design house, has been into shoppable social content for a long time. They have created many shoppable videos with their celebrity brand partner Anna Kendrick.

Last year, Kate Spade NY integrated with Anna to create short shoppable video films during the New York Fashion Week.

Social eCommerce example

These shoppable videos were shared on social platforms & digital channels where users can see the collection and shop the products they like through the video that contained checkout links.

Create Your Social eCommerce Campaign Now

Social media commerce or social shoping is gaining popularity continuously with even the world’s biggest brands acknowledging its importance. It will become more useful & powerful in the coming times. 

We have a perfect solution for you to leverage social ecommerce for your brand to increase your sales, build brand trust & credibility along the way, and generate maximum audience engagement. 

Taggbox commerce is a social eCommerce platform that offers you the solutions to turn your social visual content into Shoppable galleries that you can embed on a website or emails or in-store to allow users to shop the products in real-time. 

Even you can turn UGC into shoppable UGC, allowing users to shop the complete look as shown in UGC posts. It will help you deliver a more complete & fulfilling shopping experience.

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