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7 Best Social Media Feed Plugins For WordPress

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Utilizing the power of social media has become an important marketing strategy for all brands and businesses. 

Over the years, social media has emerged to become an integral part of businesses due to the massive number of social media users. 

Integrating social media content with the website is a marketing trend that is being used by a large number of marketers and business owners. Even though it may sound like a technical task, you do not need any technical expertise or coding skills to do the needful.

wordpress social media feed plugin

We, too, understand the significance of showcasing social media content on a website; hence, in this blog, we have created a list of the 7 best social media feed plugins for WordPress website. 

Continue reading the blog till the end, and we promise you would find the perfect social media feed plugin for WordPress that can help you get amazing results. 

Why Do You Need To Use A Social Media Feed Plugin?

Before telling you about the 7 best social media feed plugins for WordPress website, we shall be shedding light on the major reasons as to why you should use social media plugins and publish your social media content on your WordPress website. 

  • Helps in building a social proof of your brand 
  • Showcase real-time social media content
  • Display user-generated content to gain the trust of your website visitors 
  • Enjoy increased conversions and sales 
  • Low bounce rate and High dwell time of the visitors 

The 7 Ultimate Social Media Feed Plugin For WordPress 

Taggbox Widget

Topping the list is Taggbox Widget, the best UGC and social media content aggregation platform that helps you to seamlessly collect, curate and, embed engaging social media content on your website. 

Taggbox widget has some amazing features that make it different, powerful, and much more efficient than the rest.

Using Taggbox Widget WordPress plugin, you can collect content from over 15+ social media platforms, and it offers you the option to customize the content as per your choice with a variety of layout options, designs, themes, fonts, colors, and much more. 

Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin

The platform understands the significance of premium content. Hence, it offers an advanced moderation panel with content filtering features for users to monitor the content carefully before publishing it on the website. 

Being super fast and highly responsive, Taggbox Widget updates real-time content from social media automatically on your website. 

The plugin has a no-complex structure and is extremely easy to use. Moreover, the inbuilt analytics feature helps you in measuring the performance of your published content. The total number of clicks and impressions will help you in gaining detailed insights.

Lastly, if you ever encounter any technical glitch, you need no worry, as Taggbox Widget offers active customer support and assistance to its users.

taggbox widget wordpress plugin


Tagembed is another efficient and responsive social media aggregator that helps its users to easily collect, curate, and embed the content on the WordPress website.

Using Tagembed, you can easily collect content from various social media platforms, including the major ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Tagembed also offers various features like customization to beautify the content, profanity filter to filter out any unwanted content, easy integration with various website building platforms, including WordPress, and detailed analytics to measure the performance of the content. 

10 Web Social Post Feed

If you are looking for a plugin exclusively for Facebook, then this is it! 

10 Web Social Post Feed is a Facebook plugin that enables you to display content directly from Facebook to your website

This plugin allows users to feature unlimited content from Facebook simply by selecting a Facebook page, group, or user account.

wordpress social feed plugin

The users also have an option to update content by adding a new feed. 

Another feature of this plugin is that it allows users to customize the content on the website by selecting from various effects. 

Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream

Enabling users to collect content from famous social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter, Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream is a user-friendly plugin that works easily on several browsers. 

To feature content from other websites and platforms, the users would need to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin. 

best free social media plugin for wordpress

However, the plugin works well on all devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops, or desktops, and is compatible with various third-party plugins. 

Spotlight Social Media Feeds 

Designed and created especially for Instagram, Spotlight is a responsive and user-friendly plugin that helps users to display their Instagram content on their WordPress website

The plugin has customization options that let users adjust the size, select background colors, layouts, designs, etc.

best social media feed plugin for wordpress

To utilize additional features, the users need to upgrade to Spotlight Pro. Unlocking Spotlight Pro will allow you to select tagged or hashtag posts. It would also enable you to select from more layouts, moderate the content and allow you to use other promotional features. 

Easy Social Feed

Easy Social Feed is another efficient plugin for WordPress event calendar that is easy to set up and use. The plugin is fully customizable and lets you display real-time content by selecting the preferred layout of your choice. 

The plugin lets you display an unlimited number of posts on the website and being responsive, and the plugin is mobile friendly as well. 

Easy Social Feed works best for uploading content mainly from Instagram and Facebook. 

Enjoy Social Feed Plugin

The last but one of the best plugins designed for displaying Instagram content is Enjoy Social Feed. This plugin can be set up in a few clicks and allows you to pick up content from either a personal account or a business account. 

You can feature content on your website by selecting a profile or hashtags and can publish it in the form of a grid or a carousel.

best social media feed plugin for wordpress

The plugin allows you to customize the content by selecting the number of columns and rows, and you also have the option to select from various effects to further enhance the look of the content. 

The plugin is responsive and can be optimized on mobile devices. 

Closing Note 

And we have made it to the end of the blog and this list. 

Featuring social media content on your website is an important part of attaining success for any brand and business. 

If you are looking for a premium and easy-to-use plugin, then we highly recommend you to use Taggbox Widget for its mind-blowing features and seamless usage, and you will witness incredible growth in the traffic of your website along with a boost in your user engagement. 

What are you waiting for then? Go and select the best social media feed plugin as deemed fit and make your brand reach the zenith of success!

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